What does the veteran bonus do for my account?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Davidm, May 13, 2013.

  1. Davidm Member

    What does the veteran bonus do for my account in everquest 2? it saids your account receives 20% xp bonus for each character at the maximum adventure or tradeskill level. (maximum 200%)
  2. Gnomish Member

    I'm not sure how to answer the question, since you seem to have answered it yourself.

    For each character that you have at the maximum Adventure or Tradeskill level, you receive an account-wide 20% bonus to all experience gains, which caps at 200%, which would be ten characters at maximum level.

    If you have one character at maximum level, you receive a 20% bonus, if you have two, you receive a 40% bonus, and so on. If you have zero characters at maximum level, you receive no bonus whatsoever.

    Note: I believe the bonus only applies to combat experience, or Tradeskill experience gained from actually crafting things. I don't think it applies to experience gained from quests, writs, rush orders, etc. If I am mistaken, someone feel free to correct me.
  3. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Just personal xp bars, so normal, AA and TS xp.

    If you only have max level crafters, you only get TS bonus xp, same for Adventure
  4. Feldon Well-Known Member

    ...and answered.
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  5. guard Active Member

    it you roll a second character that character will get 20% xp bonus as you level it the more max level character's you have the more bonus's you get. i.e helps make it a bit faster when levelling alts
  6. Finora Well-Known Member

    One more note about it, it only applies on the server region in which you have the capped characters.

    For instance I have 200% TS vet bonus on the US English servers but only 70% on Test. Same would apply to the other regions. UK English, Japanese, French, German servers for instance I would have no bonus since I've no capped characters on those server sets.
  7. Alanducar Active Member

    Veteran bonus i have to say is one very handy motivator to reach for the cap. I know the more you have capped the easier it becomes to gain xp as you go on your lower toons. Its certainly been very helpful for me in the years i have been playing :)
  8. Gnomish Member

    I don't like it, to be honest. You can't reach cap without buying the expansions, and you can't (even as Gold) reach the maximum Veteran Bonus of 200% without buying 3 more character slots.
  9. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    And the screaming that happened when veteran bonus was raised from 90 to 95 was interesting. The fact that it was left untouched when the level cap moved to 92 was a gift that apparently lots of folks expected to keep.
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  10. Alanducar Active Member

    LOL i remember that well, i am not one of those people that was too upset by it, if that were the case it would have pulled me away from decorating long enough to get all the toons that were 92 to the new cap. As it stands though my decorating projects and crafting has officially overpowered my urge to adventure these days :)

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