What do you want to see in the next TLP?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Kurth, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. DENSER Well-Known Member

    What do you want to see in the next TLP?

    Something really different .
    Honestly, I can't see myself doing another one.
    My first and I love seeing these old extensions again, but what's the point of doing it a second time, in the same way? I don't see any.
    It would be like doing a year of live again, same thing in every way (apart from the graphics I grant you).
  2. Duffy Active Member

    I'd like to see a true classic server, where one had to start as archetype and do quests to unlock subclasses and classes subsequently. Access quests for everything, annoying parts like subcombines in crafting and having to recast buffs every 15 minutes etc etc. No store, no connection to the live servers. But I am realistic and it won't happen, I know
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  3. Ramblon Member

    It's really hard to make things more challenging because everyone has already figured out how to min/max stuff. Things were challenging back in the day because nobody knew what they were doing.

    I'd like to see something similar to what they did for one of the EQ1 TLP servers - each expansion gets a month. Raid lockouts were shortened. Don't slow it down, speed it up! But then let the server go to DoV and beyond. I haven't played the newer expansions and would like to try them, just not on a live server.

    Or start the server at EOF.
  4. Spellweaver New Member

    Give classic at least 3 months or more then open dof ect ect i don't want to rush to 50 i can't stand that. Even EQ1 Does that and its annoying as hell
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  5. Ratface Member

    Maybe start at later expansions. Maybe RoK or SF start and progress through some of the newer content. Or maybe buff everything to 90 and have a non levelling based progression, have to clear a dungeon/raid before moving on to the next tier raids/dungeons
  6. Skarltar Member

    I totally agree with this. I just don't have the time to speed through content like some people.

    Also I would like to see a true classic server with a rebuild of the old stat system. Itemization is a little boring with the current itemization systems. I would also like to see crafting interdependency to boost broker sales and wealth from crafting as a whole. While annoying, i think it does a great job on moving the economy.

    An alternative would be classic+ with some additions/new zones added in the style of classic/earlier content
  7. Mashef Member

    I last played on i think it was Varsoon? If that was the free trade TLE...

    It was actually kind of fun - i felt exp and itemization were much better then prior TLEs...I had a GREAT guild of people that were really fun to be around..I still ended up quitting because it felt like the expansions were excessively long. I love DOF and couldn't survive it until KOS. I don't remember the unlock timer but it was GRUELING.

    I am really bad at raid logging so I need a reason to be online at least more then just raids or I move on to something else...

    If I were to ever come back...my pipe dream server is probably wildly unpopular..

    Double Loot to make up for faster unlocks
    Double Faction to make up for faster unlocks
    6 weeks classic
    slightly faster exp then what the last TLE was
    4 weeks DOF
    Free Trade (a requirement for me - just easier and better all around for boxes/alts)
    6 weeks for KOS
    8 weeks for EOF and all future expacs
    - I thoroughly enjoy some of the OW dungeons but the instanced stuff felt super easy. Maybe increase instanced dungeon difficulty and boost rewards
    - Put /claims back in for many items - maybe not exp pots since I get the need to monetize that for a niche game like this...but like some extra bags and fun house items could be available. or it would be really fun to just reset claims like Day 1 you get 1 and then at 1 week you get the next one...just like it was OG style. Probably hard to do since it's based on account age. Would be neat if it was like character age on the server or something...
    - Anything that adds flavor/fun - like the HQ server where u got a voucher for alts or something. Just open to things that are fun - not necessarily needing that true nostalgia experience. Having done 2 or 3 of the TLEs they have all ended up leaving before it even got to ROK lol.

    Again probably not popular, probably get torched by the regulars, but it's what would draw me back to another EQ2 TLE. Most interested in actually progressing through the "epic" or main quest like prismatic/peacock/claymore line and seeing each of the raids and then moving on.

    Anything slow moving and crawling through content to cater to the 2 hour a week players is a non starter. I would just quit again like every other TLE. It's time for a faster moving one.
  8. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Also, giving mobs 80 Billion HP so killing them takes forever isn't the same thing as content.
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  9. Spellweaver New Member

    6 weeks of classic and one month of dof your kidding right?
  10. Namotai New Member

    I think it would be really cool if we could have channelers, beastlords and guild halls from day 1 :)
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  11. Pantero Member

    A true Classic server ! :)
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  12. Seriously Member

    Channeler and Beastlord classes. The one time they did, was amazing.
    A TLE will NEVER reach Channeler content and we all know it.
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  13. Liberal Active Member

    Channeler is fairly impossible to properly balance, Fallen Gate's application of Channeler's required one in the offtank and maintank group. It was not a super fun class.

    Beastlord would be grossly overpowered and eliminate any usage of predators entirely, and even garner using a spiritual one in your mage-group full time, making a second healer, or a sorcerer in my opinion, useless.

    I would welcome beastlord solely if they tuned it properly, but I don't see a way that they do that without the incoming damage debuffs in the later expansions. I think a TSO/SF entry of beastlord would be acceptable.
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  14. Morpheus76 New Member

    Make it like the previous TLE , and walk away simple as that . This isn't rocket science.
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  15. Spiritus Praeteriti Member

    Yep, that's kind of the point of having "classic" servers... They're aimed at capturing games before they went off the rails. The addition of channelers and beastlords is pretty much when EQ 2.1 Starts and Classic EQ2 ended.
  16. Spiritus Praeteriti Member

    Ah yes, that classic EQ2 feel of Vanilla 1-50, DoF 50-60, KoS 60-70 and all of EoF with completely empty cities. Who doesn't remember those days?
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  17. Barnzy New Member

    Heroic content or harder content would be cool. By harder, I don't mean tedious. Removing teleporters, increasing exp debt, and the like increase tedium not challenge. I doubt this would be possible but adding strategy/gimmicks to old content bosses would be pretty cool.
  18. Dead Alt Account Well-Known Member

    Whatever changes they make to the TLEs will likely be beta tests for EQ3. Look forward to seeing the changes.
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