What do you suppose the next Expansion will be about?

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    Yeah. That would have probably been better as Odyssey of Shadow. Maybe they could make this one Fall of Sathir - which would leave it in the air about which Sathir was going to fall*. And whether that fall would be figurative in nature.

    * Out of Venril, Rile, Atrebe, Ganak, or Chottal.
  2. Feldon Well-Known Member

    The Shadow Odyssey
    Odyssey of Shadow
    Master of Shadow Puppets
    Avoid the Noid
    Annoyed by the Void

    This is why they don't put me in charge of expansion titles. ;)
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    Annoyed by the Void? Lol! I think that ones a keeper!
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    Strangely, none of the Adventure packs contained the word "of".
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    I loved all these suggestions. I would like to see what is going on on the planet Trorsmang! I have heard rumors in the Overrealm that it is controlled by violent and stinky Cheesmen, but I cannot see this being true. We may never know until we find a way to chart a course off world to the land of Trorsmang! Till Yonder...
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    "When this griffon hits 88 mph, you're going to see some serious @*!#..."
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