What do I need to buy to have full game?

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  1. Essential New Member

    Hello! I recently came back to the game after 4 or 5 years away. I didn't play much even back then, so I'm kind of getting into the game for the first time. My question is, what do I need to buy expansion wise etc. to have the full game? I have purchased the All Access Pass, but I've not purchased anything else. Maybe I just need to buy the latest expansion, will that give me everything?

    For example, I wanted to run one of the agnostic dungeons and it told me I needed to buy some expansion or add on or something. I also grabbed a merc and when I go to resummon him I'm faced with a very bizarre screen and one of the buttons says I need to purchase a mercenary add on (although I am able to summon him anyways?).

    I'm really enjoying the game so far but the fragmentation in what I need to buy and being presented with a lot of ways to purchase things is pretty overwhelming and confusing.

    Please help me understand what I need :)
  2. Twyla Well-Known Member

    You need to buy the most recent expansion. That will give you everything up to and including the stuff in it. To summon (hire) a merc anywhere you need to unlock that ability. On your merc screen in your character window click on the merc in question then agree to pay to be able to hire anywhere. If you don't unlock it, you will need to go where you hired it in the first place to bring it up again - or never dismiss it.
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  3. Gelenor Well-Known Member

    My experience in the game is a bit different from what Twyla posted. If you have the mercenary feature, you can always re-summon the last mercenary you hired, even if you dismiss it or it tells you it is bored and leaves. Otherwise I agree with Twyla's advice. Buy latest expansion, consider paying to be a member, and you have full access to the game.