What class would go well with a Necro?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-therearenonames, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-therearenonames Guest

    Hi, I like building themed duo's with my wife. We currently have a SK/Inq duo (unfking stoppable) and a Brigand/Warden and we are looking to do a Ranger/Fury but that is too similar to the Brig/Ward. So, we where thinking of casters. We have never played pure casters before.

    I was thinking a Necro and possibly a Warlock...both being somewhat evil. However, maybe a Necro and Defiler would be a better duo, not sure.
    So, I am asking you for your knowledge, which class would you want as a duo, keeping it evilish and none of the previous played classes. Also, if there is just a crazy combo with a Necro, what would that be?
  2. ARCHIVED-Crychtonn Guest

    SK defiler is pretty hawt. SK inqui is already a pretty good duo. out of the mage necro is the worst you can possibly chose, the pet wont hold aggro and wont stay alive even with wards or reactive from the healer. if you want to play a necro you would need to 4 box : 1 healer 1 troubador 1 tank and 1 necro at least. Necro is profession that relie the most on other in order to do the job other do without request the same attention from a third party...
  3. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    Crychtonn wrote:
    I don't know how you played, but I rarely had trouble keeping the pet alive as I soloed most of my way to 80. The class is not as needy as you say. Hate gain is not the greatest, but it's possible for it to hold aggro if the duoing partner knows what they're doing with their own hate. Early investment in the fighter pet hate AAs is going to help a lot.
  4. ARCHIVED-Yumena Guest

    I had fun duo'ing with a mate - My necro and his bruiser. Used the Transfer life and scout pet a lot. Both having FD and the necro emergency rez made us a group in a duo.
  5. ARCHIVED-Bowfroly Guest

    Crychtonn wrote:
    I am a 80 necro...not having SF yet ill be there a while till my wife catches up. i have no problem with agro now with 150 AA i have spec to solo necro for max pet hate gain and hold agro also my weapon cast decress in hate so pet and bruiser take the hate for me. I will tell you now it does hold not always but its not hard to deal with as a necro and FD chain isnt bad, "fear" is your friend when it goes wrong and you need to gain control again. If you tried a necro before last X-pack yes i would say necro wasnt as good to use for duo, but the small heals and FD you can get thru a lot. but its not a wasted toon as you seem to be calling us out as. And on the note of hate mages of all types cast to pull agro from most others IMO.
  6. ARCHIVED-Noviets Guest

    Crychtonn wrote:
    I tottally disagree with this post. I can take out Yellow ^^^ named heroics at 90. Solo.

    I sometimes Duo with a Coercer and has hate transfer and dps buffs which only makes the tank pet alot more stable with hate gain.
    We both normally get a parse around 5-7k during group, depending on the duration of the battle and UH/LB etc.
    If I'm on my own. You need to taunt constantly, or just slow down on DPS. Having the points into your negative hatemod also helps in your shadows line.

    I can tank more effectively on my own than ive see ANY tank sololing. Unlimited Power and 36% heals (which are healing for just over 10k per cast) or something you cant contend with on any other class.
    Ofc there are different ways of soloing depending on your class, but for Dps+Tank+Heals on a solo toon. Necro's deffinatly take the whole cake.

    So with that being said. A Coercer + Necromancer Solo is very efficient. we Duo'd the Bone named in the cave of Bone (Sundered Frontier) for a mate, who was unable to do so with a full group (SK+Inquis+Trouby, etc) and ofc, we were only 85 at the time, so it was yellow.
  7. ARCHIVED-Jaezah Guest

    Wow someone is a necro hater lol.
    My fighter pet can hold agro from me pretty well, even with multiple mobs. The thing about the necro is, we're kind of a jack-of-all-trades. We can do a lil of this, little of that. And very under-estimated
    I like the necro/coercer idea. Your pet won't hold agro off a wizzie or warlock when they start unleashing the big booms. I've duo'd my necro with both a wiz and lock and i may hold agro for a bit on the pet but they eventually peel it off. Thank goodness for our Life Transfer & revive, right? hehe.
  8. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    Get yourself a good healer and you can duo a few scaled TSO instances.

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