What can compare to EQ2

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  1. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    IMO, every MMO suffers from the same basic problem: when you get to the level cap, the game is both just then beginning, & also on the verge of ending.

    Level cap = where fun turns to tedious grinding for any feeling of "progress" at all :(
  2. vampiregoat69 Member

    Turbine the owners of LOTR have NO customer in game support they treat their customers like poop.Their answer to every problem was report it on forums then they just ignore any and all bugs and ignore anything players say. I have NEVER been treated so poorly by a company then Turbine so I avoid any game they have any association with at all.
  3. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    I really don't think Daybreak would have bought SOE if it didn't have big plans for the only game that is making the company serious cash! This player base is well off, meaning most of us have serious jobs and not just fast food jobs, but serious board meeting, ID card to get in, retna scan careers...
    I think we are going to see great changes!
    Should EQ2 go dark, I will simply plug in my guitar and never leave music again.
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  4. redindus Active Member

    There are some games out there, but not quite like EQ2. Depending on what level of roleplaying and/or hardcore player you are.

    I would say Rift is pretty good, but watch out for stuffs they ads. You can be addicted if you are not careful and wasting a lot of money on it. Pretty much everything you buy from that store in Rift or Trion, its bound to that character only. Some are expansion for that account. But Rift isn't that big though.

    Now for more realistic and hardcore games would be Mortal Online and Darkfall Unholywars. I use to like Darkfall, but they ruined that game by taken out the skill system. Mortal Online is rather slow developing compare to Morrowind environments.

    I do like the old Neverwinter Nights though, didn't care for others from Biowares.

    Just not very many good MMORPGs out there, yeah don't bother with world of Warcraft, its garbage now. It use to be great when first came out and had a lot of fun pvping.

    You will have to explore and see if you can try it out before buying it. Good luck.
  5. Cromlech New Member

    I am downloading now the game for the first time and i can recomend you a few games as an outsider.Gw2 is a good game with great community.For a new player there are many things to do ingame.And they announced an expansion.Neverwinter online has the worst community from any mmo i have ever played.Its a good game for dnd fans but becomes boring and grindy when you hit max lvl.FFXIV has a trial 14 days to check it.I played as trial and loved it.My main mmo is wow.For me is the best.Millions things to do ingame BUT it has a very bad community.Like neverwinter and even worse.I recomend you gw2 since it is b2p.
  6. Spindle Well-Known Member

    For me the best thing about Everquest2 is that the game is PVE. This makes it nice to come home to after 12 hours of PVP in real life. A few hours a night or maybe all weekend in a beautiful world with guildies, friends or just alone is a wonderful break from the ugliness of today's reality.

    As a questaholic more than an altaholic I enjoy the various storylines in the different lands. I enjoy hearing tales from Guides when those volunteers take time from their own busy schedules to sit a group of players down and 'Bard On!'

    Norrath has great player communities. Norrath has great fan sites. I could not play the game without DenMum's EQ2TRADERS or ZAMEQ2 or Feldon's EQ2U. What is really nice, too? There are more fan sites popping up and, as a sign of the strength of Norrath community, the site mavens work together.

    I recommend this game to anyone. I got my husband and a few of his friends hooked on Norrath many years ago. They still raid together! I'm surprised and happy about that ))

    Have to admit it broke my heart when ESO decided to implement PVP and LOTRO just got boring after a while. No matter what game I try out there I always come home to Norrath.
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  7. suka Well-Known Member

    first let me say that i love eq2 more than any game i have played including lotro and eq1. there is a new game coming to our country sometime this year that i will be wanting to try however. black desert online will be coming sometime during or after may. the graphics and crafting system are awesome. the character creation is beyond anything i have ever seen. it will be f2p so of course, i will definitely be checking it out. i haven't heard anything about housing, which would be a real downside for me if they don't get it.
  8. suka Well-Known Member

    i have never had a problem with lotro support. they usually responded well to me. the only problem i had was during winter festival when they were over crowded with petitions and a gm simply didn't want to help me. so i kept sending in new petitions until i found one willing to help. my snowbeast boots had simply disappeared from my bags for no reason and the gm who finally helped me simply saw where i had bought them, and where they disappeared and he replaced them.

    gms are people. sometimes they get overwhelmed with a lot of requests. it happens here too at times, but because of the different way that eq2 handles petitions we don't see as much of a problem. in lotro, a gm has to respond to you ingame. if you are afk or don't hear the little ding (my sound is usually off) they close the ticket and won't send you an email on it. also some things won't be resolved at all if you aren't a member. but even as a premium player i never had anything happen that i couldn't get help for.
  9. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    If you find something. ANYTHING even close, please post back here. I have been looking and looking to no avail.
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  10. Thalador Active Member

    I am in the same boat. Looking for something similar, but better and with a vision for the future
  11. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    It's also one of the most shameless $$$ grabs I've seen in a MMO :(

    [/quote] Its a good game for dnd fans but becomes boring and grindy when you hit max lvl [/quote]

    I disagree that Neverwinter is a "good game for D&D fans," mostly because it's based on the (IMO) terrible 4th Edition rules. But I absolutely agree that it's a riotous good time from 1-60, & then just another tedious grind like every other MMO, only with an absolute "pay to even have a chance of being moderately competitive much less winning" attitude.

    OTOH, Neverwinter's leveling dungeons are some of the more entertaining I've ever played in, & the 1-60 game is one of the only MMOs I've ever played where I could play my Rogue my way & still top the DPS parse. Their limited "level agnostic dungeons" are also a blast. It's too bad the rest of the game's issues drag it down :(

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