What are the best races for a berserker?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Brewmore, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Leatherface77 Guest

    Im a Iksar zerker that defected to qyenos and i have a lotta fun. Pick what you like and slice some things up.
  2. ARCHIVED-Feral Rat Guest

    Dragula had it right.

    Rat All the way.

    And yes, race will be irrelevent in the end, and even now. I am currently lvl 34 and I get groups because im a good player and I know my class, and how to work with other classes. Thats is MUCH more important then race choice.

    Plus, rats look the most cool 9-)
  3. ARCHIVED-Mandelbrodt Guest

    I would agree with all the posts that say play what you like.


    Have a look at the racial choices that are available to the different races at level 18. Berzerkers eat through their power like they eat through their enemies. I decided on a Troll, mostly because they are badass and eat Gnomes, Barbarians and Rats alike. :p But I found, to my delight, that one of the options for a Troll at 18 is extra Power in their Power pool. So the choice for me was between the regen or the extra power. Regen is only outside of battle, which is just too bad, so extra power it is!

    Now Trolls probably aren't the only race to get extra power, but have a look at the different racial choices at level 18.


    Berzerker, Innothule
  4. ARCHIVED-Kyela Guest

    I play a Ratonga Berserker, and I'm not seeing this whole disadvantage thing with the sta and all that you all are talking about. Lots of agi, lots of parrying and ripostes and blocking while using a shield.

    I was a tad disapointed with the racial trait I selected, though, the damage proc just wasn't all that. Should have went with increased health regen out of combat I think. Silly procs! Always tempting me!
  5. ARCHIVED--Hylander- Guest

    Race no matter! Everyone looks equally Pwnish with a ..... flaming... right hand.... /sigh

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