What are the best races for a berserker?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Brewmore, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Brewmore Guest

    After a 1.5 year absence from the EQ scene, I am going to start playing EQ2. I have looked at the races, and decided to play a fighter class. My style has always been ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! So I thought that fell into the berzerker arena. What I am trying to decide is what races will make a good berserker? I started looking at stats (Str - Agi - Sta) and then heard it is not so much about the stats as EQ 1 was. Is that true? What are good races? Is it better to go with a balanced race like the Kerra? Is it better to go with a str heavy race Ogre or Troll? Or does it not really matter? I have in mind some of the races I think I will be able to play well, but I wanted to see if they were good choices. (purposely not disclosing them now). What other factors come into play? The racial sight? Any better resistances? Any information you can give would be appreciated both in the realm of good and evil races......

    Thank you in advance for your advice....

    The 13th King of Mithril Hall
  2. ARCHIVED-dragula Guest


    nah really there is no difference between races now, it's pure cosmetic choice.
  3. ARCHIVED-Ryutsuba Guest

    Race is pretty irrelevant in the long run. But if you want the absolute best advantages you can get, the obvious choices apply: Barbarian (for above-average melee stats and the ability to start in Qeynos), Troll (for the best STA, and thus, best stats for tanking), or Ogre. (best STR and high STA as well)

    In the end, though, I suggest simply picking your favorite race in the city you want to start in and going from there. Not only will gear compensate for any difference in stats; the starting stat differences in EQ2 are also very small. The absolute lowest stat anybody starts with is 10, and the highest they start with is 30. And 20 points does not a very noticable difference make.
  4. ARCHIVED-KeilAvalon Guest

    Best advice. Play what you want. In anygame. Too many games are made where theres the best race for a class. And you start to see clones of yourself running around. Play what you want and be happy!!:smileywink:
  5. ARCHIVED-LumpyDoo Guest

    I dunno.. I noticed a big diff in defense above 100 as far as ripostes and parries etc.. might be simliar for other stats..
  6. ARCHIVED-LumpyDoo Guest

    Also, people always say "in the end game." That is 50 LONG LEVELS of play time until the end game. Not so sure a Ratonga will be much fun until the upper 20's+ when gear starts to at least have some stats that don't suck as a zerker.

    I tried this same thing with a Dark Elf warrior in EQ1. How cool a DE warrior? huh...heh... I did good enough, and I was always wanted in groups.... but somehow I felt so inferior to Ogre's and Barbs etc. So at level 39 I re-rolled an Ogre and took him all the way. Best choice ever.

    Now this is EQ2 and I am certain things are different, but stats weren't put in the game for the heck of it. They will and do make a difference, especially in the "start-game" where equipment and money to buy it is limited.
  7. ARCHIVED-Ryutsuba Guest

    Not so sure a Ratonga will be much fun until the upper 20's+ when gear starts to at least have some stats that don't suck as a zerker.

    Choosing a race you like will annoy you for the first, and fastest, 20-30 levels. Choosing a race you don't like will annoy you for the rest of your time playing the game. Choice is obvious, for me.

    Really what it comes down to is whether you really like a certain race, or you just don't care and want to be the absolute best Berserker/Wizard/Fury/whatever possible. If you don't have any racial preference, yeah, play a Barbie or a Trolli. If you do, play what you want and worry about it later.
  8. ARCHIVED-AlienRok Guest

    Do what many people are doing. Make a Troll or Ogre for the obvious stat gains that may or may not help you for your first 30 levels and save your money to buy the bone fragments needed to have whatever illusion you want. The first time I ever saw someone in illusion form was a lvl 30 Ogre monk with the Gnome illusion. Have the best of both worlds....or any of the worlds for that matter. And by the way, these illusions aren't like eq1 illusions where they last like 5 mins. They last for hours, unless you zone ofcourse.
  9. ARCHIVED-HalberdBlue Guest

    Dwarf, DUH :smileytongue:
  10. ARCHIVED-Taar Guest

    Any zerker that isn't a barb is, uh, a novelty. Come on man! Barbarian! You really had to ask?
  11. ARCHIVED-commandobob Guest

    what he said love me dwarf zerker he cool , all i normaly see is Barbarian Zerkers in Qeynos , but me dwarf is pretty cool , but did make a barbarian in freeport to make a zerker with , but lower level i find dwarf & barbarian to be pretty much the same , but that may be to i know the quest at thius stage and both or wearing good armour
  12. ARCHIVED-Eater-of-worlds Guest

    At first i started checking for the best stats since i already decided to play a berserker but at the end i justdecided to go dvorf because they rule :p. And if you have female players with you in a group you've got a great view :).
  13. ARCHIVED-RufusDeMarko Guest


    There's just something really cool about a gnome beating the hell out of something 5 times it's own size.

    I'm going with the fact that gnome agility will help me out for dodging, but I really doubt it makes that much of a difference in the long run. Since there was no points to distribute like in the first EQ, and several other games as well, I imagine it would be pretty hard to totally bork yourself into being TOTALLY useless.

    Ultravision and good or evil are pluses too.
  14. ARCHIVED-Eadari Guest

    Right on there, I am a 22 Gnome Berzerker and love it. Gnomes Rock
  15. ARCHIVED-asteldian Guest

    Aye, forget stats its about preference. I went for barbarian, not too original but i like the way they look-big, hard and the ladies all seem to wanna flirt with me :smileytongue:

    Im a zerker and to me a zerker is a big scary looking guy who is real hard, dwarves are too short and kinda ugly looking in my opinion so couldnt be that. Gnome is novelty, but, well like in the case of monks it may well end up they are the most common race around for that class-everyone loves to be different which runs the risk of everyone being the same 'different'.

    Elves are too much of a pretty boy type for my liking, especially for a zerker. Human would be ok but they look a bit wimpy

    So forget stats and go with whatever you think looks good or will be fun
  16. ARCHIVED-LuciferRofocale Guest

    Just pick based on sheer cosmetics. I went Dark Elf and then defected to Qeynos...now that is fun! A good Dark Elf zerker gets all kinds of puzzled looks.
  17. ARCHIVED-Ryutsuba Guest

    Just pick based on sheer cosmetics. I went Dark Elf and then defected to Qeynos...now that is fun! A good Dark Elf zerker gets all kinds of puzzled looks.

    So does an evil Wood Elf zerker. Weirdo Berserkers represent!
  18. ARCHIVED-macsux Guest

    I'm a zerker dwarf, and didn't have much info on picking race/class initially (thank you very much SOA you ...$#). If I were to start over, I would go Ogre, and do betrayal quest later (sorry, but qeynos is just so much cooler looking that freeport). I picked dwarf cuz I didn't know about betrayal quest before hand (thanks again SOA).

    With ogre you get nice offensive tank stats, and 30 str is very nice vs 22 on dwarf. I dont care what you say, but 8 str is kinda a big diff if u ask me, especially lower levels. And they look kinda cool too - big ugly damage dealing machine.
  19. ARCHIVED-Darklightx Guest

    I am going to be a High Elf Berserker(3% xp to go). Granted my strength and stam are both like 15 points or so bellow any normal Berserker, but I like to be a rarity so it is cool. :)
  20. ARCHIVED-Ginnsu Guest

    Gnome POWER@!@!@

    Gnome Berserker
    'Is that a Jabberwocky in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me???'

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