What are Enchanters expected to do in groups/raids?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Lovestar, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Encori Active Member

    Enchanters and bards are both major dps classes who mostly show up under other people's names if you parse the log.
    Primary responsibility dps (group and individual)
    Secondary responsibility group power replenishment
    and don't forget stun/stifle/interrupt rotations in heroic, plus extremely limited use of CC
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  2. Lare Active Member

    100% agree with this....................................

    As I said the make my loc look good.
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  3. Cleaner Active Member

    yes the healer was moved up into the swaped out to bring a troub in for experimental purposes. Heals where transfered from another group just for one fight. we wanted to test the range of buffs over a wider range of mage classes. Granted some healers "aka Fury" would have probably benifited the group alot more with INT buff.
    Interestingly i went back into my act history after digging for over an hour i found this group setup on this mob to compare.
    we did 2 pulls when the conj was not available and the warden moved back in the group.
    the total was 16+ MIL , on both pulls .
    Granted the warlock and Necro both died once in the fight they still managed to pull bigger numbers out, with the illy and troubadour.

    for the off topic note, about the necromancer, Yes and No,
    I will say this, The High dps Necro droped his hp gear went all Pot Melee and Dmg Proc gear and has moved from 3rd to top of the parse. Might be something for the Pet Classes to look into.

    Higher end, higher gear raids

    the warlocks, assassins, and wizards usually move ahead in the rat race.
    highest i have Personally seen out of a necro is 9 Mil.
    other classes single target.

    AOE fights Warlock will blow the other classes away.
    But its mostly Gear based. Mythical, Uplifted gear, ect..
    i Chose the Lower raid examples to give the Closest Geared / Skill level comparison possible at this point. The higher raid force gear is to erratic and some have way better upgrades than others.
    Another Note: One piece of gear can make HUGE difference. First time in TOV, Scale dropped mage one it. almost doubled his dps. as more and more progression and more pieces droped overall dps Jumped up dramatically.
  4. Lare Active Member

    At the top end these classes tends to be effected more by skill and buffs in grp as ive seen different numbers than what you are talking about and as its not hard for my scrub *** lock to hit numbers over 16m. In fact my loc not full Mystical gems less best to date is 23m in raid. Which is more than what you are saying the assassin has done.
  5. Gregore Active Member

    Forgot to mention my coercive healing buff for my healer! I also bring 8% less hate gain for all non-tanks and 8% greater heals to my group via AA's. My coercer is a walking swiss army knife that still makes the parse! Exagerated a bit on the parse though. Parsed just under 1.5 million zonewide in fabled labs Tuesday night, but had a lot of deaths (9) due to me being in full dreadlord. Was wanting to put on a show since I finally got my scorching eye charm for him! LOL Will probably have to go back to putting on 3 or 4 pieces of regular potent along with the remaining dreadlord pieces in the future.
  6. Montag Well-Known Member

    Most groups I join on my (heroic geared) Illusionist or Troub I'm second on the DPS parse. Generally there's one t1 dps class that can out dps my util.

    My point is that you are a DPS class, but some of your DPS is given to your groupmates and shows up as theirs on the parse.

    The net effect should be nicely higher than just another pure dps class.
  7. Arieste Well-Known Member

    They're expected to show up.

    I'm not trolling or anything. 100% serious. Sure, some chanters do awesome DPS and time buffs and all that good stuff. But really, I would venture that like 98% of raid forces would be happy just to have 4 chanters that "just show up" every raid. Everything else you get out of them is gravy.
  8. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    This. The player base is so deteriorated that all we really want are bards and chanters who log in and aren't completely afk.

    I can look at support classes parses and see they're only pressing buttons to fill about 3 minutes of a 10 minute fight. You can be partially afk, you just can't be completely afk.
  9. Endymion Developer

    So it'd be cool if I played on a DDR pad, right?
  10. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Bro if you can DDR for 4 hours straight, go for it.
  11. Lovestar Active Member

    As long as you share your keymaps with us, so we know how you dance out your buff order.

    Because honestly it seems somewhat appropriate for a Bard or Enchanter to do their magic in fluid and fabulous motion. ^.^
  12. Endymion Developer

    I'd probably use a Pump it Up pad for the extra button plus the more natural layout. I got this!
  13. Corydonn Well-Known Member

    I'd prefer Kinect or Wii Fit Board support so I could get my arms moving too.
  14. Filly67 Well-Known Member

    One of the biggest reasons that I stopped raiding was because of this. I do not watch TV, search the internet, or run out for a quick smoke during raid. Or spend my entire night sending gossipy tells. Many people do and it's clear to tell by not only their parse but their game play. Funny though they were all their for the loot roll.
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  15. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Stream DDRing raids or riot. Also wear a nagafen hat.
  16. Endymion Developer

    Time to find a PST raiding guild! No hat though, that'd just be silly.
  17. Devilz New Member

    And..why do you think chanters don't show up....because they aren't fun to play!!!

    I just quit Heaven and Earth on AB because Coercers aren't fun. Their DPS is subpar to Illy's and did I mention they aren't fun?
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  18. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Coercers can beat illies single target, but yeah illies wreck ae. They just need to let abilities with triggers doublecast. Coercers only get like 40% of the benefit from SDA that Illies do iirc.

    I actually kind of actually want to play a coercer. I find it more fun than being a predator nowadays.
  19. arturos Active Member

    i have only found one illy that could beat me consistently on the parse.. heck 1 illy and 1 troub.. ya good utility is hard to find the one illy went to lock. I would love to have a competent coercer to go toe to toe with power feeding dpsing shouting ae protecting.. BRING IT. Thats how i enjoy the class, i make sure that if the dps are slacking or missing an auto attack or spell combo i will get them. that is the only enjoyment i get now days from playing this class.

    so devilz come fight with me on the parse in lost faith, maybe that will bring the spark back.
  20. JagOne New Member

    Illies are T2 DPS with decent raid buffs and power feeding.

    All our spells cast really fast. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your style of play. If you like mashing a lot of buttons, this is the class for you. It helps if you develop a nice rhythm, but any little thing can throw off your timing (like having to rebuff the suicidal ranger).

    It's a fun class, and you always get group invites. If you are raid geared, you'll find yourself outparsing a lot of wannabe T1 classes in PUGs. Oh, and there are no shortage of guilds that are looking for enchanters.