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  1. ARCHIVED-Sakshale Guest

    I saw today's ad related to 50% off the Veil of Alaris expansion pack ... and took a look at what was bundled with it. Then, I went into the Station admin area to see what I have.
    Well, as a returning player I quickly became confused. I thought I had purchased an all inclusive bundle when I re-signed up. But, some of the things I believe I have aren't listed, such as the "Destiny of Velious".
    May I suggest that Sony add an option to see everything listed;
    • What you own shown in Black
    • What you are missing shown in Red
    • What is included in a bundle you are considering, such as "Veil of Alaris" in the ad, shown in Gold.
    Right now, all I see is a long, long list of options and such. No clarity there.
  2. ARCHIVED-Lamatu Guest

    I'm confused by your post. Veil of Alaris is for Everquest not EQ2. If you wanna get caught up with EQ2 then DoV is all you need. Age of Discovery is only needed if you want to play the Beastlord class and have access to the reforger and mercs.
    Only those two xpacs are available for purchase if you wanna play EQ2.

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