What about new players to the game?

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    SOOOO not trying to argue with you friend, nothing but respect here. I do not think leveling your toon is that hard, nor finding the gear. Put that in my original post~ agnostics or a PL will fix that bit right quick. Then you hit 100 and its forced quests all the way from there for XP. To be honest, I am not a fan of that, I think (maybe up to 110 or more) there should be XP for killing mobs. Its the other things listed (mount/ mercenary/ familiar ect.).

    I would almost consider 1-100 a new/ returning players acclimation period. If they know how to do it, they can level quickly if they chose to do so. Gear can be found along the way.
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    I tried playing their other supehero game - and I faced the same exact problem. This was also compounded by some really best in game items that were available as a "loot crate" / time capsule whatever - which are basically made of unobtanium.

    So the gimmicks eventually catch up and make for a really steep incline for someone wanting to play at the highest levels.

    I'll probably end up on TLE somewhere just because of the Overseers / Mounts / Mercs / etc - all that time to level those features up (which I refuse to pay to catch up). /shrug.
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    Well look who made a quiet return!
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    ALWAYS - the more the merrier =) Welcome back.

    Makes me smile to see a dev =)
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    I'm always lurking here somewhere!
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    Forgive me! Originally, I had no intentions of revisiting this thread, as many opinions had already been expressed and I dont want to be labeled a "nay-sayer".

    However, this is a recent post from MMORPG I just happened to bump into tonight while doing my everquest reading. It talks about what a returning player faces in game. It is in line with what others have expressed here, and MMORPG has always been a go to for games of the like.

    Anyway! I have to be honest~ in game me and my son for the most part are having a BLAST. I have made some new friends, ran some group zones at 120 (double coins WOOOOOT), beat down solo zones and we continue to chrono down and run old raid zones just for fun. Plenty to do, so little time lol.

    Note to the devs: pretty please look at beastlords dps :) please :) I think its a touch low.

    <3 you all
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    I just started EQ2 on May 2nd. Once I became aware it was a thing, I did find the mount and familiar leveling a VERY daunting thing to approach. However, I also found that the copious events massively leveled my familiar, my merc, and my mount. My mount is 19, merc is 18, I have one fully leveled familiar and my duck is almost to lvl 8. That's all from events.

    The rest, I can't really form an opinion on as I am a new player who potioned to 120 and is doing the solo instance grind for my full ROS adornments. The post is very well-written though, thanks Stoix.
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    Come to Tarinax, we'll get you caught up :)
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  9. Jalathan Active Member

    I'll be honest, I returned back during CD... Ran into a guild I ran with for a long time. Tried a few other guilds and eventually just said enough of the time sink and playing a game like a job (I was even raiding with two alliances for a bit during RoS who were doing end game raiding). I went to Kaladim and I'm am significantly happier there. I know it won't last as they will eventually get into the stupid parts of the game again (ascensions, mount and merc leveling, etc) but at least until then I can play the game like a game and not like it is a 2nd job.

    I will probably move to the new non pvp TLE when they make one and start over from the start when it happens. I can't delete my 120s, but I almost never log into them anymore...
  10. Paragonvii Active Member

    Ladies and gents watch out for this one - fine tank here. This fellow can dent some content lol. He zipped our group through I donno how many group zones then was like...yeah let's do some solo, also.

    Good guy, great tank.
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  11. Ruderalis New Member

    Thanks a ton! I just try to not miss bulwark and fight people with my 250 fervor for their 9 billion soloing VT raid zones fervor, which sometimes works. I love doing pugs, it sucks that the dungeon finder doesn't work for ROS across servers, I'm gayer than a 3 dollar bill, and if you stuff 2 dollar bills in my codpiece I'll be your friend in the champagne room for an hour.

    Other than that, lf4m heals/dps, gotta these peeps their ethereals so we can bang these heroics out faster. Not going to name names other than Stoix and a few people from what you find in the valley in "Sun Tzu's Art of War", but we did manage a couple of days ago to knock out the heroic weekly quest, all three zones, in under an hour. But that's because people had put in the background farming, and I totally respect that and admire their willingness to jump in with dorks who don't know what bulwark is (me) and tell me "DOWNLOAD ACT OMG YOU SUCK LET'S GROUP AGAIN HAHAHA HOW DID YOU NOT DIE!"

    GG, will procrastinate on RL to play again. 9/10 stars.
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    YEP. I do wish there was a LFG function that works and peeps use, and across servers is a pretty sweet idea. And YEP getting in these zones is the best way to learn them, although it probably wouldnt hurt (for me to) do a bit of research before hopping in them the first time. There are some pretty good mechanics to a few of the fights, nothing to crazy, though. It was funny because I actually had been gone away so long ACT had slipped my mind. Next thing I know "okay for this fight, ACT..."

    Yeah. HAHAHAA :) Overall man it was a freaking blast and the upgrades were flying for newbletons.

    You know what? IMO no risk, no reward. If you want the gear and to learn these zones, get in there. Its how we all learn. But yes, it never hurts to do a little research before hopping in. I was just glad nobody was ripping heads off when someone new to the zone (myself) was learning the fight (yas, it happens lol). WELL some people dont pay attention or dont care and that of course is a different situation and I have seen this and they prolly gonna get the boot lol.
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    @Booniee This post is spot on and what I've experienced myself. I've had a lot of fun doing solo stuff. I'm max levels(adventure, TS, AA, Ascensions), all Sigs done, all important, solo-able, triumphs done, and I'm nowhere near being able to be a productive member of a heroic group. I have to depend on the kindness of strangers for a spot in a dungeon when they know I won't be contributing. It's very frustrating and a huge roadblock to getting into the game. It doesn't feel good.

    There needs to be better, clear, progression from Solo to Group content.