Were-Paly is wearing cloth armor?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Nynaeve, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Nynaeve Active Member

    That guy can't even tank 4 standard mobs in the quest zone without dying in 4 seconds...
    I trade my Paly for the Inq now, hope he works better.
  2. Nynaeve Active Member

    yes, works way better with the Were-Templar.
    have to tank as a Lock, but it works way better.
    never trusted Palys anyway :)
  3. Endrek New Member

    I hope this paladin is broken because it was a complete waste of money buying the CE for it. For supposedly being an in-between of normal, epic mercs it fails. Dies quickly and doesn't hold agro.
  4. Lamori Member

    I am not haveing much problems with my merc save in a group that was not full. I did not notice what type of armor he had I will check as soon as everfrost is up. I did notice that he does not hold agro as well as the standard pally merc, that guy is an agro magnet. The merc is a little better so far at 94. Stay tuned for more updates.
  5. Gninja Developer

    The Lujien Paladin merc should see a boost in next hotfix. He had an issue in his buffs that was blocking a few things.
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  6. Nynaeve Active Member

    The "cloth" thing was of course just an allegory, because he goes down so fast that it feels like he was wearing cloth.
    He doesnt really wear anything of course, he has a set mitigation and avoidance number.
    The point though is, that COE quest area is a solo zone, and since the quests throw at times groups of 5+ mobs at you, he should be able to tank it at least for say 20 seconds without going down, but he can't.
    I'm Lv92 Warlock, and with the Templar merc, I am the tank, and I do way better than with the Paly.
  7. Nynaeve Active Member

    that's nice to hear. thanks for the reply.
    One good thing to say about them: they really look cool! Like the howling also :)
  8. TheFirstBeastlord New Member

    Wow I thought it was just me who noticed how terrible he was. I was seriously disappointed with how weak he was after reading so much on them so it's definitely exciting to see this getting hot fixed!
  9. Snowhaze Active Member

    My were-pally seemed pretty good actually, but I am only level 90 and was mentored down to 85 at the time. In places my SK previously had cowered, I never once saw this one chicken out, so maybe just a higher level issue. The cleric I was grouped with, who had never seen a mercenary was thoroughly impressed with him anyway.
  10. Nynaeve Active Member

    the problem isnt cowering. he may be better hopefully in that department. it was loosing health way too quickly. of course you may not notice this when doing mentored content.