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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Sambril, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Pariel Active Member

    I now find myself wondering... is their uproar on the PSS boards of loads of players who don't want to go to SOE?

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  2. Lemon Wolf Member

    Just checked their Forum there is no uproar at all. The PSS EQ2 boards are dead. The entire forum consists of 513 posts lol.
    I am so glad that SOE finally got rid of ProSieben/Sat1.
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  3. R.J. MacReady Active Member

    The PSS1 deal is in the top 2 or 3 of the greatest customer outrages for SOE. And the process was so painfully drawn out.
    The idea that they are now just going to kill it ...it's just beyond any rational explanation say one.

    If SOE were going to mothball eq1 and 2 ..would this not be the first step.
  4. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    Except that this isn't just about EQ1 & EQ2, it affects other games old, new and yet to come too. This is just about the deal with PSS1 not working out as intended (as we European players saw coming long ago). Whether that is low numbers of customers due to boycotting, or PSS1 failing their side of the agreement somehow, or whatever, we don't and probably won't ever know, but I doubt they'd bother to get out of an international deal for future games just cos they wanted to wind down an old game or two.
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  5. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    This is about the EU customer base, not about any particular game.

    Edit: Welcome back ya'll btw :)
  6. Jeronas Member

    You'd be right there is an uproar!

    They now forcing us to create a NEW SOE account! Or we won't be able to migrate back!

    Are they friggin' serious?? How are we suppose to use All Access, when all my games are on my current SOE account (including 2-factor authentication I already paid for!) and I have to create a New account just for DCUO??

    All because in Your infinite wisdom you put a BANNED status on Our current SOE accounts with the whole PSS1 debacle and don't know how to remove it?
    Shouldn't you have thought about that, before you setup this new migration? Do you really think we want to create a New SOE account just for DCUO? Completely pointless!

    I am seriously getting fed up with SOE and their contineous incompetence! /FACEPALM!
  7. Feldon Well-Known Member

    They absolutely should have thought of the DCUO situation and had those accounts all unbanned before the migration. They should also get serious about adding a way for CS to merge accounts.
  8. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    Whilst this doesn't affect me directly as I have never played DCUO, I can really understand people's frustration (now that the ridiculous migration is finally being reversed) that SOE still are being seemingly unable to do anything smoothly. Those people understandably just want to get on with playing their games (and for most on the SOE account they already pay for).

    I sincerely hope that SOE are simply planning on just getting everyone ASAP back 'into the SOE fold' (as it were), then they can merge/migrate two SOE accounts back into one which I would imagine is easier than PSS1 to SOE. But maybe not - I certainly don't understand why you can't migrate back to your old SOE account if they can migrate you to a new one - I guess all accounts are not created equal? Oh wait, it's gonna be linked to that 'banned' thing isn't it? So why not just delete any old sub from the account as set it as never played, and then migrate the account, just as they would to a new account? Sadly I can believe that they have no way to edit accounts like this....

    As to why they can't just 'un-ban' un-migrated accounts, I can only suggest that maybe they tagged them the same as actual banned accounts (those of people who have been naughty) cos it was an easy, existing flag to prevent play (and they never considered having to reverse it) and now they can't tell who were un-migrated good guys/gals and who were the naughty ones.

    Who knows...

    Good luck to you all :)
  9. Pariel Active Member

    ahhh, that explains why when I try and log into my DCUO account (which I never migrated) it says banned.
    Has anyone raised a ticked to say "can you unban my account"?

    With regard to the uproar about creating a new SOE account - I thought this would apply:

    When a transfer is initiated, only the ProSiebenSat.1 Games account name, character information, Seven Cash balance, and other game-related data will be provided from PSG to SOE, exclusively for migration purposes. You will need to have an existing SOE Station Account or create a new SOE account, subject to SOE’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, in order to continue playing the games through SOE’s service. You will also be required to enter your payment details if you wish to make purchases through your SOE account.

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