Well thrown over 600 pumpkins so far, no mount.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by The_Real_Wurm, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Wreakinn Member

    The rng for this is set far too low; I believe the people who quoted 3000:1. To put this in perspective, that's the same odds as getting struck by lightning. Or if you prefer poker parlance: 4 of a kind is at 4100:1.

    When your only play is 4 of a kind or bust, the game isn't worth playing. It's truly not worth the effort, and therefore not a good or fun event - but I know people will anyway.

    Disappointing design decision, but oh well.
  2. Dude Well-Known Member

    1200 and counting.
  3. ColbyJack Well-Known Member

    The pumpkin bombs are an excellent model of why gambling works so well.
    I'll once in a while toss some bombs, when I have extra candy from the packhorse, but otherwise I've given up on getting the mount. It's a shame, too... there are people who simply enjoy collecting mounts, and I can imagine this frustrating them endlessly. I would have loved to seen the mount with lesser stats (on par with the questline mount or sommat) and much more easily attainable. Then it would have been fun to toss pumpkins, available for everyone to get it for appearance or completionism or whatevs, and less of an "omg I'm killing hours for these stupid urns".
  4. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Remember that it's not about the total number you throw. The RNG treats every throw as an independent event. The mount is evidently assigned a tiny percentage chance in the loot table, and it's as likely (or unlikely) to drop in throw #1 as in throw #9000. The RNG doesn't take into account that you've thrown thousands of the little buggers to take pity on you, alas.

    If you have a statistical universe of, say, a thousand people who have thrown pumpkins and kept track of all the loot rewarded, then you could start to say with some confidence what the percentage chances of each are. All we can say factually and with great confidence is that the chance is excruciatingly low.
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  5. Datoon Active Member

    All I can say is that throwing pumpkins, like the KA grind... After a while it all gets very boring!
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  6. Ratza Well-Known Member

    Most of us want the mount for appearance....the rarity is ridiculous!! I can't count how many hours of throwing pumpkins bombs .. it's boring .. tedious! I simply don't understand why our devs keep putting stuff in game that requires endless mindless key pushing. This is NOT fun! Not that they have to guarantee fun factor with their game but come on....if people don't have fun they don't play. To be honest...this award should have been achievement based on throwing x number of bombs not some unknown super rare RNG mechanic that makes no sense to anyone wanting to add this to their mount collection.
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  7. Imilla Member

    Yes...sort of...but if the probability of getting the mount in one throw is p, then the probability of not getting it is (1-p) and the probability of not getting it in 9000 throws is (1-p)^9000

    Let's say p=0.00001
    Then the probability of not getting it in 9000 throws is 0.99999^9000 = 0.91 or 91%.
    Lets throw it 100,000 times, then the probability of not getting it is only 0.37 or 37%.
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  8. Ratza Well-Known Member

    Here's another way to look at this:

    Say you can throw 10 pumpkins per minute.
    10 x 60 = 600 per hour - at this rate it would take 15 hours to throw 9000 pumpkins
  9. Wizx13 Member

    You can buy one in the market
  10. Finora Well-Known Member

    You can buy a bat mount on the market, but it's not the same (I'd already looked since the pumpkins were going to be such a pain after the changes) and it's much darker and more red than either baktor or kartob.
    Kind of like how the Icewind pegasus from the AOD collector's edition or the original herioc character mount is similar in style to the newer herioc character mount (Opegaz) but are decidedly different in appearance due to coloration.
  11. Spindle Well-Known Member

    I finally decided to enjoy the event and just toss a few pumpkins in between questing the alts. Much better. As a casual quester and crafter I figure the raider gods would strike me down if somehow the RNG fell in my favor lol

    Glad to be back enjoying one of my fave Norrath holidays.
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  12. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    The pumpkin parties we have in front of the North Qeynos Tradeskill Hall are for fun, people come and go, both lobbing and grabbing the ton of mysterious pumpkins off the ground. They finish their collections, get more for their guildmates. A couple have gotten the mount and they still come and lob pumpkins for others, its all in good fun.

    I do not care if the mount drops or not, all of my alt army have Kartob, Bartok would just be a bonus. I simply do this so others can enjoy NoTD to the fullest. I surely hope that everybody has a great time. I am now over 3000 pumpkins lobbed and no mount *shrugs*.

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  13. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Nice...I'm more than a little jealous. <grin>

    That's part of why many people are sad at how this has played out...most didn't get a chance to get Kartob at all (he was only on Test for a short while, and was ?accidentally? available on Live servers before NotD ever started, to those who had access to pumpkins left over from last year). Then the mount rarity, stats, and name were changed and Kartob was lost to the winds when NotD actually started and everyone was able to start throwing. :(

    (I'm guessing folks are going to be hoarding pumpkins for next year, in case something like this happens again.)
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  14. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    I had pumpkins left over on HoF, and had two toons throw a few at each other... they both got Kartob, and one of them got him twice. I didn't try it with any other toons, though, :eek:
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  15. Determind Member

    Currently at 1100 bombs thrown. No mount.
  16. puppybreath New Member

    Well for those that have already gotten their mount... /applaud. For the rest of us, we can build that throwing muscle and keep trying.
    For me, Ive heard ppl throw as many as 6000 w/o getting mount. I dont want to say that this concept wasnt a good idea but to get more urns than all of Egypt used in its past and not even a bat feather is a bit much. Takes all the fun out of smashing pumpkins when you spend ALL your candy corn and hours of throwing all for a plethora of urns.

    Lets rethink this and any other ideas that say we can get an item when it is all but obtainable. Allowing but a handful of ppl to receive a "special" item & making it sound like anyone can obtain said item is just not nice. o_O
  17. Shadow1977 New Member

    does anyone have a real count on how many have gotten the mount? I got it on my main on the first day but gave up on my alts after breaking 1500 throws.
  18. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I am over 4000 lobbed and no mount. I know of 3 people that have gotten the mount, a very good friend of mine got one on his first throw, 2 others got them at our nightly pumpkin parties in front of the Ironforge Exchange in North Qeynos. I lob for fun and to help others to complete their collections, if the mount drops, a bonus, YAY for me, if not, no loss.

    If you are not having fun lobbing, take a break, try again in a few days, we still have about 2 weeks of NoTD to go.

  19. Nella Member

    I'm sure I would feel this way too if all my alts already had Kabtor. Believe you said previously all your alts had a Kabtor. This sucks so bad for those of us that didn't have a chance at the prior version. I don't care about stats, just wanted some bat mounts for fun. Thrown around 5k on my main and getting really sick of it. I really hope they at least put an appearance bat mount on the merchant for like 500 candy corns before the end of the event.

  20. Nuhvohk Active Member

    don't remember the exact number but i think it was something like 3-4K pumpkins, about 12 hours or so of throwing
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