Well thrown over 600 pumpkins so far, no mount.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by The_Real_Wurm, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    Somewhere is a thin line between rare and stupid... I think it has been crossed.
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  2. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    I believe the mount is from picking up pumpkins, not throwing them.
  3. Tekka Well-Known Member

    Please tell me your kidding.

    They removed the original mount award which you could get - on average - with less than 50 pumpkin throws, pre-start of NotD.

    The replacement with upgraded stats? is supposed to be available at the start of NotD.

    If it's that ridiculously rare, can the old one be put back for those of us who just want it for appearance?

    Edit for the post above mine: The original bat mount award was for throwing pumpkins, not picking them up. Was that changed?
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  4. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    Well I also now have the achievement for 1000 so the line has still been crossed.

    But the mount comes from the throwing not the pulping.
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  5. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    No its still from throwing not from pulping. And appearance is all I want it for. I already have the raid mount.

    I had to go sell urns 3 times to make room in my 78 slot bag...
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  6. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    If it is like Kartob, then it will come from throwing the pumpkins. That stated, and regarding OP, this is beyond rare and fun atm.
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  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    It's the RNG, is all. Sacrifice a fatted kid on your keyboard, toe three goose feathers to your forehead, and pray as you throw.
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  8. Xavion Active Member

    i picked up over 1k pumpkins and i have thrown probly 200 and still no mount another person said he threw 1,400 of them and no mount so devs need to fix this bug as it's not dropping and the item list of rewards dont even list the mounts either
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  9. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    I've always been a big believer in the rng and it being the cause of many things.

    At some point, however, RNG could be broken. Lots of rumbling about how many tosses does it take. Sure it's rare, but sometimes things do get broken or in need of a dev looksie.
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  10. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    At 900 thrown now I'll let this speak for the results...

  11. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Your bag setup is ugly. That is all.
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  12. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    ??? really?
  13. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this thread, guildies and I were wondering if the mount was dropping for anyone. Hundreds thrown, no joy yet, and as others have mentioned, it's not listed in the possible rewards for the Spirit of Giving.

    (Edit: DenMum noted in her NotD write-up that even when the mount was dropping fairly often on Test, it still wasn't listed as a possible reward, so that's not new.)
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  14. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    It's from throwing and I see in chat a player with 600 tries, another with 1000 and a third with over 3000 without mount.
    I got lucky, that's not the point.

    My opinion is: reduce the rarity and add back Kartob as a statless appearance mount with a very high chance of dropping for those who just want an appearance mount.

    Mount IG link : \aITEM -722678679 -1064184678 0 0 0:[Baktor, the Voracious]\/a
  15. Finora Well-Known Member

    I never got it on test after they changed it though I'd gotten the old mount on a couple of characters. We'd speculated there was a level 100 requirement to get it or it was broken but Kaitheel said no, it was just rare.

    I'm not sure who all managed to get it after the changes, but it was absolutely absurdly rare. I'm not even sure how many pumpkins I tossed for nothing but a bunch of collectables & vases.
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  16. Tekka Well-Known Member

    Folks like to invoke RNG a lot, however, items are weighted differently, even in the RNG.

    I've seen reports of 3000+ pumpkins thrown with no mount. This is a problem that needs to be addressed, not something you can write off with one of your dismissive posts.
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  17. Mirt Well-Known Member

    It's insane that you have to throw thousands of pumpkins to get a mount. Just ANOTHER example of grind slog, in addition to PGs, FG, epics, pre-reqs, ethereals, and more.

    come on DBG ...give us a break already
  18. Nella Member

    Can we have Kartob (the one from last year) added back please? For all of us that don't care about getting the ultra rare stat mount? and just want for appearance or to put in our houses? I wasn't around for the last NoTD and do not have any Kartobs, and with how unreasonably rare Baktor is, probably wont be getting either :(

    I know someone who has thrown 3k and STILL NO mount. C'mon guys, that's way too rare. If you're going to leave Baktor this rare, at least put Kartob back as the common one. Please.

  19. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I never said it was or wasn't. I was being funny. I'm a collection completionist. You would not believe how many times I stood outside the Palace of Sabaron thinking that maybe if I just slaughtered a small elephant that MAYBE that last collection piece from in there would drop.

    Sacrificing to the RNG god while you wait for a fix, who knows? Maybe it will help.
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  20. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    All the maths are correct. There have been no misplaced decimals or any other such nonsense. Hell levels do not exist... er, I mean, mounts do exist...

    Mistakes happen. They're more prone to happen with inadequate testing and over worked developers.
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