Well I guess I have Sony's answer to the Dirge Nerf

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Raahl, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    Locked out of posting in the In Testing Feedback and cannot PM. Cannot even check my PM that sony sent me a bit ago.
    I guess they see no problems with the changes they made to the Dirge class and have no plans to fix the class.
    Can post in other forums just not ITF.
    BTW I changed my persona wondering if it would help my issue. I'm normally Raahl on the forums.
  2. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    FWIW time and time again people have made claims that they have been locked from forums and PM's and it hasn't been the case, the forums are wonky sometimes. Tried a different browser or a diff computer completely?
  3. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    Tried a different browser last night with no luck. This morning I tried a different computer.
    It works now. It must have been wonky. Odd thing though the PM that I got an email say I got is not there. Hmm.
  4. ARCHIVED-Sondari Guest

    Of course they are not going to answer you. They came up with a simpleton's solution to a perceived problem. They didn't expend the additional effort any normal thinking person would have to make other adjustments so the nerf would not be too significant.

    If it makes you feel better, they didn't answer my PM or emails either.