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    While in Unrest, with his collection of valuable artifacts in hand, Doctor Arcana opened a teleporter to Ultera on his way to Nektulos Forest. Utter chaos follows as he’s subjected to a space being rendered apart before his very eyes! In the next vital few minutes, he focuses intently on his new destination, and it finally comes into view as he spills into Nektulos! He steps through the portal and quickly shuts it behind him, but he is without his collection.

    This is where you, the hero of the story, comes in! Venture forth into the unknown and help Doctor Arcana get his precious artifacts away from the hordes guarding them. You will need to hop from island to island to find them, but this is no easy feat as there are scores of monsters laying claim to his belongings. These monsters give new meaning to the term heavy metal! Can the music soothe the savage beast and see you home safely, or will the mosh pit of destruction end you once and for all?


    Shattered Overture Key Art

    Here is what you can explore and discover in our latest Game Update:

    • Final enhancements for Miracula Weapons
    • 2 New Solo Dungeons
      • Shattered Unrest [Solo]
      • Imprinted Memory: Origins of the Felfeather [Solo]
    • 2 New Heroic Dungeons
      • Shattered Unrest [Heroic I], [Heroic II], [Heroic III]
      • Imprinted Memory: Origins of the Felfeather [Heroic]
    • 15 New Collections
      • 7 Solo Shattered Unrest Collections
      • 7 Heroic shattered Unrest Collections
      • 1 Meta Shattered Unrest Collection
    • 7 New Missions
      • Solo
        • 5 New Shattered Unrest Daily Solo Missions
        • 2 New Shattered Unrest Weekly Solo Missions
      • Heroic
        • 5 New Shattered Unrest Daily Heroic Missions
        • 2 New Shattered Unrest Weekly Heroic Missions
    • New Achievements
    Shattered Overture Trailer
    That is not all going on, however. Fractured Skies, the expansion prelude, has also started and will be going until the launch of the next expansion. Chunks of broken land have fallen just off the coasts of the Shattered Lands and originated from The Overrealm. Some investigation might be necessary, so be sure to head there and check it out!


    Various items available in the new, Fractured Skies, expansion prelude!

    Note: The content in Shattered Overture will be level 125 and you will need Renewal of Ro to play, while Fractured Skies is available to all levels of players.

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  2. Peredhel Active Member

    Looking forward to it/them!
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  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    UUUUUUUUHHH I love that new music
  4. Evilary Active Member

    Interesting. I asked before the Beta opened about what level the content was. No real reply except players who said max level. When the Beta opened the only message was...
    Now it states that ..
    Would have been nice to have known so I could have helped with the Beta. Oh well, guess that's something else I cannot do.
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  5. Smashey Well-Known Member

    This might be the most light summer update ever released.

    It took an hour to do the solo content, 3 runs to unlock the Mira health and combat xp stuff from the H1 zone (talk about an useless upgrade) so now there is collections and running event heroic and solo 10 times each and clearing H3.
  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I love the look of the new Building Blocks! How do you get those? :D

    who's very jazzed it only took the listed 5 hours to do all this! Good job, devs! :)
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  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    do the prelude quests and collect the in game cash to buy those , just like last year, only this time there are 2 parts you can do , one is for level 125 toons, the other for all of us who are not hanging out with the high and mighty.
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  8. Taled Well-Known Member

    The prelude faction stuff - which the blocks come from - is all for any level.

    The 125 only stuff is the GU zone, and *possibly* the event zone, but that's unrelated to the faction, only having to do with the earring reward.
  9. iceverything Master of Respawning

    FINALLY something I can do and have a chance of living through the battle! Awesome!
    Glad this has content for all levels.
    Well Done
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  10. Twyla Well-Known Member

    It's the prelude, they are supposed to be short.
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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah; the gods help me if it wasn't... :-/

    who'll probably end up doing it again with my main Carpies for the sake of the recipes ;->
  12. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Thank goodness! :)

    Though that does remind me of the RoR prelude; anyone could do that, ostensibly, but we didn't get recipes for the Building Blocks, just a chance to buy some. X-P

    who hopes that isn't the case this time... :-/
  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    they never give you recipes
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  14. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    This time they do. You can buy the recipes for those building blocks from the vendor, if you have 50k faction.
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

  16. Evilary Active Member

    Ok, I have to give them props. I have had a bad history when it has come to live events and dungeons since I have been back. Live events I had to mentor down due to mechanics wanting you to be tishan box ready for Chaos Descending when you only have Planes for example. Blood of Luclin Sera dungeons trash taking forever to kill. So on and so on. So honestly, I wasn't even going to try these new dungeons until I got my Shadowknight or Necro leveled up to try since my Wizard got eat up by everything, but I got bored earlier and decided to try the quest on the TS docks. It seemed to be going well and led me up to Barren Sky where the dungeon is. I jumped in with my 125 Tishan geared wizard expecting to die and be frustrated. I did have a death but my Merc raised me and we finished the dungeon. I thought, this is a fluke and went to Nek Forest. Crazy Dr. babbled on about losing his stuff and wanted me to retrieve it. I went in, other than a pull through the wall of the boss and the rest of the platform, I did rather well.

    Surprised but happy, these dungeons are not near as over-tuned as I was expecting them to be. I not only managed to complete all the content from this release, I am going to run it again and put off retiring my Wizard a little longer. So great job guys and I worried to death about falling off but loved the Shattered Unrest zone. It is awesome!

    Oh, and I managed to get 6 upgrades for my character so extra nice.
  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    How?? Is there any quest beyond the like half-dozen ones that us below level 125 scumbags can do? Or just grind the crafting quests for it (not that I don't like crafting quests, I do, but just two, that's it?)? :-/

    who wonders: have I made a mistake? Where are the other adventure quests?
  18. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    From the vendor on the Nektulos docks. She's right above where you can pick up the tradeskill quests.

    There's only one adventuring quest at first, but after completing it, it opens up some repeatable quests as well as an item quest. Unfortunately, it's a long wait between when you can pick up the adventuring repeatables. There are a total of three: One from the person in Nektulos that you had to talk to for the initial quest, and two that are picked up by clicking the box near her, and the box near the person you do the item quest turn in to. The item quest is a small chest drop from one of the metal alloy creatures, so don't ignore those chest drops as I see some players doing.

    If there are any other quests, I don't know about them. Of course there are the tradeskill repeatable quests, but it takes three ethereal condensate pieces for each one, which means a LOT of harvesting on the beaches if you use those exclusively in order to get to 50k faction. (153 total ethereal condensates per character, unless you do some of the adventure repeatable quests a few times.)
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  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    where is the adventuring quest?
    are there only 2 tradskill quests ?
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  20. Almee Well-Known Member

    I tried to do the solo, Shattered Forest quest with my SK and had to evac as it appears I need better equipment even though what I have is from the chest in RoR. I haven't done RoR quests so my gear isn't great and I really have no interest in doing any questing above VoV. It would have been nice if those of us who are more casual players could have mentored down, for the solo quest, but it insisted I be 125 to enter.
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