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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Kittik, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Kittik Well-Known Member

    The expansion everyone is excited about. Lets see if DPG can get itemization correct this time. If so, it'll be a bloody good time. Want to have even more fun? Join a raiding guild. Want more fun than that, join our guild. Audacity!

    We like to call ourselves a casual guild that raids. We take raiding serious. Ourselves a little less so. (This is evident by our on-going D&D campaign on our Discord server)

    If you're interested in a guild with many laid back players, a few min-maxers who's spouses have reigned them in and a handful of hard-core casual players then look us up.

    We raid Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-10:00pm EST. These are our casual nights with no set attendance requirements and it's *roughly based on a first come, first serve basis. Good opportunity for anyone to get into raiding.

    Saturdays we raid from 8:30-11:00pm EST and this is a rostered raid night in which we have a few openings. Bards and enchanter, if you're set on playing another class we have the ability to be flexible.

    Send anyone in Audacity a tell and we'd love to have you join the fun.
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  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    you should put this also into the " Guild Recruitment " thread .
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  3. Beneeto New Member

    is your guild in any way affiliated with the open-source audio editing software of the same name?
  4. Kittik Well-Known Member

    Can't say that we in anyway are.

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