Week 6: The Travels of Yun Zi - Ice to See Velious

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  1. Eltee Member

    Great Divide - Fina's retreat. Great divide to Icy fingers, update as you get off griffon station
    Great Divide - (755.56, -182.56, 40.73) (Rear entrance to Thurgadin)
    Eastern Wastes - (-1017.80, -342.30, 2154.89)
    Withered Lands - (-3677.54, -781.80, -209.09) Just step off Griffon station.
    Skyshrine -just zone-in.
    Cobalt Scar - (3675.88, -1019.10, 1652.49)
    Return to Yun Zi..
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  2. Cuelaen Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting this:)
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  3. Sinhika Well-Known Member

    Quest is bugged--only level 90 adventurers can complete it, due to Skyshrine zone-in requirement. Nowhere were the Travels of Yun-Zi listed as for high-level adventurers ONLY; in fact, they have a lot of rewards for any level decorators. Being unable to complete Week 6 stops all progression on this series, as they (supposedly) have to be done in order. Please fix this bug.
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  4. Praetorian Active Member

    It's not a bug. Skyshrine has always required a specific level to enter. Like your post said. "Progression" of the series. Since each new quest has been for the next higher tier zone you would have to have assumed you were going to be entering areas for higher leveled characters. Get your character to 90 and complete the quest. There's other items on the merchant that are leveled locked (I dont think they will be lowering the requirements for those items because people can't get a character leveled) it only makes sense that places it would visit would be higher leveled required too.

    Or use one of the level 100 baubles that every account should have from this expansions goodies for ordering. Easy enough.
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  5. Sinhika Well-Known Member

    1. Quest line was never described as level-restricted. It has generous rewards for decorators of any level.
    2. All previous weeks have been doable by adventurers of any level.
    3. I have level 100 crafters. Seems like they can't complete the quest either, because a completely NON-COMBAT quest suddenly requires you to be a level 90+ adventurer.
    4. Why should I have to level-rush to complete a quest supposedly for all levels? What if I am taking my time through progression and don't want to race to 90 right now? Do I get to roll back the unwanted levels after I'm done? Will they hold up the quest progression so I can level my character to 90 during my limited after-work leisure time? It should only take me a year or two, y'all should just have to wait for me--that's just as reasonable as telling me I should rush my character to accomplish one step of one quest of a NON-COMBAT quest line that was never advertised as high-level.
    5. What if I had never bought the new expansion and ddn't have a level 100 bauble? See #4 again.
    TL;DR: By your arguments, all crafters should be level 100 adventurers too, because they have to go into high-level zones to harvest materials. Oddly enough, the game designers and testers never agreed with this concept, and have always made sure that a level 1 adventurer/level 100 crafter could do all the tradeskill quest lines in all the zones.
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  6. Ellah Active Member

    I'm pretty sure it's an oversight but you can never really tell... don't forget that they suddenly decided that adventurers had to be high level crafters to get their cloak so it's possible they have decided that crafters must also be high level adenturers to get their crafting items.
    Unlikely but nothing really is set in stone any more...
  7. Dude Well-Known Member

    TL;DR ... not sure you know what that means.
  8. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I'd avoid calling someone "stupid" just because you disagree with them. You invite having that label attached to yourself with your statement and your arguments. One thing seems to be for sure--using the word "never" to expect some philosophy years ago to still be applied to today's gaming mechanics cements the earlier point. As mentioned already, if designers expect current players to hit the crafting tables and craft when they haven't had to before should probably be your first clue that old rule sets are out the window. Frankly, the idea you can travel to any zone just because you're a "crafter" is rather odd. Call me old fashioned or out of date, but I've never been a fan of the idea someone can be a level 1 toon, travel to a zone and harvest 40 levels past their current adventure level or craft to level 100. IMHO, you should be self sufficient and be able to harvest what you need to that's level appropriate. And last I checked, I haven't seen various levels of armor or equipment being offered by the panda. It's all gear and equipment more closely attuned to the idea that this is an opportunity to "catch" your several high level alts up to the current xpacs. If you think I'm elitist, I'm not; I have about 14 L100 Adv/Crafting toons, so this isn't hypocrisy speaking. No disrespect to crafters, but if that's all this game is to you, you might want to wake up and smell the coffee. This ain't your old Norrath any more.
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  9. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    This wasn't intentional, and the team is currently discussing how to go about tweaking this. In the meantime, the suggested workaround is to create a free heroic player to complete the quest. Since the currency you get from Yun Zi is account wide, you'll still be able to redeem the rewards as desired.
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  10. Sinhika Well-Known Member

    Does the "free heroic player" include an extra character slot? I'm fresh out, I think.
  11. Eltee Member

    Getting a character to level 100 adventure is actually very easy now-a-days. I had to level up my tradeskilling to 100 to acquire a certain cloak, I wish that had been as easy as going into an agnostic dungeon, because I really dislike crafting, but it was worth doing for the end result. Getting one character to level 100 adventure doesn't seem unreasonable to me as it's an account wide feature, and to be honest I'd even help you run through a dungeon it wouldn't take long at all. KA is so very crafter friendly I think you'd actually love the experience. (just my opinion, no disrespect meant or aimed at anyone)
  12. Ellah Active Member

    Apologies for being a bit off topic but: Have to say, there are some very wonderful people in Norrath. We are very lucky to have such mature and community minded people and it's great to see supportive posts like this. Had to stop and say something.

    /three cheers for Eltee and all like them who like to help out..
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  13. Spindle Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting the locations. A super multi-tasking morning for me so I managed to get lost, take wrong griffins, got involved killing a bunch of mobs for the heck of it, finally got every place and had a blast re-exploring Velious. Dang, time to level up a couple of lower alts.

    Getting to Skyshrine was a trip with a canned level 100 who hadn't done the ponies yet. lol

    Had to add; the dialog on this one was pretty funny.

    Thanks to the Devs for making the summer enjoyable.
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  14. Sinhika Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the kind offer. My main objection is that I don't want to rush to adventurer level 100 and miss all the game in-between. If I rush someone to level 100 just for this quest, they'll be a throwaway character, and I don't want to do that. And I know about KA being crafter-friendly--I've done the entire KA crafting timeline on my level 49 Conjy. I had to have all the furniture recipes ;-) I'm slowly getting my Provisioner (level 99) to 100 so he can do Thalumbra & later (Note that he's only a level 36 Ranger...) My highest-level adventurer is a level 72 Fury stuck on Stormhold--I like taking my time and doing all the quests and seeing the zones.

    I'll probably wait & see what the fix is; I dislike making a character just to throw them away, and having my very first level 100 (or 90) adventurer be someone who was jumped-up with a /claim bauble or power-leveled just wouldn't work for me. I wouldn't know how to play them, for one thing, so they'd never get played.
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  15. Gudum Active Member

    I've been doing the questline on my adventure level 2 / tradeskill level 100 just to see how far I could go. So far its been fairly easy for anyone that can fly, had a bit of trouble down in the caves in Sinking Sands, but only because I didn't realize I could just take the carpet there. New Tunaria was the only place I didn't find a non-lethal way around, as it was the mobs were slow enough that I ran in and got the quest update before dying, and I'm not familiar enough with the area to know if there was a safe way to run out of their agro range.

    Actually that's not true, when it was first introduced into the game there was no level restriction (at least not if you entered by way of the banner). I personally had an adventure level 8 inside, and had guild members joking that I should yell that a level 8 with no AAs was looking for a group. Going to Skyshrine using the banner, and then exiting the zone, was an easy way for a low adventure level crafter to reach the last horse post and be able to travel easily from one end of the zone to the other.
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  16. Katz Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing it was changed to stop PL. At this point perhaps it could be changed back to not having a level restriction.
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  17. Dude Well-Known Member

    I'd rather have it changed back to a place for PLing and grinding ascension/tithe. It would be nice if it was instanced so that many people can do it at the same time. This would also be a great boost for those with large alt armies, new players, or returning players who want to catch up.
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  18. santargria Well-Known Member

    +1 (100) This!!!

    Please remove the nerf from this area - and while you're at it - and if it's an easy fix, move the update spot for the summer festival to the entrance by the Draconian Flight Master in Withered Lands!
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  19. Snikkety Well-Known Member

  20. Praetorian Active Member

    Since Early-Mid 2013 it has been locked to level 90. For most players now a days... thats pretty much since the beginning.

    https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq2/index.php?threads/tips-on-pling.5662/#post-5958916 - Earliest post showing when it was changed. So it's not like it was JUST changed.

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