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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-GakiYarou, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-GakiYarou Guest

    hey all, just curios if anyone knows what the main (best) weapon for a necro is, I ask this because well i intend to be one and i dont want to go and start using one weapon (lets say dagger) and get that skilled up and then find out it stinks for necro and switch weapon types at level 20 and have low skill in that weapon

  2. ARCHIVED-Handlebars Guest

    I think you'll find that your weapon skills as a necro will not matter all that much in the long run. At high levels, you'll be sicking pet and casting/healing them. At low levels, find one with the most damage so you can get more xp faster.
  3. ARCHIVED-Methesa Guest

    As someone who played a Necro in beta. I always used the stuff that gives the most int/power. Up to level 20 usually it was a staff of some sort, then sometimes you can find a one handed weapon that gives good stats - and add a tome or "shield" type item that adds +int. This goes pretty much for all Mages
  4. ARCHIVED-Aeriez Guest

    speaking from an eqlive point of view the first thing that came to mind was "why is he even asking this weapon skill is used for accuracy in melee" then i realized that you need certain skill to use better and better weapons of that type so basicly im just posting this cuz im bored and decided to waste time.

    *sigh* such a stupid aspect if u ask me. in order to use better prim/sec items in the long run you need to melee in groups more than u cast spells meaning ur less dps ending up in less groups...... god **ZOMG** am i ranting about..... afk =p

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