We need new and ore hair styles, please!

Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-Airesilme, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Airesilme Guest

    Many of the Hair Styles, be it male or female, look "Plastic" and artificial. And many of the character models have few choices. The Alternate views of some races, the head is even bald in some areas (Human Female for example in it's alternate appearance). Since we have been receiving "Shave and Hair Cut" in our mailboxes, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get more choices and more "real" appearing hairstyles? The details in our armor keeps improving, but we really need an upgrade for Hair.
    Many other games have extremely detailed "customizations" for characters and SoE's artists have great talents! Can't we put them to work on our outdated character models?)
    What do you all think?
  2. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    We've been asking for more/better, especially the more part for years.
    Covic stated in this thread that he played around with it and it would take far too long to do with their current schedules for the forseeable future.
    I am also pretty sure I saw one of them (maybe jokingly) telling people to try their hands at making better hair with Player Studio.
  3. ARCHIVED-Merodos Guest

    I'm all for new hair styles, but not if it looks like ore.

    (is there a mod going around adding typos or what?)
  4. ARCHIVED-Novusod Guest

    The Best solution would be to let players Mod hair styles with player studio. Wigs would be cool idea to think about.
  5. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest

    Finora@Everfrost wrote:
    They weren't joking. I don't think it's an immediate plan, though.

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