We all work in Norrath but....

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  1. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    A small farm east of Austin TX.
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  2. Kielex Well-Known Member

    I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee.
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  3. Geroblue Active Member

    I meant 'not an American equivalent'. Too many times I go to buy swiss or gouda, etc. and it says in small print on the back that its made in the U.S. I prefer the flavor of the cheese made in the country that started it.
  4. Svenone Well-Known Member

    That just can't be! I mean, I heard that *everything* in Texas is BIG. :)
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  5. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Due to the temperatures and drought, we've been suffering a biblical plague of locusts. If I could figure out some way to commercially use grasshoppers and goat's-head burrs, I'd be rich. I only have 10 acres, with chickens and hay and a couple of horses and barn cats. For here, that's tiny.
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  6. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Those goat's head burrs are nasty!
  7. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    Dunedin, at the very bottom of New Zealand, and too close to the Antarctic for my liking (it's the middle of our winter right now and I can't remember what being warm was like...)
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  8. Semperfifofum Active Member

    Didn't you hear? It's the new gourmet food! http://www.wikihow.com/Cook-Grasshoppers

    I honestly envy anyone who lives on a farm, even a small one.

    NJ native - lived in many places, favorites: San Diego, Philadelphia and Montpelier VT. Yes not Burlington, Montpelier has much more charm and better single owner restaurants. :cool:
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  9. Faeonara Well-Known Member

    Acton Ontario Canada
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  10. Keekle New Member

    Santa Fe, Tx. A small town just south of Houston
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  11. Koren Member

    Brooklyn, MD, its near Baltimore.
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  12. Dilf Member

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  13. Wulfen Member

    Sonoma County, California, north of San Francisco. Good internet connection. If I have to go next door to Napa County, however, existing in Norrath is unreasonably difficult so I'm effectively cut off for maybe weeks, hoping others in the guild will carry on. But on a run down, isolated farm in the foothills, you can see the stars at night.
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  14. Wulfen Member

    I have an alt named Vaud, pronounced like 'aloud' or 'allowed'... I never knew there was a region on Earth named that. The name came to me from leafing through the dictionary, trying to come up with a name that was just a little bit evil while being able to do a lot of healing good. This post asking us where we all hail from has been refreshingly delightful.
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  15. Blazen New Member

    Indio, CA (Southern California desert) home of the Coachella Music and Art's Festival and extreme heat in the summer.
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  16. ttobey Developer

    Never walk barefoot to the hotel pool in June in Palm Springs.
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  17. Gharyn Well-Known Member

    New Brunswick, the picture province of Canada
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  18. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    Grand Island, Nebraska

    100 miles every direction from no where.

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  19. Milchbart Active Member

    Hamburg, Germany, with beautyfull view to the habour.
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  20. Ummmyeh Active Member

    Hello neighbor!
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