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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Platinumk4eva, Feb 19, 2007.

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    There is something a bit odd with the 4th ability in STA. At first, I thought it was an additional chance to riposte (that adds to your base chance). Ripostes only happen if you have already successfully parried, so no avoidance gained. I no longer believe this is the case. I believe it acts like a proc and that it's checked before parry. Since it's given as a %, I also believe it's uncontested. If it's true, it puts a buckler very close to a tower shield.
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    If i remember correctly it actually doesnt show gladiators revenge in our avoidance %. Kind of like when a monk uses tsunami it doesnt say that they have 100% avoidance. SO yes, buckler is very close to the same avoidance of a tower. I only gain 3% avoidance when i swap to my qeynos guard(which is why i rock the buckler 24/7 now) EDIT: woops left an important word out, doesnt
  3. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    I have a lousy kite and have largely ignored tower and kite drops. I let the paladins, guards, or shadowknights have first dibs. My overall avoidance is actually higher with the buckler. The only reason I ever unequip it is to satisfy the random whiner who doesn't realize the details about the buckler line. That rarely even happens now. If it does, our raid leader usually just tells them to ****.
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    I think it could be the same with the fabled 1H adornment (Scintillating Balanced Ayr Stone).
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    Skel@Butcherblock wrote:
    The 4.5% increase in block from STA-4 *is* factored into our avoidance %. However, the 4.5% increase in frontal riposte/lateral parry *is not* included due to the guarenteed nature of the frontal ripostes. This is a GOOD thing, because the ability is not scaled down vs. epic mobs like all non-block avoidance.
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    I am a mid-tier zerker and, like you seem to, want to be the best possible group tank I can be. Few if any of the 3 pages of responses dealt with that. Great for them, they maximize their raid tanking DPS but that is not where I am. I tank for groups in Lavastorm etc. Like you I read the posts and became convinced that STA was the way to go. Now I think otherwise. The STA line makes a buckler approximately as good as a tower shield. But it does not make it as good as a tower shield combined with +def and +parry. Raiders might max their defense and parry but I don't. If you are in a group your job will be to hold aggro and take less damage than the non-uber, non-fabled priest with you can heal. Once I had maxed the STA line I decided to respec to see how the other lines compared because they all seemed to have something that was very appealing. In mastercrafted armor, 8 points in +mit from the WIS line gives only a crappy +1 or 2% more mitigation. I respec'd away from that immediately. I tried AGI next. Most raid bosses are solo mobs, or so I've heard, never tanked one myself. The mobs that I actually do fight when I am out adventuring, as often as not they are multiple linked mob encounters. Also adds come by many times too. The additional PBAE CA, frontal cone AE proc, and +defense from the AGI line will let you hold aggro, pick up adds, and still keep your healers job easy. The 12 second 100% parry end of line ability is great for those "oh shiite" times and well worth it now that the cost has been lowered to 2 points. Of the remaining 2 lines, for a group tank -- I am not talking about a raider or a DPS zerker (?!? why wouldn't you just roll a scout?) -- the 2 tank abilties to choose between are +hate and +parry. I find that I don't lose aggro very often but I do get hit a lot so INT seems more useful to me. I would, of course, choose different lines if I wanted to fill a different role. 4/4/8 across 3 lines definitely seems like the way to maximize DPS (you might even be able to out damage a dirge;)). For soloing I would go STA 4/4/8/8 STR 4/4/8 INT 4/4. But for group tanking I focus on the things that tanks need most.
  7. ARCHIVED-Anjin Guest

    [p]For defensive stanced zerker tanking without a +combat skill enhancer, actually hitting the mob might be a problem (especially if you are tanking against yellow mobs). In these scenarios the buckler line is actually very good in that you will damage mobs (and therefore gain hate) by being defensive (the w in 1-w-x-y-z STA line - it's a passive hate enhancer in reality).[/p][p]As far as the solo AA line you recommended, I would gonly go 4-1 in INT (you'll get 21% haste with just 1 point) and make the STA line 4-5-8-8-2. This give you a little bit more on the passive hate/dmg and also you'll use a little less power, gain a little health and therefore increase your survivability a little and reduce downtime between fights.[/p][p]The DPS line you recommended doesn't work using a shield. As far as DPS is concerned, unless you have an great 2H weapon for its tier (Royal Great Flail in T5 being an example - although you won't be able to utilise the INT line fully as it isn't a sword) and an OK 1H weapon this may be the way to go. If you have a decent 1H weapon, it's still the STA line backed up with either INT or STR lines. The big plus with the STA line is that if you DPS and get aggro, you have the enhanced survivability due to have the inherent avoidance of the buckler, but if you put points in y of the buckler line, even more avoidance.[/p][p]The major change with berserker DPS (and hence hate gain) comes from lvl 50 onwards. We then get Rampage and at lvl 58, Open Wounds. These will generate an amazing amount of ae dmg and hence ae hate. Until then, warriors tank in pretty much the same way.[/p][p]If you're not 50 yet, you're gonna love the T6 for some great damage CA's, an amazing blue taunt (Insolent Gibe) and a potenitally useful anti death buff, Vision of Madness. Tanking will never be the same again![/p][p]EDIT: Instead of going INT with the STA line, go with the AGI line for the pbae proc as you suggested - it'll certainly help keep aggro before you get to lvl 50.[/p]
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    wow if you think zerker DPS is on par with bard dps you need to delete your charater right away, please
  9. ARCHIVED-Anjin Guest

    I know I'm bad, but you should honestly take a course in public relations!
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    Anjin wrote:
    Hitting the mob might be a problem but it is not one that I personally have ever experienced to happen enough to make me lose aggro. I AA spec to address the problems I have not the ones that are possible. Holding aggro and taking damage slowly enough for the healer to keep up with are all I am concerned with. When I am on my conj I would by far rather be in a group with a tank who does little damage but rarely loses aggro than one who does as much damage as me but I get hit as often as he does. When I am on my inquis, if I can alternate debuffs with heals, rather than having to spam heal after heal, by the end of the fight, I don't even have to heal the tank.

    Schmalex23 wrote: wow if you think zerker DPS is on par with bard dps you need to delete your charater right away, please [IMG]

    The point really is that bards are the only scouts zerker DPS is on par with. Or are you going to argue that a zerker does as much zone-wide DPS as an equivalently equipped, equally buffed (same group) brigand or swash or ranger or assassin ... pulleeze. If you think that you need to delete your parser right away.
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    It just boggles me why people think that if you increase your DPS as a zerker that makes you less of a tank. The faster something dies the less damage you take. There is only so much you need stat wise in this game then you move on to another stat, be it mit, avoidance, str, sta dps etc. Personally i have tanked the hardest mobs in the game with a buckler on, why do i need that 3% more block esp when im already really close to max def and parry raid buffed. If the mobs even die 3 seconds faster that could mean 20k less damage i take
  12. ARCHIVED-Daghammerskold Guest

    Skel@Butcherblock wrote:
    If the OP hadn't specified that he doesn't raid what you wrote might have been relevant.
  13. ARCHIVED-Anjin Guest

    [p]'When I am on my conj I would by far rather be in a group with a tank who does little damage but rarely loses aggro than one who does as much damage as me but I get hit as often as he does. '[/p][p]Honestly, do you actually play a tank? How are you going to get aggro if a tank does the same DPS as you? The tank is going to taunt and gain more aggro, yes?[/p][p]The more you hit a mob, the more DPS you do and the more hate you generate. If you don't hit a mob, you lose potential hate generation.[/p][p]If you're in a group that does mediocre DPS, it's piss easy to keep aggro, if you're in a high DPS group, you need to use everything you can to keep aggro. Tank DPS is good, and will keep your DPS classes alive.[/p]
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    how do you figure the OP does not want to raid? Also taking a little snipet from all the posts i make doesnt really contribute to anything since im not going to read 4 pages of psosts just to find where i said raid buffed. Atleast include the setence that you are pertaining to. Also aslo damage and hate are a 1:1 ratio. If a tank is doing the exact same dps as a conj, and assuming the tank pulled the mob, the conj would never get hit. Also also also, if you wanted to be the best tank you could be and dont care about dps at all why did you choose a zerker?

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