Warlocks Status in VoV?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Dusano, Jan 2, 2022.

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    Be patient comrade, Warlocks are good fun on Varsoon!

    -The Ayodi
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    Well thats good to know. The expansion on TLE where warlocks went to poop hasnt happened yet lmao. Guess im going to try out varsoon
  6. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    I mean sure warlocks are slightly below wizards on the dps-meter, but they aren't useless lmao. You can still do really well on one, you just have to know how to play the class.
    Certainly not in a "cry daily until i'm OP" state, at all.
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    More fun that way. They are definitely more than slightly beneath a wizzy and summoner's. Sure I'm in the trillions. On every named including mayong.

    But definitely unbalanced as to what is doing damage. We got single target dots doing exponentially less than an aoe dot. Don't get me wrong I love cataclysm. But it's short range means anytime you have to be outside of 8 meters. You're in for a hurting. As a mage that's weird.. especially on single target. You would hope that a single target spell would outdo and AOE. All while rift feels too weak to cast considering it's long cool down and really slow cast assuming you're not at max stacks

    It's the AOE mage when there's no real aoes in raids needed no encounters for greens and when there are aoes they still lack the oomph they should have due to cataclysm being underwhelming and rift being extremely underwhelming.
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    Let's bump this thread
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    playing Warlock for years now and used to be Main but since CD Expansion DB kees nerving the Warlock down to more an more useless.

    Wizzy is better in in any discipline and like 20% DPS in forward than the Lock for no reason.
    The Changes on Rift // Cataclysem and the most and majior epic fail cut of Deccimations Instand cast off the Warlocks AAs having in mind its the replacement for Apocalyps Warlocks biggest nuke.

    Encounter Spells ( green spells affected by Negative Void ) dont run as they should > target a mob wich is grapicly shown as a closed encounter by the collered rings at the feet will only kill the special one you target instat of kill the whole number of targets you have shooten on.

    Nox = Poison // Desease Damage which is normaly Warlocks basic damage is not worth a ´penny anymore > i used to be Thaumathurghist ASC class since implemented in CD forced to Change it to Elemantalist because NOX Damage on mobs looked like you throw with bricks an a 3feet high Monster Elephant Plate geard.

    In the addons after the addronment sets dont considered NOX in anyway of increase it or make it stronger anyway but any other damage was and is still pushed like Magic // Elemental // Physical.

    And now in RoR the story goes on Lock with same stats than a Ranger or Swash is not worth to be thier for DPS if you can parse like 2-4T maybe the Scouts do 10 up to 20T on same mobs in AOE.

    The Balance especialy the Balance on DDs is so out of any logic or direction to be fair or following any thought rules its not good anymore.
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