Warlocks Status in VoV?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Dusano, Jan 2, 2022.

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    I think we're agreeing, but saying it differently. My point was test the chit and when it's reported--acknowledge it and then fix the issues. While I care that a pair of armor boots should look like boots and not shoulders, I can wait to have it fixed. The issues that make gameplay virtually impossible or decimating entire classes of players should not be ignored. When you screw it up, act like an adult with some emotional maturity and acknowledge. If I want to interact with petulant children, I can find them easily enough.
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    I’d like to see the mage crayon icon make a come back again to truly reflect our status.
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    That's a sticky wicket, with a nod to current social difficulties, DBG dare not choose a color of crayon :)
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    @ The Devs Caith and Chrol , the update notes about todays fix are ok so far, but i still dont see any comment about the general problem Fix about Diseased Mind in Warlock Prestige AA which should contain Rift , Apocalypse and its Replacement Decimation to be instand Castbale at 180 Stacks of Toxic Aura.

    It only contains Rift and Apocalypse atm and Deccimatin was Cut of this AA since end Of Bol which makes Decimation and its following Update Decimation II totaly worthless and useless to cast because the casting time is still to long.

    If use Deccimation instat of Apocalypse + 3 or 4 otehr nukes you will lose a lot of DPS , as long as this AA lin wont be fixed you can keep and Upgrade of Decimatin in you bags because every minute or platin is worthless investment.

    PLS add Decimation to the AA line Diseased Mind to be instand castable if 180 Stack on warlock full.
    Atm its a Major and General issuse in th Warlocks AA line.

    And put the Effective Range from Cataclysem back to 10meters atm its on 7,5m which runs 100% into wron direction of being a Range DPS as the mages always have been.

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    the aa insta cast int eh presitige doesnt even say decimation must be a typo but yeah it doesnt work. just sad the state of the warlock.
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    As long Decimation is Replacement for Apocalypse it should work the same as Apo do like all spells of sol ro other classes got from END of the Discussion.

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    . There is a huge difference in DPS from mages and scouts that needs to be addressed..
    My warlock was kicked from a group a few nights ago in favor of a scout DPS and I don't blame them for kicking me..
    Warlocks have the worst DPS of all the mages and were suppose to be a DPS class..

    Also there is a big drop off of DPS for all mages compared to scouts..

    I don't understand why this isn't fixed yet!! It's discouraging to play a DPS mage class when healers are putting out more DPS than a warlock..
    I have already quit playing my warlock no sense in playing him if I can't get a group.
    I'm just wondering if this will be addressed before I spend anymore money on a subscription or buy another xpac..
    I'm very disappointed with what I've seen so far with the mage classes..
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    If you will post your EQ2U link, or your server and toon name so we can look you up, it may well be that we can make helpful suggestions. I expect you have gear, AA, and/or spell rotation issues. For AA, compare to this spec. For spell rotation, you have to calculate spell efficiencies... a while back someone developed an Excel worksheet just for that purpose, you just fill in your numbers.

    I have not seen a vast gap between scouts and mages with equivalent stats. When my POT and Fervor are higher, I out parse our swash. When that's not the case, I parse a little lower but still clearly T1 DPS.

    Unlike gear increases via raiding, going for the Crown Boxes from Thadampos means you can get unnatural stratification between different players. I'm not *quite* able to get the T13 box. Another player in my raid can. I'm close, and in a week or so we'll be on-par again.

    Some instances have to have scout H.O.s did you consider if that was the case?

    Really? If you aren't out-parsing the chanters, it's just you. Not the game and not the class.
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  9. Apan Member

    hmm tell me what's your parse. raid and group??
    solo is fine on my warlock,but groups and raid there is no comparing a warlock to a scout DPS or any other mage class
  10. DENSER Well-Known Member

    we must stop saying that all is well for the mages. some are doing better than others, but most of us have been wronged from the start of vov.
    The single rune of withering compared to the blade is just an example. They did nothing to react quickly. In conclusion, dissatisfied customers and unsubscriptions to follow
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  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

  12. Apan Member

    that's pretty good better than what I'm putting out.
    I am lacking on gear and only been back for 6 weeks,but didn't expect such a big difference between scouts and mages.
    In our raids the scouts and beastlords average 242 trillion that's average for our raids probably higher for the beastlords.
    I'll check out your AA setup maybe that will help me out
  13. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

  14. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.


    Excuse the gyazo link.
    Warlocks are kind of a jack of all trades DPS at the moment. They can do everything ok-ish, but they don't excel at anything except encounter AE damage, which in raids doesn't really exist.
    I believe a buff to Cataclysm is needed, by about 35-50%. That would put them ever so slightly higher on Single Target, and put them back to the forefront of AoE dps, like the original character design mentions.
  15. badname912 Active Member

    Warlocks def need some love. Ive been working on raiding on mine and sort of regret it from a dps standpoint.

    See below

    both of their lvl 120 replacements of spells ( decimation and perdition) are useless and do less damage when compared to the original. Those 2 abilities could easily use a 30% boost to also make up the difference due to their very long cast time and reuse time.

    On top of exactly what skyle said. AoE capabilities of the lock are kinda down the shitter atm. Cataclysm could easily use that 35-50% jump so the locks at least have some aoe capabilites.

    But i also feel rift is underwhelming. IT has such a powerful sound effect and spell effect but does not even come close to representing that on the actual numbers. I feel that could also use a 30% boost if anything just to provide more to the warlocks mediocre single target dps..

    Another painful thing of the lock is the range of abilites. Even if they were to boost cataclysm and rift to help the dps aoe and on single target they will struggle hard on any fight that needs to be ranged further than 9 meters away.

    I dont personally think a boost just to those 2 aoe are the answer as that range will negate any buffs there.

    Warlocks also have a decent amount of "dumbfire pets" but they do next to no dps even at celestial (i got luck on something like netherlord)

    Compared to an equally geared summoner theres no competition for a warlock at all. especially after their boost to Fury of Elements and Minions Soulstealing.
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  16. badname912 Active Member

    That huge difference between scouts and mages isnt that bad in a raid setting. EDIT.... Least not for summoners and honestly wizzys can do very well. Summoners have had some serious buffs to where i have seen in several raid settings to outdo every other mage and even scouts. The only t1 dps mage that is still left in the dust is the warlock...

    Sure the illy could use a buff to at least be competitive with a coe.

    But the difference between mages and scouts are really only an issue in group zones. There seems to be 3 different mitigations, outside of combat mit, Spells, CA, and Autoattack. Been that way since expac launch, people stopped noticing it for a while but came back with the release of The Merchants Den. Summoners again seem to excelt for the mages specifically in there but still behind the scouts. And the other mages even further behind. My theory is typical mage needs 30k more pot than the t1 scouts do to do the same damage.
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    Whats great is the DEVS have ignored this post from way back in January. No comments, no post, no tags... nothing.. they just ingore the warlock and it sucks because its such a fun class. Way more fun than a wizzy but cant compete.
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  18. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    Even if Decimation was instacast, it would still be worse than Apocalypse. Personally, I don't care which one is better. Its irrelevant.

    My thoughts, which I've communicated to Kander, are:

    Currently, Warlocks are in a weird spot where they are just mediocre at both AoE, Single Target, and Utility when compared to other classes in each of those roles. They provide less AoE damage than other AoE classes, and less Single Target damage than single target classes, and other class utility is more easily utilized.
    Problem: Warlocks provide less AoE damage than Ranger, Beastlord, Conjuror and Swashbuckler. Their role as the primary mage AoE (area of effect) dps class is strictly being outclassed by other classes.
    Solution: Increase the damage of Cataclysm by about 75%, Rift by 50%, and increase the damage of Eternal Damnation, (located in the prestige AA tree) to be a viable option on encounters with many monsters to kill.
    Problem: On single target encounters, Warlocks cannot compete with other single target classes. They do not necessarily need to be equal, as Warlocks are designed to be an AoE class, but currently the difference is more than it should be when compared to Rangers, Beastlords, and Wizards across the board.
    Solution: Increase the damage of Dark Pyre, Acid, and Distortion by about 60%, 40%, and 300% respectively to shake up how the class is played on different encounters, and increase relevance for single target fights. The increase in Distortion is to bring it inline efficiency-wise with Absolution, which is its historical Single Target counterpart. I believe this would put them still below Wizard potential on Single Target encounters, but still relatively competing, which is what the class was designed to do.
    Problem: We have 3 versions of one spell: Netherealm. Why? What is the purpose of this?
    Solution: Remove Perdition from the game, and replace it with either a buffed version of Curse of Darkness, or a buffed version of Gift of Bertoxxulous. Increase the damage of Eternal Damnation to be viable on AoE fights.
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  19. KA0102 New Member

    All really good points. But we know from experience this will be ignored. This thread has been active since expac and have seen 0 reason or recognition. 0 changes.

    Honestly I feel even a 30% boost to acid wouldnt be enough for that one spell. Cataclysm in its current for on single target (provided you are within range) does more than 30% the dmg of acid. At least from my testing. But if we are to buff cataclysm to increase the aoe dps of the warlock it will fall behind It would easily need to double the damage of acid. and even so I feel it would be outdone by cataclysm provided we are less than 8 meters

    The fact is of all the "t1" mages the warlock needs the biggest adjustment. Which sucks because I find it such a fun class to play and way more fun than a wizard.

    I would also like to see Toxic Assualt and Caustic Det do something worth while. Cause im not sold on the small amoutn of damage TA brings to lose the insta cast on apoc and rift.. The wizard at least gets to use their stacks without a potential detriment to their dps..
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  20. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    The major issuse is the not working instacast on the replacement for Apocalypse if Decimation was planed as an 100% upgrade // replacement it should work same way. For this it need to bring back it on the right AA Prestige line of the worlock as it was during the BoL Sol Ro GU.

    For the next some AOEs from other classes in first line and front need to be nerved for like 50% or more especialy the Crusaders Judgment its totaly overpowerd and it does not any sence that a tank need to be so hard DPS that he can parse out any AOE DPS class in AOE fights.
    The cusaders Judgment is totaly overpoverd in numbers it cointains, like the Decimation on Warlock was in end of BoLso if you nerfe a DD than you should do this on a tank as well.

    Tanks all over the Classes are not ment to be DDs they need to have Aggro on mobs noithing more, and yes aggro on some classes is done by certain amount of DPS but never more than a DD can do.

    Same big issuse as my preposters said is the Base Damage on Cataclysem which is quiet the most used and casted AOE on Warlock for get stacks up , an other issues on cataclysem is the nerfe of its effective range from originaly and ever been 10m down to 7,5meters for not any logical reason.

    Warlocks are Range DDs which means not 20 meters away from thier target but at least in a distance of 10 up to 15 meters not closer and not further to thier target.

    Except the only spell / abillity Unda Arcarnus which deals most damage in a range of 20m + if Trouba in groupe Warlock is most effective in range of 10 up to 15m MAX range to thier targets.

    An other mechanical issues which coast much DPS is the the thing that the Encounter AOEs ( the green once ) like Apocalypse / Absolution / Dark Nebular etc dont work correctly on linked encounters.

    If i hit a linked encounter maybe 3 or more bound targets the Encounter Spells only hit and kill one of the 3 if Negative Void off set or on doesnt matter its always the same outcome and issues.
    best example is the trash standing around in FG overland zone and City thier are 100drets of linked Groupes but if hit them with a green only 1 dies instat of all.
    And for me the deffinition of Linked // Encounter is = all mobs which get a collered ring around thier feet if target // click one of thier groupe. And linked dosent mean social this is a totaly other mechanic.

    So if i off Negative Void Epic 1 Warlock Spell all green Spells should hit any Target which is linked to one Encounter and not only one of them and kill it the damage should hit and kill all.

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