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    No, he was talking about increments. The right side prestige line for both sorcerers build increments for every mob we hit. When they are maxed out, they give sorcerers the ability to cast a couple of special nukes (at the cost of the counters) one AE or One Single Target and lets us cast two of our AE nukes to have instant cast at max counters. These counters function much like the counters of other classes except that they fade much faster. If you don't cast on anything in 2 minutes it drops so a sorcerers DPS at the start of the next fight is lowered significantly until they can build the counters back up. As bas as the 2 minutes is, it's not as bad as what it used to be. (one minute) There are a lot of people that would like to see the counters fade at the same rate as other DPS classes instead of so quickly.
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    Thanks Griffinhart,

    my skill in english is poor, and you resume perfectly what i mean.

    For resume, i think wizard need some improvements, not for better dps, but simply a gameplay based from skill and not from luck. bad timing with ae, a bad pop inside a rotation, stun, dead, ... etc, strats need to interrupt cycle casting (exemple right click in derig in tov) many situation we lost the benefict from FB. FB, for some reason become a luck skill. Good luck : welcome in T1 . bad luck , and welcome in T2... T3 parse.

    in my wishlist
    - increments fade only from use (detonation or frozen) or death
    - improve FB , many options, it's ok for me if only one of them offer a patch:
    1. instant cast
    2. a reuse timer 1minute (perfect with charm and other aa)
    3. take spell double attack and simple all damage (100% from dot etc..., Manaburn...)
    4; better % return
    5. % return in encounter when we dead
    if i can choose, i think 4 or 2 is better for us.

    - improve manaburn. (better ratio, or better casting time, or take max manapool and not the mana we have when we cast)
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    i clearly dont see or understand how making fiery blast insta cast fixes fiery blast..not that fiery blast is broke at all...but if u want to make it even better than it already is... be my guest..just make fusion insta cast while fiery blast is active and it wld be a win for me..or we can troll it up and make all heat based spells insta cast while fiery blast is active and pew pew..that being said...
    All of this talk is irrelevant now that ur finisher necks are getting nerfed and as u guys seem to think wizard> warlock now once again soo how can u justify getting "fixed" now?
    starting a burn fight with no increments blows balls on ST fights... but max increments on a quick burn fight is just op
    If anything needs to be done for wizards in my opinion is give us an ability to gain more than 6 increments per spell cast on single target fights, 18-30 increments per spell cast is what i would like to see...isnt anything more annoying that not being able to hit max increments on a 45 sec burn fight.....
    and lolol @ summoners out parsing wizards now...get outa here with that nonsense... maybe they can comp with us on st fight when we have no increments on a quick burn fight but aint nowai in hell a summoner is competing with me on a dual + mob encounter.. not gonna happen sorry..u guys seem to forget what its like to not have such an op neck....
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    Can we get a tween to translate this?
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    It is true, Warlocks are always better in raids. My guild now wants to ban Wizards!

    so my wishlist for Wizards:
    1.) reduce the number of spells. We should only have 2-3 buttons for damage to be able to compete better.
    2.) When another class other than Wizard does more damage in a group, we need a function that increases Wizard damage over time until it is equal or higher to the other player. After all Wizard is supposed to be the cream of the crop in dps, anything else just hurts the Lore.
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    Gandolf parsed higher than Saruman. Just sayin.
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    Saruman was a Warlock?
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    so your suggestion is to take out all the buttons and instead just have 2-3 buttons?
    I can't tell if you were being serious or just messing around with people
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    Oh good, it wasn't just me debating this...
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    No need to debate. Trollers gonna troll.