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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Wizard, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Ucala Well-Known Member

    I always enjoy Naev in posts, I usually chat with guildies in game about what she says and we all have a good lul about it
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  2. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    /Sarcasm on. All this crying about how underpowered one damage mage class vs another damage mage class makes me wonder. Should I start a thread about how underpowered coercers are in TOV? Maybe devs will do something to get us up on par at least with illusionists. Would be my dream to dps equally to any other mages too.
    It's so tiresome to read about constant complains from wizards, warlocks, summoners of both classes how their dps sucks. I wish chanters dps sucks the same way.
    /Sarcasm off.

  3. Mystere Member

    Umm, I don't know if you read the news flash Kra, but you are a chanter, a tier 2 DPS class. You don't get to complain about doing the same DPS as sorcerers and summoners because you were never intended to, and never will. For the same reason bards will never do the same DPS as predators and rogues. If you are uncomfortable with your role as a support class, go roll a ranger or something.
  4. Ucala Well-Known Member

    high end illies (that are really good) are about lower T1 dps tbh, far above t2, passing brigs/swashes and all that jazz
  5. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Exactly! So I really would like to see coercers somewhere there with illys :)
    I like to play a supportive class. Why would i roll smth else? I don't see a contradiction between being supportive and dpsing high (by your logic support classes should be the second class citizens ;))

    Anyway I with my sarcastic comment derailed the topic. For this I appologize.
  6. Mystere Member

    That's what you could call "T1.5" and where skill comes in. But Kra sounds like he wants chanters to be solid T1, which isn't going to happen in this lifetime.

    In any case, my own suggestion for FB is to decrease the recast from 2:30 to 2:00 so it's easier to coordinate with illies and their TW's. That gives FB a slight boost in DPS and mostly eliminates one of the potential difficulties with FB's. I know TW is illy-dependent, but I know every wizard feels the pain when the illy announces an incoming TW too early and you look at your FB icon and it's still down. Feels bad, man. :(

    You also said this:
    In your EQ2 paradise every RL would be stupid not to replace all their non-chanter mages with chanters who can put out as much DPS as the non-manaflowing mages and still replenish power. So second class citizens? No. Second class DPS? Yes thx.
  7. Ucala Well-Known Member

    hmm no, it's what I would call T1. my ranger friend (who is quite good) in equil says he is getting outparsed by illy atm. it's a clear T1 atm
  8. Mystere Member

    hmm no, your story really just sounds like there is a combination of bad ranger + good illy. If you are trying to claim that this illy is DPSing at the level of the preds and sorcs in that guild, I am simply going to decline to believe you unless you can post parses proving this.
  9. Ucala Well-Known Member

    some people want stuff handed to them, I understand.
    direct your attention to the Kelpin parses.
    I would say they all are T1 dps, yes? you got 4 mil illy, 5 mil ranger, 6 mil conj, 6 mil assassin (although that is a russian, russians be crazy) mages are pushing higher because the mage group is beast this expac with how OP furies and illies are. I would show the warlock one too but warlocks are more like t0 dps nowadays (if you check, nearly 9 mil on Kelpin). and I couldn't find a wizzy parse from koncept on it

    will even toss in the fury parse
    not saying furies are t1, more like t2. but just to see
  10. Daray Well-Known Member

    Lets be fair, brigs are still the highest parsing individual class in raids once you combine the seen and unseen ;)
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  11. Ucala Well-Known Member

    hmm probably the highest individual I would agree :p wizzies/warlocks are pretty buff dependent, brigs don't need no buffs :p

    but this is not to say coercer's are bad.
    we had a nice talk about this (me and other past coercers/current coercers) about how a coercer -could- probably parse as well as an illy if they had the illies spot in the mage group :p but only crazy people would do that in a raid setup. so coercers are getting the shaft in buffs is really the issue with their low numbers
  12. Mystere Member

    I see a couple of 4mill parses from the illy and 6mill parses from the conjy and ranger. That's about 50% more DPS than the illy. I'll bet koncept's parse is even higher, and their lock's parse is even higher than koncept's. If the true T1 classes are hanging around the 6-7mill range, 4mill isn't really T1. Like I said, T1.5. Or like you said "lower T1". The point is that you and the other guy are trying to insinuate some kind of approximate 'equality' in DPS that doesn't exist and that you don't even actually admit to if anyone reads your posts between the lines.

    Try again?
  13. Ucala Well-Known Member

    we are talking T1 dps here man. are you saying 4 mil dps doesn't count as T1?
    warlocks are not in T1, they are in a league by themselves tbh.
    if you really want to be that thick skulled that the illy is just -barely- below them to try and win your argument, well than go ahead.
    I will call 4mil-6mil ballpark T1
  14. Mystere Member

    YOU are calling me "thick skulled"? ROFL you must delusional. 50% more DPS isn't the same league if every other real T1 DPS is also hanging around 6-7 million or more. By your ludicrous logic, 3 mill is in the same "ballpark" as 4 mill, so I guess we should start counting furies and tanks in that "ballpark T1". BTW what happened to your claim of that illy outparsing that ranger? Is that a claim of consistency or did the ranger fall asleep one tyme? LOL
  15. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    I know I said it. But it was with sarcasm on b/c it is tiresome to see wizards and warlocks complain how poor things they are so underpowered in aoe department or in single target fights. For those complainers I say exactly what you told me. Roll a support class and see how underpowered they are and considered just buff or debuff bots / mana feeders. I bet no one among them will roll a chanter or a bard, :D

    Oh alright. You talked me out and agree. I don't want to be t0 or upper t1 but maybe just maybe closer to t1.5 illys :)) I can push up to 2mil in raids on multiple trash if I try very very hard but that's about it. Our illy goes up to 3mil. And our raid guild is not even in top 30 ww. We all are in EM raid gear.

    Again I derailed the thread :)
  16. Ucala Well-Known Member

    like I said, you are too lazy to even look around and want stuff handed to you.
    here I will look it up for you again
    and you are reading way too "between the lines" I claimed illies are lower T1, which is still T1. which is true.
    the ranger I showed the parse isn't in the same guild, it was just the first kelpin parse I found. although I tried to keep them in same guilds, so same set ups
    I know you like changing, or thinking I meant something when I didn't, so I will try to make it as clear as possible for you, imagine I am talking slowly. just because 4 mil is in the same ballpark as 6 mil, doesn't mean 2 mil gets to be in the club.
    I need 10 dollars, I have 8, I am close, but that doesn't mean that someone that has 6 is close
    easy simple breakdown.
    4mil+ T1
    2.5-4 mil t2
    lower T3
    atleast what I would call it.
    talking about consistent anyway.
  17. Wanic Active Member

    Doesn't matter, if you're using solar flare you win the parse.
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  18. Mystere Member

    Now that I read his actual post it's even more clear that he is not actually claiming to be outDPSed by the illies, rather as a somewhat hyperbolic lament that his DPS is so low that it's become perilously close to the illies's DPS, because the mage group is strong. Your failure is now complete: "I'm practically getting outparsed by illys. mage group too strong".

    Scrubs with delusions of grandeur are the ones who think themselves too good to ever use Solar Flare. I'm betting you're one of those, yes?
  19. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    Oh god here we go again.
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  20. Wanic Active Member

    Lol Mystere you sure do like to throw your weight around don't you?

    Good thing you didn't bet plat, because I don't play a wizzy, I'm here to derail the thread slowly.
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