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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-infy567, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-infy567 Guest

    I played a Wizard to level 22 and outfitted the Wizard the exact same way I've done this new Warlock.
    At level 12, my Warlock has 5 pristine horned leather backpacks (5lb each). Is wearing a full set of pristine imbued tranquil roughspun armor. Is carrying a staff of the forgotten.

    This is the EXACT same gear down to the backpacks, armor and weapon that my Wizard had at level 12.

    My Warlock, however, only has 10 strength, which means he can carry only 4 pounds of items before he is burdened. My Wizard never had this issue, EVER.

    My Warlock and Wizard are using the exact same rings, ears, wrists and belts.

    Pristine fashioned coral earrings, pristine imbued coral rings, and the original vith's necklace. All of these are +wis +int +agi.

    Why does the Warlock have so low of Strength? I'm going to have to go dump some INT so I can get some STR just so I can carry stuff around. If it wasn't for my leaf-blown carpet, I wouldn't really be able to play this char.

    What I'm going to do is dump my INT wrist items for STR ones for now until I can get some STR.
  2. ARCHIVED-AziBam Guest

    It's been a while since I've looked at their buffs but I am pretty sure wizards have one that adds STR and INT. That's the difference. It doesn't take much gear to get your STR up high enough to carry whatever you need. Get an adornment or swap a piece of gear or two and you should be fine. I had the same problem when I first levelled the lock.
    Race might be making a difference for you too. /shrug
  3. ARCHIVED-infy567 Guest

    Put my INT wrist items in the bank and bought two that had STR and WIS, and then two HEX dolls that also had STR and WIS. I have 120 STR now, so it lets me carry a lot more. I'll swap back later.
  4. ARCHIVED-Urgol Guest

    I have 300 str in my dps gear and 400+ in pvp gear. for the pvp part, it's way out of range of any str debuffs. As for lower lvls, get your +str racial traits and character training and you are fine. At higher levels, not having enough str to carry some strongboxes with loots around is never an issue.
  5. ARCHIVED-hansomepete Guest

    I did the str aa line and it works out fine for me. a 10 str? Are you a Ratonga? I have a necro ratonga and I think that is what he has. I like the half elf the tracking abilty is sweet. I can track down my prey and hit'em hard, with the forest navigation I hardly need a mount anymore.
  6. ARCHIVED-XustinuS Guest

    That's completely true... T9 gear has no str stat for casters so i always carry 100 str pots otherwise im heavy burdened on
    my dps gear. But the problem is because of that if there is no str buffer in grp, i cant use int pot.

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