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    Hello everyone,

    Can anyone please advise on a solo AA (350 point) tree for a brand new lv 120 warlock? I didn't level up naturally so, I'm a bit lost in all the spells and options and most of the stuff I find are for warlocks that raid and I'm more of a solo or duo kind of guy.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm not sure what spells you like to use, and I'm not a Warlock player myself. I did my group's Warlock build (group build), and recently just made a soloing one. The Warlock and Dragon trees you might want to go over and change some things, depending on your spell preferences.
    Sorcerer Tree:
    I put one point in Summon Familiar: this is up to you if you want it or not.
    2 Static Discharge
    10 Deflecting Staff
    10 Spell Expertise
    1 Catalyst: "good stuff"
    I skipped this line, but if you feel Spellshaping is useful (Ability Casting Speed) go ahead. I'd move the point from the INT or STA line over.
    The AA calculator is a bit off in how AAs are done now, so if you look at the calulator, it makes you put a point in Static Shield to get to Battlemage Armor. In game AAs allow you to skip this, along with skipping the topmost (Summon Familiar) point.

    10 Battlemage Armor
    If you don't want Summon Familiar, then move that point to Static Shield
    10 Freehand Sorcery: "also good stuff"
    2 Ward of Sages
    10 Brainstorm
    1 Sagacity
    As said before, you can move these points to the AGI line if you feel Casting Speed is more important.
    10 Kinetic Evasion
    The calculator makes you take 1 point in Confounding: you don't need to.
    SF (Bottom row)
    8 Focused Catalyst: "more good stuff"
    3 Mental Recovery: I had extra points and recovery speed is good
    8 Runic Barrier
    8 Mental Acuity
    And 2 Blast of Devastation: again, don't take this is you don't want it. The points are spent better elsewhere. My group's Warlock can never figure out this AoE.

    Warlcok Tree
    I don't know what spells you like: this is from my group's Warlock's experience.
    10 Maji's Shielding
    5 Cataclysm: I'm not sure if this is a good spell
    5 Acid: Also not sure
    5 Dark Nebula
    5 Absolution: Take this. Absolution is awesome in my experience
    5 Encase: Your choice for this one. Not sure if it's good
    5 Dark Pyre: My group's Warlock loves this spell
    5 Distortion
    5 Curse of Void: Had extra points I needed to spend
    5 Dark Infestation
    5 Netherealm: Not sure about this one
    5 Apocalypse
    5 Rift
    1 Focused Casting
    1 Volatility
    1 Aftershock
    5 Dark Thoughts
    5 Distorted Mind
    5 Agonizing Death: great for finishing off fights
    1 Dark Aggravation

    Shadows Tree
    5 Hearty Consitution
    5 Enhanced Mind: If you have a Deity, take Pet of the Gods instead
    5 Root Mastery: Not sure if this is your big root? You could take Arcane Barrier instead.
    5 Runic Protection
    1 Arcane Bewilderment: Not sure if this is useful for soloing
    5 Flames of Velious: optional
    5 Sorcery Master
    5 Critical Mastery
    1 Thunderclap
    5 Destitute
    5 Corrosion
    1 Poision Mastery
    1 Plaguebringer: My Warlock's favorite spell

    Heroic Tree
    10 Spirit and Body
    10 Critical Genuis
    10 Lightning Reflexes
    10 Thunderclap
    10 Expunger
    1 Ethernere Chains: Not sure about this one
    1 Mystical Field
    If you like Blast of Devastation, take 10 in Enhance: Blast of Devastation and take 5 in Critial Genius and 5 in Lightning Reflexes

    Dragon Tree
    This tree you might want to look at in closer depth.

    10 Impatience (Trakanon's Essence)
    10 Dragon Scales (Noxious Dragon Scales): free max health
    10 Improved Sorcery (Ancient Fury)

    This leaves you with about 7 extra points to spend anywhere.

    Again, I don't play Warlock, so you might think a little bit different than me. Feel free to correct me.
    Note: I didn't do Prestige because I'm not sure exactly what's good. Check out other Warlock's Prestige.

    I hope this helps!
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    Thanks Nazy, much appreciated!
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