Warlock Pet vs Conjurer Pet vs Illusionist Pet ?

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Metisha, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Metisha Guest

    I want to play a pet class but i'm not sure which one to choose. Can someone tells me what's the main difference betweens the pets (Conj, Necro and Illusionist) ? Which class as the strongest pet ?
  2. ARCHIVED-Norrsken Guest

    Metisha wrote:
    Warlocks only get dumbfire pets, makingt his a bit wierd of a forum to be asking about pet classes.
    Conj and necro get 3 main pets and a ton of dumbfires to boot.
    The main pets are
    Tank, scout and mage.
    The tank pet tanks, the scout and mage are dps.
    the two summoners are about equal, and it depends more on the specific guys aa builds than on the class on which person can do what.
    The summoners are the most powerful pet wielders.

    Enchanters, both illu and coercer, are pet class wannabes, one have their own summoned pet, while the other needs to charm one. the coercers pets can, if not counting the buffs of the summoners, in certain cases outdps the summoner dps pets. The illusionists pet is a bit less interresting, but also a lot easier to manage than the coerer one.
  3. ARCHIVED-Metisha Guest

    Oups, i post in the wrong forum, thanks for the answer anyway ;)
  4. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

    I guarantee my warlock pets annoy me much less then any Conj or Illusionist pet in the game.
  5. ARCHIVED-Supernova17 Guest

    Summoner is the only true pet class in the game, no one else can touch the capabilities of our pets, the control we can exert over them and the sheer amount of buffing and AA enhancements we give to them.

    Warlocks merely have dumbfire pets, they're nothing like a Summoner Primary pet. Illusionist's have a persone pet which simply mirrors the players spell casts at a reduced effectiveness, but nothing beyond standard mage buffs for it (no stances, procs, etc) and Coercers can charm some mobs, but they continually have a chance to break the charm (especially if they take alot of damage) which can be hazardous in many situations.
  6. ARCHIVED-agressiv4 Guest

    Probably coming from WoW, where Warlock is the equivalent of EQ2's Necro.

    Necro + Conjurer are fairly equivalent in terms of their capacity as pet classes, but definitely do it different ways.

    Illusionist + pet is WAY different from either of those two. If you feel like you can adapt enough, its a pretty awesome combination. Or you could go down the Coercer route, where you have to charm your pets and deal with them breaking charm :)

  7. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    agressiv4 wrote:
    In re: Charm breaks -- If you get the wis line of aa's for the subjugation boost, the 5 aa's in charm, plus an adept 3 or master charm, it usually runs the full duration anymore. And if you find the right pets, they can do 800+ dps. Still. . . you're better off in most groups buffing the group up. Charm is generally more of a solo tool than a group tool. Not a raid tool at all.

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