Warlock Issues GU66 and beyond...

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Mogrim, May 7, 2013.

  1. The Jones Active Member

    People always say this. for my ToV quest geared mages my necro will literally double the dps of my wizard on a training dummy (even without using lifeburn). I don't see how a sorcerer can make up for that with a few buffs. I can see how correctly timed spells with time warp would make a huge difference for a wizard, but that much of a difference? I'm just kind of curious if anyone has tried giving the buffs that normally go to a sorcerer to a summoner instead to see how they would perform.
  2. Darkon Well-Known Member

    Tried it. The buffs help the sorcerers far more.
  3. Zelox Active Member

    buffs that help necros just as much as sorcs: Bolster, synergism,
    buffs that help sorcs more than necros: EV (since potency doesnt share with pets) TC/UT
    buffs that help necros more than sorcs: any hp buff...
  4. Parable New Member

    Why are the top two parsers, by substantial margin, in my guild warlocks? Over the past few months, three well-geared wizards have apped and failed. Where are all the ezmode uber wizards?
  5. Rarespoon Member

    How are locks fairing in TOV so far? I betrayed mine to a Wiz in October to try it out and thinking of betraying back, we always had UT in our group but now it goes to my SK teehee. My problem with the wiz is that if you miss on lining up buffs and cast orders with others, it totally wrecks your parse. Nice sometimes to pay less attention ;)
  6. Chronus Active Member

    Less biased evidence on the flames parse thread, warlock section.

    With that being said, leftside warlock generally not too well, massive growth in ability modifier and doublecast means noxious influx is not parsing anywhere near it used to in terms of % of a warlock's parse. Great for people that enjoy rightside, sucks for people who find how rightside works clunky and counter-intuitive.

    Rightside warlock is basically timing everything down to a tee with increment building in addition to spellbind, clicky charm(s), timewarp and focused casting. Much burstier and so suffers the same problem as a wizard on the whole lining up thing, if you're CCed at the wrong time you can be utterly screwed.
  7. Rarespoon Member

    Ya, makes sense. Why I switched to Wiz to try it out but wound up being the same circumstance, with all the forced targets, dropped targets, no targeting going on, it's just annoying. It's not that I just want a button masher either but the logic so far has not been challenging, just very tedious.

    BTW, the parses on eq2flames don't look bad though. Better than I thought it would be.
  8. Chronus Active Member

    That's what I meant, I personally don't like where warlocks are, mainly because I hate rightside and so don't practice it enough despite it probably being better on almost everything. Those who are comfortable with rightside, are straight up better players than me, maybe with better gear etc are smashing things. Warlock is worth a go again but I think some changes could be made to just clean up the class a bit more, especially on amod and doublecast scaling.
  9. Deeku Member

    Betrayed to a wizzy, realized that if I took my time relearning a class, I'd be kicked from raider status so betrayed back. Swapped to right side prestige and over doubled my zonewides. Previously was losing to the wizzy by 50% and am now beating him by almost that much.
  10. Daray Well-Known Member

    If only people had listened to me during beta, when I stated that the FC change was a rather subtantial change.
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  11. Deeku Member

    It is not just FC, I can parse high even when I used FC on previous fight and it is still unusable. Also my DPS with left side prestige basically dropped.

    One thing I still dont know: If I cast some DoT during FC, will the DoT's damage drop if it still has ticks left after FC runs out?
  12. Zelox Active Member

    if it did drop in dmg that would be like dots just stop doublecasting after timewarp went down. so yeah, you can cast your longest dot at the end of FC if you wanted to (just not netherlord/acid storm)
  13. Zelox Active Member

    also I was wrong about the post above, make sure you get your powerful dots to tick all the way through during spellbind and FC