Warlock Issues GU66 and beyond...

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Mogrim, May 7, 2013.

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    It's 12.8, and you can tell me what it's like to have an SF endline that's working as intended. Feelsbadman.
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    Are you positive you are playing eq2 ?
    I think that maybe you are playing some random mmo and you think its eq2 myself, that is the only way I can think that anyone could come up with such a opinion on summoners.
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    Actually i was trying it is my fault for not being more clear about "Changing the Mechanics" of ability mod."after your damage has been multiplied by the pot and int modifiers, your ability mod is added. .....the benefit you get from ability mod is capped at 50% of the damage total.First of all, our green and blue spells only benefit from 1/3rd of our total ability mod. Our temp procs don't benefit from ability mod at all . " . I just figure that the return an ability mod would add up alot more if you added it back to the tics, the more hits you have the more dmg you are putting out if you add it back 5x 10k hits=5x 15k hits. It doesn't matter anyways is the REAL Point, NOTHING is being done.
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    I have followed those links and tried to understand this Ability Mod but seems that no one really can give me a clear picture. im kinda new to the game so bare with me, if i have 4k ability mod and my spell does 15,000 damage half of that would be 7500 do i need the 7500 in ability mod to get that added back to the ability? And another question that popped in my head after reading on about this dot spell calculations, is how many basic tics do we get? and if the damage added up total will still be capped. Say for instance, This Dot does 15,000 damage for say 6 tics, would it be 90,000 damage plus half {45,000} My ability mod will never be that high, if it is so. does the ability mod Numbers multiply percent, or is it a static number. i cannot find the math anywhere that gives me the number i need to figure out what ability mod i need for these dots.
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    Nune's guide to spell efficiency.
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    I read that guide, Does not answer my question. it only states what ability mod does for you but not how much ability mod is need for said ability.
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    Ok then, I'll break it down.
    Your ability modifier is 4k on the dot. Your ability does 15k damage on the tooltip (and so, before crits). 15k - 4k = 11k.
    11k/2 = 5.5k. That means the cap for ability modifier on this ability if it is a single target one is 5.5k.

    Dot ticks are indicated on every separate ability, for example Plaguebringer lasts 4 seconds and ticks every 0.5 seconds (without a troub), therefore there is the intial (0s), tick1 (0.5), tick2 (1), tick3 (1.5), tick4 (2), tick5 (2.5), tick6 (3), tick7 (3.5) and tick8 (4). Giving a total of 9 hits, 8 of them being subsequent ticks.

    Ability modifier is a static number. So say if you had 0 ability modifier and a dot spell has an initial hit of 15k and then ticks an additional 5 times for 15k as well and so has a total of 6 hits of 15k. 90k/2 = 45k (assuming single target), so the ability modifier cap on this ability is 45k. Yes your ability modifier will never be that high, but that's the nature of something that ticks that highly and hits that hard (only really plaguebringer and apocalypse). This means if you had 4k amod the ability would hit for 19k initially and 15k on the following 5 ticks. If you had 45k ability mod it would hit for 60k on the initial and 15k on the following 5 ticks.

    I hope that explains it better, though I think Nune's guide is pretty clear and the spreadsheet allows you to see how ability mod affects each individual spell much more easily.

    Edit: If you have any other questions /t splitpaw.chronusxx (please allow me to ignore you during raids though~) and probably /join butcherblock.warlockchannel for more warlock specific questions too, knowledgeable people in there.
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    Actually no you explained it in a more understandable way Nunes guide, though Nunes guide is very usefull and A+ for people like me but did not explain it the way that you did. Again thank you. i understand the way it works now it makes sense.
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    #1 watch origin post please ... feedback? (ty Mogrim)

    #2 watch closely @ myth cloak -> this is ment to be real? really?

    #3 pls watch #1 and #2
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    Over Five (5) months now with no a dev response.
    This is beyond neglect imho.
    WTB Dev attn with SC.
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  11. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    I've had brief email exchanges with a few Dev's over this - overall my impression still is that they DO intend to fix things, but that with changes that have happened recently, we'll likely have to be patient.

    That said, because stat changes are coming, and with the overall inflation of stats that we will soon experience, Warlocks are going to need a ton of love very soon because currently every stat increase helps us less than the other t1 classes, not to mention that if summoner pets get fixed we're going to be really distant behind the pack.

    I'd be more than happy to chat w/ a Dev regarding fixes and what I think is top priority versus medium versus low. Gonna have to get something though, the tells I am getting every day from Warlocks in high-end guilds who are being benched or simply replaced... and the amount of high end guilds that simply just aren't interested in a Warlock is all very indicative of where we stand right now.
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    There was a time, back in 2006, when Warlocks were FEARED by everyone...
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    I don't play a Warlock, but I'm bumping this thread because they still need some love. I can't remember the last time I even saw one in the overland, much less a heroic or raid.
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    Can't say it was fun while it lasted. Time to betray my lock to wiz.
  16. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    The main things I'd push for to help the class be a little more logical at the present:

    1) Maintained Gift
    2) Faster casting other temps, and make volatility impossible to resist in pve
    3) More logical damage types - have left side prestige make Flames of Velious noxious damage, and change rift to disease damage through and through. The rest of our spells can be left alone as wizards and warlocks both play with split damage types - we just deal with it even more so.
    4) Consider changing the spell affected by right side prestige. Eternal Damnation is significantly underwhelming compared to E'Ci due to the way E'Ci scales with mod and Eternal Damnation doesn't. I would suggest making Distortion "Distortion Cloud" and make the function similar to how Ice Comet turned into E'Ci.
    5) Left side prestige proc has scaling issues due to the fact that mod doesn't play in.
    6) For all mages: Spellbind (and the scout counterpart) should be insta cast and no recovery. More and more added temps becomes more of a mish-mash than I believe Dev's intend.

    Positive Feedback:

    I like the change to focused casting. I think it can be kept as is for now. I think it remains viable over a moderately longer-haul. I appreciate that this was addressed before the new content went live.
    I like the inclusion of a lot of creative items. Wish there was more - but thats a good sign when players want more of something that you're doing now.
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    The sad part is that everyone who says Warlocks are OK are the ones who are in top end raid gear and in a proper group getting the buffs needed to make them balanced with other mages. I will not play my Warlock much longer if buffs are required to make me equal. I had a friend recently return to the game and leveled his Conjy from 90 to 95 quickly, finished the ToV quest and had all quest gear. When we team he beats me on the parse (sometimes by a lot) even though my gear and stats are much better. I can't tell you how much I sooo don't like being dependent on others for damage output. By next weekend, I will probably be back to playing my Conjy.
  18. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Warlocks and Wizards have always been, and probably always will be, two of the must buff dependent classes in the game.
  19. Darkon Well-Known Member

    Sorcerers are buff dependent. It's a facet that adds complexity to the game that most games these days don't have. It's something I actually really like.

    Adding a lesser 'ut self' / 'tc self' option to the mythical or some such when those buffs aren't already on you though, would hardly be game breaking.
  20. Rubick Well-Known Member

    There's a dragon AA that gives you UT solo. Well, it adds 2 ticks to DoTs, and all mages CAN cap themselves on cast/reuse/recovery solo if they have to.