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  1. ARCHIVED-MarquisDesade Guest

    In my old guild I could be sitting on 90% combined worth of aggro transfers and hate buffs and steal aggro before I hit apoc. Even with a full 10 second count before going in. I have it a little better now, I can spike 5k early and not tank the mobs most of the time. Rift not causing aggro was a big boost to my dps as I would drop it on the pull if it was an encounter. Now that its nerfed Ive had to change up my spell order.
    The sad fact is even with a pally, trouby, guard with dirge and swash hate buffs and transfers. I can still pull aggro at will. How many classes can say that? A swashy that can push 3k+ helps a lot with this setup. I got tired of the aggro, and subsequent repair costs, and more or less retired poor phin phin from raiding and switched to a utility class. Illus do some decent dps. I generally beat the other casters on zw but none are putting out phin phin dps(probably due to aggro constraints).
  2. ARCHIVED-Formerly Bbert Guest

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the posters on this thread. It has helped me immensely in learning how to get the most out of my warlock
  3. ARCHIVED-miliskel Guest

    might wanna talk about aas btw , which are good choices for raiders like agility, wis and int for people with aggro problems( like me :twisted:), and then the bad ones for raiders like str which is too unpredictable..havent figured out best setup for eof aa's but definitely explosives and aftershocks.
  4. ARCHIVED-agressiv4 Guest

    Chaostorm Line - I find myself only using this in *completely* safe circumstances. With 5 AA points in it I was pulling the room because the radius was so huge. Does anyone else agree with me on this? In some zones you simply can't use it (most areas of DT) because you're always very close to getting some sort of agro. agressiv
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    Can somebody please explain to me why this isn't stickied? This is a good guide. Edit: mods really do act fast sometimes when you ask them reasonable things. 6 minutes from request to action.
  6. ARCHIVED-miliskel Guest

    7k dps in lyceum! aas int wis speced 8 mob encounter precast nethorous realm and corrupt gift, focused casting apoc chasotorm rift absolution concussive blast chaostorm and just using encounter every time there up and rounding chaostorm in too , raid dps was 25k
  7. ARCHIVED-agressiv4 Guest

    My tips: * Remember which mobs AOE frequently. Avoid bothering with netherlord and dark infestation if they are just going to bite it. * If you have a brigand, I'd wait until he announces his Dispatch before you fire off a apocalypse. For me, I can usually get off Dark Infestation, Aura of Nihility, and Maelstrom and he'll announce it like clockwork right as I'm about to use Catalyst. * Go to Feerott to farm nil crystals once every week or two. Lots of 4+ groups there that are easy to kill. Also, you can go to PoF into T'Narev and slaughter the groups of grey monks. Thats like 16 monks in a group including the instructor. TS is also a decent choice with all the gnolls in the pits by Ant entrance and the various craters. * Always have +INT Food, +INT Drink and at the minimum, a +66 INT potion, assuming you aren't at cap. Those potions last 30 min or so. if you are are cap, there are +4 spell crit potions which last only 10 minutes, but if you are at INT cap, you probably have plat to burn :) * When your Troubador activates his Precision of the Maestro (PoM), spam as many quick-cast spells if you can - even if it overrides itself. Use Ice Flame, etc, anything. Don't waste this proc as its a VERY large amount of dps. If he doesn't announce it, you can always tell when its up because it has a unique sound and you'll see a graphic "exploding" out from them (think of the death star explosion in the re-vamped Star Wars) agressiv
  8. ARCHIVED-miliskel Guest

    dont go to feerot ask ur guild if any level 30 - 40's want pling in re muahahah...tanking everything with encounter nil crystal pull and apoc and if adds rift and they all ldie..ive got over 1000 nil crystals fro mthat and a lot more 40+ in my guild
  9. ARCHIVED-Karatta Guest

    Agaxax@Unrest wrote:
    I would be very interested to know what kind of effect the non PBAOE spells in this line, have with added "range".

    "Gas Cloud" and "Nul Absolution" lines only attack mobs in the same encounter right? So what does the added bonus to range change with the AA's that apply to them? :-?

    I admit that the tool tips are a bit confusing, and I have yet to apply points in those AA's to see what they do.

    If the added range enhancement changes they way they act, I.E. produces a small radius of PBAOE around each effected target, I would be very interested in this due to PvP oppurtunities. :D

  10. ARCHIVED-miliskel Guest

    imagine a circle around yourself, a part of that u can hit the mobs in but if one mob in the encounter is out of the part u cant, increasing its radius increases the amound of distance u can hit them with, if that actually helps u figure out what it means.
  11. ARCHIVED-Karatta Guest

    miliskel wrote:
    Ah ok, so it increases the range at which your current target and his surrounding encounter members are effected by the AoEDD spell.

    From what you said, I surmize that it does not add anything PBAoE to the spell, and it does not increase the range at which you can cast, but it increases the maximum effected target distance from the point of origin.

    Thanks! Very helpful :)


    On a side note, isnt the "Negative Absolution" spell also a Master II choice at 24? I see on the first page that it is not set as one.
  12. ARCHIVED-miliskel Guest

    hmm..i just noticed how wrong i was lol, i meant a circle around the enemy lol :p
  13. ARCHIVED-Karatta Guest

    [p] Yeah, that is waht I assumed you ment :) __ Reguarding common builds to the OP:[/p][p] One common AA build that I hear from a lot of warlocks, is the stamina line to get the final skill for "Battlemage", and to go full explosive to get the end skill, and then to put the rest into "Magi Shield Ward", for PvP based fighting, or solo AOE based Warlocks. Comes out to: - Stamina - Explosive Line Comes to 31 points, and then the rest of the 19 to be placed into your prospecitve specialization areas. I am guessing that since a lot of the points in that tree scale so well with level, that it is a very solid build. The end of the stamina line skill is also very very useful in conjunction with the magi shield ward, for "tanking" purposes. This is a very common build that I have heard of from over 25 warlocks over the last year or so, and many PvE 70s and PvP 70s swear by it. This is one of the only builds that I see in the PvP forums that has the highest kill/death ratio for player versus player combat stats. [/p]
  14. ARCHIVED-taex Guest

    I want to personally thank each of you who have provided valuable information. I'm a huge slacker and not completely sure how I got Taex to 70 Warlock. I was truly surprised to hear about specing down the agility line. I've re-speced and will try that very soon. I have two questions: 1) approximately how many AAs are you putting on the soercer side and then assuming the rest are on the warlock side, how are you splitting them to be consistent? 2) Knowing that I will probably never get fabled out (heck, even one or two pieces would be nice) would you recommend legendary or player crafted? (this is also assuming that I have a lot of pp but I don't).
    Thanks again for your time and info.

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