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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Thalador, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Thalador Active Member

    Hey all,

    I saw the wizard thread so figured I would start this one. I raided on my lock on AB for years, but had a bazillion casting speed etc. I am struggling with any not grouped fights. I can barley get any spells off, like acid, dark pyre etc due to them being such a long cast time.I usually precast curse of darkness and gift of bertoxxulous and then start in with acid, pyre, dissolve etc and I can usually get a few off before the mob is dead. Am I doing something very wrong?
    Thanks in advance - I never really worked with the lock on live at launch. I came in after DoV so any advice would be very much appreciated.
  2. Gullveig New Member

    You probably need to learn mage kiting. Root the mob, hit it, back up a step, re-root, hit it again, etc.

    Also, check your cast order for efficiency. There's a really helpful Excel Warlock DPS Efficiency calculator you can download.
  3. Thalador Active Member

    Thanks, but that isn't really valid for TLE. I know about mage kiting, this was about maximizing DPS while in groups on TLE.
  4. Tren New Member

    There is not much you can do. This has always been an issue with Warlocks, especially earlier on in the game. This is why so many people went Wizard, or just rerolled, for quite a while. Even through Velious, Warlock was pretty bad unless you were fighting a lot of encounters, at which point it almost seemed OP.

    The class design was flawed in EQ2, because it only worked if the content design took this into consideration - and the developers sort of broke things with the way they developed the content for several expansions.

    Affects many classes, as many comprised pairs which had biases towards either Single Target or Encounter DPS.

    Wizard - Warlock
    Necromancer - Conjuror

    I think the Mythical somewhat improves things? Been a while since I played my Warlock, and I kind of forgot the login for that account to check :p
  5. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Tren's info is basically wrong.

    You're gonna have a hard time parsing super high because of the fact that warlock are primarily dot based and things die before you can either cast the spell or allow the spell to tick out.

    The best thing you can do in encounters on heroics is cast curse, nullify and vacuum field to proc curse and deal damage with that. For large AoE cast netherrealm, and cataclysm on cooldown and then tab to find an encounter you can press apoc/abso on.

    In raids I have no issues parsing well. On FG warlocks all the way up until EoF were consistently top three on a zonewide. Even in EoF they were #2-#3 but manaburn (nerfed btw) was making wizards out of balance comparatively. You shouldn't have any issues at all. Once TSO hits warlocks because on par if not better than wizards because of how close they are on single target and how warlocks are better in aoe.

    /shrug, even now i'm only 10-20% behind our wizard on every single target encounter.
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  6. Somedude Active Member

    TLDR on this.

    If you play your warlock on TLE the way it parses well on live, you're doing it wrong.

    For each expansion, you have to re-math your efficiencies and adjust how you play to parse best.

    I've parsed consistently well on lock in every TLE, as Adon indicated, played to its potential it will pretty much be top 3 on parse in raids. Heroics, that can be another story as nothing lives long enough to reach potential.

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