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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Revanu, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. Revanu Well-Known Member

    With recent RoS aa changes, cataclysm took a SIGNIFICANT HIT to its damage range enhancement in aa going from boost to range capping at 15m to increasing “effectiveness” and now its range is capped at only 7.5m.

    While other changes for warlock were in order because the class had an extremely powerful ability via new sol eye spell unlock, This may have the most impact. Cataclysm has always been a core spell for warlock rotation and being limited to 7.5m range now is very unsettling.

    Please consider adding the range affix back to the aa enhancement.

    Having played both wiz and warlock this xpac to test different scenarios, with wizard retaining their massive LOOOOOOONG DISTANCE RANGE on single target spells and fusions ability to cast from what seems like the next zone over, I don’t think it is outside the realm of possibility getting this adjusted.

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  2. Entropy Well-Known Member

    Concur. I think the changes to warlock were swung a bit too far in the other direction.

    Decimation is now mathematically worse (effective DPS) than the spell it replaced, Apocalypse. It needs to at least be made back into a copy of Apocalypse so it can benefit from AA enhancements (mostly cast speed) again. Even back at insta-cast, it'd still be lower sustained DPS than Apoc, but it wouldn't feel as clunky. The only use case for Decimation now is as a pre-cast spell when the countdown reaches 1 second for a raid boss; it's worse in every way during the flow of an actual fight.

    Perdition has been significantly worse than Netherealm from day one. I don't really know what to recommend here as a change... nobody is using this as a 4 minute recast DoT, when Netherealm can have 100% uptime and outdamage it.

    The only justified use case for either Decimation or Perdition is on a boss fight that is about 30 seconds in total duration... and those don't exist in raids. If these are going to be "heroic only / raiders ignore it" spells, can we at least get a dev comment noting as much?

    The radius nerf to all of the warlock blue/green spells (loss of the boost from the AAs) was kind of mystifying. What was this supposed to correct for?

    Warlocks just feel super clunky right now. Sigh.

    (and don't get me started on summoners getting full 1:1 stat transfer to pets now... conjurors in particular are absolutely destroying the parse, with basically no downside to their class playstyle in either raids or heroics)
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  3. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Yes yes So True Warlock is constantly nerfed since the last 2 Expas,

    First they Cut of the 2nd Hit from Rift our strongest Blue AE
    Second they gave us Decimation Replace for Apocalypse wich was deffinetly OP, but instat adjusting the Damage Numbers on it they totaly broke it by cut of the AA insta Cast Abillity and nerve DPS on it more than a half.
    Third they nerfed our effectiv Range on some spells.
    AA Mechincs we had for more than a Decade shouldnt be touched anyway.

    And yes the Summoners DPS is totaly out of any logical thinkings and the defvs should find a solution very fast, it cant have been the idea that 2 Classes rule more than 1/3 Raid DPS and doing like the Double or more amount in DPS than any other DD Class in Raid Wizzy // Warlock // BL to mention only some.

    Indeed the Summoners needed an Adjustment but this is totaly crazy now and out of any realistic Parsing anytime.
    And then the Summoner Classe need to be adjusted this way that the Caster and the Pet it self share the Damage 50% both not like it is ATM Conj 20% Pet 80% and aon necro 70% Caster and 30% Pet both should deal 50/50.

    Dont get me wrong i dont want to be a 1 Button wonder but if i am screwed in DPS by unlogical patches and unwanted OPness i am realy disapointed and except Decimations Numbers in the Spell thier was no such reason to nerve AA abillity // Rift or any other DPS option // condition on Warlock.

    Warlock is a T1 DD since the day ONE of EQ2, so if we are to Strong the others are to week and need to be Adjusted upways but not Nerfe Warlocks.

    I am a skilled Player on lock and i play it since 2012 and i never had a more worse setup than these days because of unacceptable nerfs.

    I Play Conj and Necro beside my Lock too and i am pleased if they can DPS but not on the coast of things which went totaly wrong way and the DPS on Summoners Sorry GUYS is totaly out of order,
  4. Revanu Well-Known Member

    If ur getting doubled by a summoner as a warlock, it’s time for you to play a bard.
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  5. Revanu Well-Known Member

    This entire thread is specifically about cataclysm range. Nothing further. Please keep your inabilities elsewhere
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  6. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Hey Revanu idk who you are and on what server your playing on Thurgadin ts just what i say and you can ask any of the few left locks.

    And if your best button combination s STRG C and STRG V you should play something other than, if you have eaten wise beans with golden sppons post a cast line or a skill book for lock instat ran against the wall of the most opions about the nerfes on the lock.

    And to add something about the topic here in my last post about the Decimation same happend and once again thier is no button wonder wanted only the repatch of the last done nerfs and i am not aloe with my meanings.

    for Example i knew like 6 Guys on Thurgadin plaing Lock as Main and all say the same so we cant be so wrong.

    By the way Sigrdrifa is mostly follwing my argumets and he or she idk is one of the well known members here on Forums, the posts are always good written and realy specifical in the cases which are descriped by him or her so ask your self if its not the best to stay close as playerbase to show DB wahts wrong instat of starting a memberfight here.
  7. Priority Well-Known Member

    Sigrdrifa is wrong more than she's right in regard to mechanics and class balance

    Revanu is right more often than he's wrong in regard to class mechanics.

    They're opposite sides of a coin, where one is truth and the other is anecdotal nonsense supported by absolutely nothing.

    In fact, when asked for proof, Sigrdrifa regularly fails to provide.
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  8. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I want them to fix the broken spells, and I'd like to have the range back also. But I went ahead and race-changed my 'lock to a Vah Shir, and I use Pounce (which is DD and ports you to the mob applying a knockdown) then Cataclysm for the moment.

    And I'm an old lady!
  9. Entropy Well-Known Member

    That's fine for a post-joust situation, but there are a lot of raid fights where you need to be outside the current 7.5m cataclysm range for a large portion of the fight. Losing one of the highest EDPS (effective, or sustained, dps) warlock spells because you're rarely in range to cast it on cooldown is a bummer. That's where the range nerf really hit hardest.
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  10. LastActionJackson Member

    Finally peeps talk about the Cataclysm range nerf. But I suspect that it was not intended. The bug is related to Troubadour Harmonization not working on blue AOE spells. Right now Harmonization works on red ST spells. This problem also occurs with Illy AOE spells as well. Their range has also been reduced by 5m. Someone should do further research as to how Harmonization affects other spells from other classes. See my prior thread about Troubadour Harmonization not working for Blue AOE spells.

    As a further note, Decimation is more DPS than APOC if you factor in the new reset abilities. Decimation lasts like ten seconds and does slightly less than twice the damage of APOC, which has a shorter recast about half as long. You should be able to get resets every 80-90 seconds, which actually makes Decimation DPS about 33% higher than APOC. The % of over all damage from Decimation is usually between 22-26% when you have access to all your spells including Cataclysm. The % of overall damage from Decimation hides the DPS increase, because you have more time to cast other DPS abilities as well as saving time from all the buffs required before using APOC or Decimation.

    I still think that they should fix the Prestige AA to allow instant cast, because APOC/Decimation were intended to be the same spell. It may be a programming oversight given that Decimation appears on that same tree on the top row.

    In short fights lasting less than a minute, you want to go Decimation, reset, Apoc (30s), Decimation.
    In short fights lasting less than 30 seconds, you want to go Decimation, reset, Decimation.
    In fights lasting more than one minute, you go Decimation all the way until the one minute mark, whereby you follow the one minute protocol.

    I suspect that the devs looked at parses from certain p2w raid warlocks who consistently topped the parse and assumed that this was normal for all warlocks. But p2w warlocks are not normal. So they nerfed the highest abilities for warlocks overall.

    Decimation would have gotten stronger this expac if they did not nerf it. But the extent of the nerf was rather harsh.
  11. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Hello and a little adding to the one before this,

    in my opinon thier is a little fail in you presentation , that way that they looked on Raid warlocks and let the others behind.
    thats not correctly full way, because the most left locks are Raid Main toons so thier was no need to downsize Locks anyway and if your A DD and a Raider you are one of the P2W as you called if not your totaly lost as DD espcialy in Raid.
    Dosent matter wich DD Class your playing.

    For Example we have 2 Wizzys one of them is High Equiped + Premium EXPac and is not and if only cut off the Skills of the tow Players in personal abillitys the full Equiped Wizzy does more than 50% more DPS than the non Equiped one.

    So all respective Toons in Raid are P2W as you consideed if not your useless in raid, sadly but true since at least CD expansion.

    To Add the thing on Cataclysem has had a n effective range of 10 meters without any increase from trouba or other things all the time.

    The cut down on 7.5m is a thing DB did and thats not ok.

    Locks have been T1 all the Time same on Wizzy and Assa or Ronger so they should be able to do DPS only reason that one dose more should be the gear and the spell quallity and at least the Stats nothing other S°°°t DB means to invent.
  12. Mastevick New Member

    If you dont mind me asking what do you mean by the 1 minute protocol or if you could elaborate on it plz
  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Using some simple language
    I noticed that this is not really a ranged spell anymore , had to go right in almost to melee range to make it work .
    Remember you gave us tissue paper to wear as armor only held together by spells .
    If you have to nerve anything , don't nerve the range please .
    On Kaladim I had to move right up with the tank to land my most powerful spell , not a good idea for a clothe
    when the rest of the ranged classes stayed way out ( sometimes even the tank ).
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  14. OnlyMe Member

    Any feedback on this one? Just a post to say 'working as intended' or its being worked on would let us know where we stand.

    The change was crap, it makes one of the most used spells useless for most of the time, and is on top of other other negative changes for the class (intended or not, we don't know). You going to loose customers over this stuff.
  15. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    also make sure firestorm is given a damage over time component equal or greater to its base damage when they fix cataclysm's range.
    warlocks continuing to be the best DPS class in game even after receiving several nerfs isn't something that I can stand for. as onlyme put it so wisely, elegantly, and without grammatical error, "you going to loose customers over this stuff".