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  1. ARCHIVED-Olihin Guest

    PvP WARFIELDS (PVP Servers Only)

    Antonica and Commonlands have once again become hotbeds of conflict! Will your lands be overrun or will your forces prevail against the siege?

    · Warfields are Good vs. Evil faction based events, with participation starting at level 10.
    · Discord Tokens are awarded at the end of each event, with the winning team receiving bonus tokens.
    · The event will stagger between Antonica and 2 hours later in Commonlands and last for 30 minutes.
    · The Antonica and Commonlands zones have been CHANGED to 10 level ranges from 4 to allow a wider range of skirmishes.

    Event Description (Offense)

    · Four towers located near the three griffin towers and one near the city gate will spawn 10 minutes before the skirmish.
    · At the start of the event, the towers will have 5 guardian statues that will need to be destroyed by the invaders. The defenders are not able to interact with the Tower Guardians.
    · The Tower Guardians are protected by powerful magic but are vulnerable to players depending on their level. Each Tower Guardian has a protection spell and a color particle associated with it.

    * The Purple Tower Guardian will damage anyone level 31 or higher.
    * The Blue Tower Guardian will damage anyone level 51 or higher.
    * The Green Tower Guardian will damage anyone level 71 or higher.
    * The Red Tower Guardian is attackable by all level ranges.
    * The White Tower Guardian will be immune until all other guardians at that tower are defeated.
    * Destroying the White Tower Guardian destroys that tower.

    · If all four Towers are destroyed, the invaders are victorious! If any Tower Guardian is still active by the time the 30 minutes elapse, the siege fails.

    Event Description (Defense)

    · Prevent the destruction of the Tower Guardians at each of the four towers.
    · The defenders have 10 minutes to prepare for the siege and must then defend all four towers for 30 minutes.
    · If at any point during the 30 minutes all Tower Guardians are defeated, the event ends.

    Happy Hunting!

    ------------------ UPDATE --------------------


    I have made the following changes that will reduce some of the issues we are having at this time during the Warfield events. The changes will not likely be affecting live until after the holiday weekend. I just want to make you aware of what is being changed based on your feedback and please do not hesitate to provide more information should I have missed it

    (PvP) Warfields

    * Antonica and Commonlands have had their population count reduced and a new instance will spawn once the number is reached.
    * The new instance will also start the timer for a Warfield in that zone.
    * A new spell effect will now let you know if you will be rewarded for participation in the Warfields.
    * You gain the effect by reporting to one of the towers during the event.
    * The effect will cease being distributed 2 minutes prior the event timer ends.
    * Additional detriments have been added to the Tower Guardian defense shields that affect those under level 9.
    * Towers will now display correctly in each zone regardless of distance and setting.

    I thank you all for your patience and understanding!

    ------------------ UPDATE --------------------

    Additional changes to Warfields and PvP Writs

    (PvP) Warfields

    * Tower Guardians will no longer lock to players.
    * All eligible players will be rewarded equally for participation in the Warfields.
    * A few changes to Most Wanted Posters have been made to remove the focus on the Warfield's reward and back to PvP fights.

    (PvP) Writs

    * Most Wanted Posters now have 20 Charges.
    * The reuse timer for the Most Wanted Posters is now 5 Minutes.
    * You may still obtain a new writ while in combat.


    Removing Sticky...will have new version of Warfields posted soon.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ksaun Guest

    Is this active and on live now?
  3. ARCHIVED-Olihin Guest

    Not yet, but I want to focus the feedback and ask for reviews to be posted here. I know a few have been done but they got lost in the various other threads.
  4. ARCHIVED-Ksaun Guest

    I checked it out and from what I could tell if you are not above level 10 you don't get anything from being in the zone or at the tower.
    At level 20 all you have to do is show up to defend the tower in Ant (which I never did see drawn, just the statues) and you get credit. It doesn't matter if your dead or not, when the time is up you get tokens, status, gold and you don't have to do anything to get it. I haven't checked range to see if you have to actually be near the tower to get credit.
    The zone messages that come up that say you have to defend the onslaught (which I never saw another soul) should be put in the chat window or have some other indicator saying that the event is even active and how long is remaining.
    As for it being in Ant or Commonlands I am still undecided what I think of it considering its a 10 level spread the 10's but will be at the mercy of level 20's.. lets be honest here, a level 10 doesn't stand a chance in hell of defending themselves to someone 10 levels over them. If it were level level 30's against 40's that would be doable because everyone has started getting enough spells that they would have options.
    I would like to see it moved away from the city gates a bit further or at least away from the revive points or its going to be nothing but a zergfest. Put them out in the center of the zones and disable revive points close to them or put them in EL and Ferrott.
    That's just my opinion though.
  5. ARCHIVED-goose1123 Guest

    The event will be for level 30 and up. If the level 10s do not like fighting lvl 20s they can hang out in DLW and TD like they do now.
  6. ARCHIVED-Olihin Guest

    Ksaun wrote:
    Information in RED.
  7. ARCHIVED-Ksaun Guest

    Well I guess we will see how it turns out.
    I am hoping it will be as fun as Warhammers warzone areas.
  8. ARCHIVED-AziBam Guest

    Thinwizzy@Nagafen wrote:
    Based upon the comments above from Ksaun and then the reply from Olihin I'm not sure that's correct anymore. I certainly was under this impression though too. Meaning that 30 was the entry level to both the warfields and the BGs. Apparently not.
  9. ARCHIVED-Wytie Guest

    I just hope people wont be rewarded for sitting in immunity doing nothing and just being in the zone.
    Whatever the min is, people will only do it and reap its rewards, you can also bet once fame is changed depending on how its changed it may actually promote people to hide in immunity even more.
    Immunity from these zones should be 100% removed.
  10. ARCHIVED-Ksaun Guest

    Right now all you have to do is be lvl 10+ and show up in Ant or CL.
    Not sure about BG's because that kind of play doesn't really interest me, I think you will have to be lvl 30 to get in BG.
  11. ARCHIVED-goose1123 Guest

    I just ported into CL on test for the last 6 or 7 minutes of the event and just sat next to the spire. I did not get any reward for doing so. I am not sure if this would change if I parked closer to the towers or not.
  12. ARCHIVED-Kerberos Guest

    There are some issues that I have experienced with not receiving tokens for participating. I have only received tokens one time out of the 7-8 times I have participated in the warfields. The one time i ded get a reward was when I stood there and did nothing. I am a lvl 30 SK and I just watched as 6 lvl 90s killed the guardians. I got the 5 tokens for defeat. The other times I have attacked the guardians in Antonica for 25-30 minutes straight and got nothing.
    I have been on Test-Copy most of the weekend and did not see any broadcasts or messages related to Warfields. I also bounced around between CL and Ant and none of the towers were up. Either I have the worst timing ever, or they are no longer active on Test.
    I think a broadcast will help alot. I bounce around between forum, wiki and game window alot and often miss the announcements, so it would be nice to see something in the chat window.
  13. ARCHIVED-plasmapuppy Guest

    People will do whatever is the laziest so it is predictable that most will sit around in defense to earn tokens for doing nothing and not participate in the offensive. It will be incredibly boring to wait around for an attacking horde that never appears.
    There should be little reward for defense. The primary reward for defense is the pride of keeping the other alignment from earning PvP tokens.
    At least on offense you can easily require people to get in at least one whack on a protector to be eligible to earn their token should the offense group achieve a victory.
  14. ARCHIVED-Ksaun Guest

    Thinwizzy@Nagafen wrote:
    They might have made a change to it, I am sure there will be some adjusting to do, I checked it a little over a week ago and just stood near where the tower/tent was and got credit on a lvl 20 so not sure if there is a distance you have to be to the structure to get credit.
    For the next test I dragged a guard from the gate over and let him kill me where the status would normally appear and my corpse got credit for defending the tower even though I was killed there before the event started.
  15. ARCHIVED-Lizbein Guest

    Any reason you are not doing this for all servers? I know that everyone in my "circle" was relatively stoked about this coming out, even the ones who hate BG's, however, we're on a PVE server. While I know the definition of PVE, given that this is every 2 hrs (i think) and antonica / commonlands are no longer starting cities, I assumed it would be introduced.

    Is there a possibility of getting flagged to participate on PVE? Have a general of Qeynos / Freeport possibly that you hail to accept the challenge of defending/attacking the respective cities. Similar to the priest of discord flags in eq1 but temporary.

    If this COULD be implemented I think it would promote a bit more fun on the other 24 odd servers. I know there are numerous friends and foes in game I would love to wack a few times followed by an Elven Teabag.
  16. ARCHIVED-Wytie Guest

    Lizbein wrote:
    Your servers rule set doesnt allow for pvp combat, ours does and needs a huge insintive for open world pvp, because BG is killing us.
  17. ARCHIVED-goose1123 Guest

    If you want to participate, all you have to do is roll on the right server.
  18. ARCHIVED-Shamusar Guest

    glorified KP Zergfest with objectives...Wonderful
  19. ARCHIVED-Aldhissla Guest

    How about something to encourage open world PvP?
  20. ARCHIVED-goose1123 Guest

    This is a step towards encouraging open world pvp.
    People have been asking for something like this for quite awhile, let's not complain about getting it before it even goes live.
    I think Warfields have alot of potential for some fun pvp.
    That being said, there is also some potential for this to fail. I think the biggest issue I see potentially is lag. Will the servers be able to handle all the players this might pull to one zone?
    Also, in the event of multiple instances of antonica or commonlands, will the warfields be up in all of them, or just the first instance?
    Hopefully this is a success and we will see other types of events in other zones as well.

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