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  1. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Disclaimer :)
    I don't know coding, I don't know programming restrictions, I don't know how taxing things are on servers, I know nothing :)
    What I wondered is if each character and/or account, could be granted a warehouse home. Somewhere were the moving crate could be like 4000-5000 or MORE items. Not dispalyed items. Soley a big box, we could throw things in until we needed it. I have sooo many different hosues right now.
    I know many people use DM as warehouses, but for some reason, I'm not comfortable with that option..as if they aren't permanent enough and might go poof....
  2. Afista Well-Known Member

    I have thatame little fear lurking in the back of my mind too... but still I use them. Although, if they did go poof and I lost 12 warehouses full of seasonal items, that's the day I quit EQ2 for good lol

    Anyways, a large capacity storage crate option for house furniture would definately be a welcome thing for many people I'm sure :)
  3. Mikmak New Member

    Something like the personal harvesting box, but for house items would be wonderful indeed.
  4. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    I feel no shame for my attachement to my pixeled treasure trove and how I'd feel if they went poof.
    I have faith that SOE would assist, they've always been awesome, but /shudder. :) I just wanna spend less time running from place to place!
  5. Aabari Member

    Sadly for me at least a 5000 limit warehouse wouldnt be enough to hold all I have in storage unless i could have 1 per character or something. I dont worry about my dungeons going poof anymore than id be worried about my houses going poof. I have made a fail safe against accidental deletion. Use 2 characters A & B have character B create the dungeons and give character A trustee access,then character A places & removes the items when needed only character B can delete the dungeon so never use him to access them after they are made and trustee access is established. If somehow they ever did go poof after that im sure they would have a record of it and be able to restore your items if they ever somehow vanished I dont think they would do away with dungeons now that they are in place. Even those who dont use them as storage still have alot of items invested in playable dungeons im sure they will be safe as long as EQ2 is around.
  6. Ikitty New Member

    I would prefer a well laid out warehouse with shelving like a big home depot where I can place a couple thousand items and a depot for tiles. A warehouse with no gaudy detracting colors or details the palest beige and smooth to make veiwing items easier as I like to be able to walk around and see items in their real size and colors instead of using the dressing window,
    I would love it if it were a collectors edtion so all my toons had one but if not I would happy to buy serveral, Big square rooms with open doorways and no odd shapes.
  7. Mythical House Item Active Member

    Is it sad that when I go into one of my storage houses, if I do not visually see something in a 'crawl through' that I make and or buy the item? I did organize *cough* one dungeon though.. and by organize I mean all 1,901 items are on the same X,Y,Z. I think that a storage facility would be nice. I agree with the home depot style. I understand why the housing crates are not huge, huge. Since you can, after all, use them to place thousands over the limit of house items in a house.
  8. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    /house collect an item list does same as having it all in a depot Try being more organized when putting things in a storage house like pick a room for notrade quested items and a room for crafted. I started a cargo ship that has one room of shelves with only crafted frostfell items in it and a magic mouth to announce that:)
  9. Mythical House Item Active Member

    I have roughly 42 DM storage houses, 8 prestige houses, and six odd city houses that are used for storage. This is an example of what they look like (the DM dungeons) before I organized:


    And the 'after'


    The thing I love the most about the DM storage is that there is a box that is open as soon as you enter and you can pull the item from there. So if we were to get a storage house, I would definitely want to have the same filter box as DM dungeons.
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  10. LlyranKeen Member

    I thought my wife had a hoarding problem with housing items. Now I have a little better perspective. ;)

    More/better ways to store and access items is always welcomed.
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  11. Mythical House Item Active Member

    Magic Mouth announcements are a great idea! However once I place them in a Dungeon Maker dungeon, I noticed I can't set messages. That being said, if I get a free month I may organize this way.
  12. Aabari Member

    I have 20 dungeons for storage 1 for each city fest,1 for grottos,3 for NoTD (crafted,quested,purchased),3 for Frostfell,1 each for brew day ,bristlebane day & erollisi day , 2 for tinkerfest (crafted & purchased) , 1 with all things my carpenter can make thats non-holiday, 1 for miscellaneous quested tradeable items, 1 for all my alts and their no-trade personal house items at least the ones that are able to be placed in dungeons and the rest of my items such as heirloom stuff that cant go in a dungon are placed in a house everything total is probably over 20,000 items so i guess im a hoarder too :D
  13. Kisy Active Member

    I have magic mouths in my tile and divider storage locations... I pertty much entitled one toon to a specific style of storage.. for instance my Kisy on Guk, she houses all my tiles.... Sparkle, dividers, and Rysil she carries all the misc. housing stuffs.

    Kisy however does have a Moonlight Enchantments home, a City Festival home, and Other tile storage home... how nice it would be to have a storage box and go down to one home for all my tile storage needs.
  14. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    Oh, a warehouse would ROCK! I am using dungeons to house my things too.. but if it could all go in one warehouse... Man, that would be great!

    I SO hope they never POOF our storage dungeons!
  15. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    I think they're safe, as they're only taking up storage space. I wouldn't be surprised if they considered this use in their original plans.

    For myself, I don't see the point in moving stuff out of my Lavastorm houses. I'd rather they do something like make Frostfell items craftable year round than see another place to put things. :p

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