[TLE] Wards Critically Broken!

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Defilecheese, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Defilecheese New Member

    So back in KoS a few of us vaguely remember wards being broken from a critical aspect (when you critical with a ward the spell lands on the target friend but doesn't actually absorb any damage and falls off). The same issue seems to have come back and haunted us, any fix in the near future? With the lack of crit, lack of casting speed and lack of ability mod the DoF scout gear with 100+ AB mod is looking pretty dam spiffy still!
  2. Darkon Well-Known Member

    That never happened.

    Wards have lower base crit modifier (50% of avg)

    Wards when doublecast wouldn't benefit from ability mod.

    Those were the two bugs.
  3. Priceless Member

    Tested that tonight through 3 instances and my wards only registered 0 three times. Probably after mob was dead and ward landed. Tested in HoF, Den and Vaullts. Just get the plate tank levels and in HoF we can take 3-4 encounters w/o a mezzer and survive. 70 Defiler of Heroes Fate
  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    No heals of any type (direct, HoT, reactive or ward) double cast.
  5. Darkon Well-Known Member

    Correct. This was implemented so SDA'd wards wouldn't overwrite a large ward with a small ward.

    The OP said 'back in KOS a few of us vaguely remember', I then listed issues with wards that have occurred throughout the history of the game.

    I excluded the interaction issue between wards and truespirit's rift because it wasn't much known.
  6. Darkon Well-Known Member

    If you're seeing wards absorb 0 it's probably on a fight with a mana drain component, check if the ability registering 0's is a mana drain of some kind.

    This was changed as well since vanilla due to some classes being able to entirely ward power drain mechanics of encounters.
  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I doubt that is the reason, DoTs that double cast don't overwrite.
    Heals have pretty consistently not benefited from as many things as damage arts, like not receiving any inherent boost from primary stat. Reguardless of the reason, no heals have ever received any benefit from doublecast, and given the trend in how heals and healing is treated, I doubt any attempt to give them that type of boost will be attempted anywhere in the remotely near future.
  8. Ixian Active Member

    Actually, it was possible (though unintended) for heals to doublecast up until Tears of Veeshan. Heals being able to doublecast resulted in a bug where a Defiler's wards occasionally wouldn't benefit from ability mod, as Darkon said, because their myth ability adds a heal proc to to their primary wards. The heal proc would trigger a doublecast of the entire spell, causing the ward to be reapplied without ability modifier.
  9. Caith Developer

    Found the bug in original coding for wards, it's fixed for next hotfix. Multiplying by 0 is no bueno.
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  10. Poofe Active Member

    Thanks Caith!
  11. Defilecheese New Member

    Cheers Caith, thanks for the upcoming fix!
  12. Koko Well-Known Member

    I'll verify Darkon's description of mechanics.
  13. Caith Developer


    That was changed in ToV. Wards benefit fully from crit bonus.
    The issue with wards critting for 0 had nothing to do with power drains. If the caster of a ward ever had 0 crit multiplier, the ward would multiply by that 0. Having a 0 crit multiplier doesn't happen often, players would need to have their crit bonus debuffed below 0, or one of a few other rare modifiers applied. Well, or one not so rare one on the TLE servers, such as not having crit bonus at all.
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  14. Koko Well-Known Member

    I was referring to the double-cast ward functionality which Mermut was debating.

    I should have been more specific!
  15. PURPLEmonkeyDISHWASHER New Member

  16. Caith Developer

    Looks like a large part of the patch didn't make it to the live servers in this morning's hotfix, so this is still currently bugged. We're working on getting it out asap.
  17. Laliya Active Member

    This update didnt fix the problem with gettin empty wards. I"m from Stormhold server and i'm still getting 0 point wards when i have crit.
  18. Greene Active Member

    I assume there's no crit multiplier at all on TLE? So basically we all have 0? ;)
  19. Caith Developer

    See post above yours, it's likely I posted while you were typing.
  20. Laliya Active Member

    yes i saw your post after posted mine, thank you for quick reply. So we'll get ward problem fix next tuesday?

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