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  1. ARCHIVED-IvyBlackrose Guest

    does anyone actually play a warden still? I mean seriously this class seems a mess to me.
    I recently played my wifes warden to help her get her pq set of gear and low and behold getting the chest and the weapon to drop for her has been basically impossible......
    she has 2 AOE heals 1 AOE ward that work and then she has 1 AOE damage spell that works, apparently her other 3 damage spells do not seem to work for some reason one being the blue ice ca another being wrath of nature and the other being her green ice spell.....all 3 spells in combat say either a) no valid targets for this spell even when shes standing right in the middle of the group of them AND targetting them OR they say this spell would not take hold???? WT.....? thats amazing so shes basically stuck single targetting mobs in the middle of a AOE pq fest or casting her measly 2 aoe heals which honestly dont do much........is this working as intended or are wardens seriously in that big of a mess?

    btw I have a fury myself and I have like 7 aoe heals and 7 aoe nukes and a ton of utility spells heh and ALL of them work in PQ
  2. ARCHIVED-IvyBlackrose Guest

    what they need to do is do away with the split class feature and let them go back to what they were in eq1 Warden+fury=DRUID get rid of split classes
  3. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    It's a mess because you tried the toon of your wife.
    You go the "do not hold message" because you used twice the same spell (melee version, spell version) and only the stronger held. Or may another warden used the spell.
    The class has issues, indeed a lot but the warden healing potential is very high -- but rarely used because eitehr people get 1 shot or they are already at 100% life. You can appreciate the potential hps against tserina x1 (in phase 1 people have 150 000 hps).
    But even is the class do have major issues, it is far from being as bad as you say.
    I could solo the library and vd1 in the middle of SF (with almost no raid gear), so the class is viable solo.I killed chief rygor ^^^ in ohmir quested gear and with 255 aas (may be 260?) like a day after starting velious.
    I can solo heal anything but drunder (most priests can).
    So please don't comment on a class you don't know and that you tried 5mn.
  4. ARCHIVED-IvyBlackrose Guest

    again your missing the point I was making......I am a fury....my natures Wrath does NOT fail to take hold in pq's because someone else casted it, my two cold aoe spells do not fail to take hold or work cause someone else casted it.....they work 100% of the time all the time.....im not saying a warden can or cant heal im not saying a warden can or cant solo....what I AM saying is that in situations like PQ which is all about doing lots of AOE a LOT in order to get the weapon and chest to drop. because of the issue I am seeing on my wifes warden, it appears there is an issue
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  6. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Maybe you're just doing it wrong?
  7. ARCHIVED-IvyBlackrose Guest

    ok so no one else has this problem allright ill try to figure out why its happening then thnx
  8. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    IvyBlackrose wrote:
    I'm not trying to be a [self censored use your imagination]. I've been playing Furies and Wardens for a long while, 6 years this coming october, the only times i've noticed a "Would not take effect" is when a HoT clashed. As far as the 2 Subclasses go there are only 2 that should cause issue Regrowth (fury version of the single target heal) and the group HoT Autumn's Kiss (again fury version) I always manage to forget the warden versions of those same spells. Anyway, as far as damage out put the Warden is melee based nothing should be causing the "Would not take effect" message, I've yet to encounter such an issue before but I haven't gotten a warden high enough to get to run any PQ's just yet.
  9. ARCHIVED-IvyBlackrose Guest

    the issue is happening with whirl of permafrost/winds of permafrost and natures wrath the only aoes that warden has and yes I understand whirl of permafrost overrides winds, it still leaves her with a total of 0 aoes in a aoe heavy fight
  10. ARCHIVED-Lethe5683 Guest

    Don't use the spells. Only use the CAs.
  11. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    Note that we repeatly asked our dps to be fixed :we need MA and our CA do not scale well and have a reuse time that if wrong when compared to the spell version. We also asked for some more utility and for a revamp of the warden tree (the fury is infinely better).
    Nobody can deny that the fury class is currently in a much better state than the warden one, the fact thant several high end wardens betrayed is rather striking.
    Last about PQ, you don't need to perform well to get the fabled. Once i was grouped with 3 level 86-87 we get the heroic encouter. I did 100% of the tanking, 100% of the healing and 70% of the damage. I got a lesser reward than the 87 and one got a fabled. One tank in my guild got his BP and his weapon when he was 86, with a zero contribution.

    Last ok we do have only two aoe, but some other classes do not have more. And the lack of AOE is certainly not a concern at all for our class. And btw you can get hierophantic grasp and infusion for 2 extra aoe.
  12. ARCHIVED-Elskidor Guest

    IvyBlackrose wrote:
    +1 million. Do the same with all the healers and a few of the other classes to. Thankyou.
  13. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    Then you'd have Rift. No thank you. I'd rather they just figure out what the classes' roles are supposed to be and stop patching stuff onto them with bubblegum and duct tape, but I'm not hopeful.

    To the OP: Wardens don't have any AoE heals, they are either single target or group target. You can't use a group heal cross raid, but you can use a single target cross raid.
    CA dots didn't used to stack ..but I thought they'd changed that. It sounds like that's what you are running into. If you are getting "No Valid Targets" means you are too far away from the mob to hit it with the AoE combat art. We have one aoe CA. It's possible she was right in the middle then the mob moved..? iDK. Also as a Fury, you are used to casting nukes, and these are CAs. If you don't play a melee class your positioning might be wrong. A PQ is like pvp in a way - there are all kinds of weird reasons why you can't assist someone (like a tank) in the way you normally assist in raids. You almost have to target the mobs yourself.
    The green spell is group target and will grey the blue aoe spell out - they share the same timer. You can either nuke or melee, but you can't do both with the same ability. If you nuke, its group. If you melee it's aoe. It's not as messed up as it may seem to someone logging onto a level 90ish toon who has never played it. Growing up with the class you figure it out and it actually does work. What I find weird is that your wife had both kinds of spells on her hotbars. Most wardens pick one or the other - with maybe one nuke available to pull. Otherwise you have to have 20 hotbars.
    Hope this helps. Like another poster said, the BP and weapon are random. On my fairly decently geared well-parsing Defiler I did weeks worth of PQs before I saw either piece. On my Warden I did two, and got both drops one right after the other. The Warden was wearing T4 raid gear from TSO with Tier 8 spells...so it wasn't my contribution to the raid that made those items drop. Also, they ARE rare...rare means...rare. LOL
    Hope this helps!
  14. ARCHIVED-sommer33 Guest

    The spells do override the combat arts if you hit them first, you will notice the ca's gray out. Also what I find is if I'm within 5 meters of a mob my green aoe 'spell' will not go off but it's not a bother because the aoe ca works in that range.

    Fury's are casters , wardens are more melee oriented. Check your mail here , I sent a nice example of a warden aa set up for groups that incorporates the melee aspects and still gives you the ability to solo heal.
    If you need a cast order for dps let me know , I can send that as well.

    hope it helps :)
  15. ARCHIVED-gatrm Guest

    To the OP, it sounds like your wife's warden is not yet 90. When a sub 90 warden groups with or in the event of a PQ is trying to hit the same mobs that a 90 warden is hitting, then the 90 warden's spells/CAs will apply and you will get the results that you identified on the sub-90 warden. It is an issue of a lower level spell not being able to overwright a higher level spell, and it is completely broken. Once your wife reaches 90 though, you will stop seeing these messages, unless you try to apply the spell version of the CA when the CA effect is still on the mob.
    This bugged the heck out of me when I was still leveling during SF cause warden was not the first toon I leveled, and on several occasions I would group with a 90 warden, and almost everything I casted, could not be applied and the game would not allow it to be used. But, like I said, at 90, it rights itself.
    There are still loads of issues, like crappy group buffs and no melee itemization, but at least the wife will be able to use all her abilities, and she'll have the potential to be great at healing.
    *Edit: The reason for the effect is that the CA conversion abilities supposedly scale with level, so on a level 86 warden, those abilities are level 86 and on a level 90 warden, those abilities are level 90, and a lower level ability cannot overwrite a higher. Of course, I have noticed that this is not the case with duplicate spells from other classes (coercers for example), and must be unintended, but once max level, it stops happening. Note that if your fury is level 90, then you will not and should not expect to have the same issues. Once the Warden is 90, it will not have the issues you identified. As far as getting the weapon and breastplate, hope for a good RNG. If you manage to get an adornment you want, consider buying a lottery ticket.
  16. ARCHIVED-NolaDragon Guest

    Yess like the others said , PLZ Dont compare hissy kitty furies with a Warden.
    That was clearly the problem you had with your interface.
    Much like a gutairist that thinks they can play bass.
    A Fury that thinks they can play a Warden will have the same effect.
    Stick to what you know.
    Unless you want to be a Warden ... or play bass
  17. ARCHIVED-Cratoh Guest

    Don't consolidate the classes. I have one of each and loved the days when (ward)en was more about MT healing, and fury was about dps and mage group heals.
    One specced for strength/wis/stam one specced for int/wis/stam.
    Over simplification of the game has ruined these classes.
  18. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    7 aoe heals sound strange to me.

    Like wardens you have two group heals + hibernate that is an easy mode proactive heal that should be warden only. So we are at 3. Now may be you count your emergency heal (so we are at 4) and your AA that heal when you nuke (parses of it are very low). THis is not 7.
    Furies and wardens certainly need to be adjusted, currently the furies is much better (10% pot buf, hibernate, porcupine, possibility to grant a heal cure to someone). Indeed fury heals have to be reduced by at least 20%-30% to balance their offensive abilties.

    What happened post ROK is that a Dev probably played or knew a furie and that none played a warden. So furies were given proactive heals and defensive abilties that should have been warden only. At the same time their heal amount was raised at the level of warden ones.
    Furies won't admit it, but it's a theorem and none can deny the truth.
  19. ARCHIVED-Oakum Guest

    IvyBlackrose wrote:
    No thanks. if you want that, play EQ1, lol. If i wanted to play like a fury, i would have rerolled one when i accidentally chose warden back when you had to choose at lvl 20. I stuck to my warden, instead of rerolling have loved it ever since. I don't want to play a fury again now. If I did, I would lvl one. It only takes like 2 weeks or less if I box and actually work on it.
  20. ARCHIVED-Oakum Guest

    Cratoh wrote:
    Its funny in a way. In my mind sometimes I see furys as the angry women of myth, sitting back where they cant be touched healing and throwing spells where as we wardens are like prison wardens, up close and personal with the tanks beating the mobs down while healing their group making sure the mobs cant get to the weaker classes that are nuking in the back ground. lol.
    Edit: Like prison wardens protecting the weaker society from those who prey on them, lol.

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