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Discussion in 'Warden' started by ARCHIVED-Ayaka, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ayaka Guest

    Shatter Infections has been "fixed" only to be broken countless times. Through constant petitions we have still yet to see this ability fixed for us. It is supposedly an ability made for Wardens to be able to "Pre-cure" troublesome AOE's (Knockback AOE's, Stifling AOE's, etc.), as Xelgad wrote here:

    Xelgad wrote:
    The ability was changed from one that cures any group member that falls below 50% health of all detriments to one that is supposed to cure any detriment on a player that takes damage. After they made this change, Shatter Infections was tested and it was found that it was not curing detriments when damage was received. This ability was hotfixed a few months later to hopefully now trigger on "all damage", possibly fixing the problem. It might technically now work on all damage (rather sporadically) but it does not cure AOE detrimentals exactly when they hit, which was the intention for the ability. I believe this is because the AOE detrimentals apply after the initial damage is taken from the AOE, so the detrimentals are not cured until damage is received again in the 8 second duration (if at all). Actually, even if you are damaged after you have the detriment (the detriment ticks damage for example), it still doesn't cure you.
    The ability was supposed to allow Wardens to "pre-cure" AOE detrimentals incoming in the next 8 seconds which would be useful on mobs with Knockback AOE's/etc, such as "Cyclonic Freeze" from Modrfrost, or "Toxic Tornado" on Prime-Cornicen Munderrad for example. The ability has to be casted before the AOE hits, which requires good timing, good ACT timers, and/or an NPC casting bar. Right now this ability is completely useless, especially with it's duration. If it does not cure the detriment on the initial damage hit, then what is the use? The point is to not let that detriment sit and tick damage on the group (and even if it does, it still does not cure the detrimental).
    After almost a year now, it would be great if this ability was finally fixed for us or reverted back to its orginal state. Some Wardens did use this ability before this "upgrade" as a back up cure because of its past 1 minute and 30 second duration (which is now reduced to an 8 second duration). I honestly only see Shatter Infections truly work in a PvP environment, but if implemented correctly this ability would surely be a great asset for our class in PvE.
  2. ARCHIVED-joyhinia Guest

    When I read the changes to shatter infection I was like wow I'll finally spec for that now something I've never done however after testing I realised it just doesn't work as Ayaka says, I've petitioned this issue a number of times and it has been addressed in the warden section of this forum: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...topic_id=505670 but so far we've had no fix for this bug. I stopped playing over a month back came back to game with the hopes this would have been addressed but its still the same.
  3. ARCHIVED-Shotneedle Guest

    I tested this in a duel when it was first changed since nothing hit fast enough in pvp to do so, my findings were after casting Shatter Infections, and having a det land on me, nothing would happen. Then having a second det land on me would cure the first det. Then having a third det land on me would cure the second det. So on so forth.

    It was pretty boss for some things pre-change, now it's just useless :(
  4. ARCHIVED-Ayaka Guest

    Heh, yeah, the only way I could ever get Shatter Infections do do anything somewhat useful was in Duels/BG's/Open world PvP. It's pretty nice when you have multiple people attacking you -- you (and your group) are basically detriment free for 8 seconds. PvE wise...not useful anymore =/
    If it's messing up like you say, as in detriments are curing the detriments (lol, oh my..), then that makes sense that it sometimes works on detriment heavy fights like Tallon/Vallon. I've seen it cure the group a few times when the AOE's land very close together.
  5. ARCHIVED-Lossewen Guest

    Please can somebody take a look at this AA?

    It would be fantastic if it actually worked.
  6. ARCHIVED-bullen230 Guest

    Vitriol@Splitpaw wrote:
    Lol Vitrol dont be silly they dont know how to fix it .. I can also confirm its broken .. for me it worked one raid then it just did not work what so ever for me.. This i doubt soe will fix tho even we petition and complain at them ..
  7. ARCHIVED-Smokeshifter Guest

    It's shocking that this is still broken. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  8. ARCHIVED-mdwmonsters Guest

    From what I can tell, shatter infections works...It only cures when you take damage...Its the best 8 seconds of your life during pvp...And depending on how high your reuse is, its back up in roughly 90s give or take....In a long pvp fight, you can use it several times...In raid, use it when both your cures are down and just heal until the dot ticks...As long as no one gets one shotted, you can get the group to green and keep it moving...Shattered infections makes the warden one of the best solo healers in the game in my opinion.
  9. ARCHIVED-Lossewen Guest

    mdwmonsters wrote:
    It is not working in PVE.
    People have tested it.
  10. ARCHIVED-mdwmonsters Guest

    Vitriol@Splitpaw wrote:
    Vitirol, I've used it in PVE and even in Raids...And it has worked...The dots don't get cured unless the group takes damage...I just heal the damage once the dot ticks...
  11. ARCHIVED-Ayaka Guest

    mdwmonsters wrote:
    Read Xelgad's comment in the OP and tell me this ability is working correctly. I already mentioned that it "works" in PvP several times, and so have others, because you are constantly taking damage from players in PvP. That is not the issue here. It does not work as intended in PvE right now. If we have to wait for the detriment to tick to cure the group, that is ridiculous and unfeasible in hard mode content, as the detriment would one shot your entire group as it ticked unless you had an emergency up. It is supposed to help wardens to "pre-cure" AOE detrimentals that stifle/stun/KB so they first and foremost do not tick and destroy your group. Why would you want an ability that you'd have to risk your entire group dying for it to work? If that is the case, please revert this ability back to its past form. Detriments need to be cured immediately. It makes me sad you'd wait and let the detriments tick before curing them. This ability was supposed to make it easier to instantly cure detrimentals, not to let them sit and tick once before being cured.
    Again, Even if the detriment ticks damage and cures the detriment, in Hard Mode content this is not feasible. It defeats the purpose of the ability -- to prevent the detriment from ticking damage in the first place. I cannot fathom why you think this ability is working correctly in its current state, or why you even would want the detriment on the group to have to tick damage for it to cure.
    I'm sorry but you need to take your comments elsewhere if you realy believe you should let a detriment tick before curing it. We are hoping for an ability that has been broken for so long to be fixed, as it is useless in its current state for PvE purposes.
  12. ARCHIVED-Lossewen Guest

    Ayaka@Nagafen wrote:
    Ayaka, I wish you were able to be in the worldwide warden channel as I believe many people (me included) would learn a lot.
    Thank you for still campaigning to get this fixed.
  13. ARCHIVED-mdwmonsters Guest

    If you guys don't like it b/c its not a pre-cure, that's one thing...But it works as its written to work...No, I never that I WANTED a dot to tick on my group, but I've had a few occasions where I've had to rely it on it...Shattered Infections is not a pre-cure...Its a cure upon damage...I don't disagree that it is not ideal for raid, but it works nevertheless if your group can survive the damage...I have it in raid spec and avoid using it if I can...But it helps in rare occasions when cures are needed faster than my recast time...
  14. ARCHIVED-Lossewen Guest

    mdwmonsters wrote:
    Xelgad wrote:

    So, no it doesn't work as intended at all.
  15. ARCHIVED-Ayaka Guest

    mdwmonsters wrote:
    I have raided in all DoV content including drunder hardmodes and have not had any issues whatsoever with making sure my group cures were up for AOE detrimentals. If you are having these problems you should seriously rethink how you are playing, especially with having to "rely" on Shatter Infections in its current state to cure your group. Do I need to re-quote exactly what was in Xelgad's post so that you understand what he intended this ability to be?
    Xelgad wrote:
    I really don't know how else to show you that this ability is completely broken and is not useful in current raid content. Are you honestly satisfied with an ability that risks your group dying to work? What if I said: If this ability worked as Xelgad said it should, it wouldn't even let that detriment tick on your group? I really don't understand you, we as a class should all be working together to get this fixed when it is so obvious this ability is broken. What are you trying to achieve? I'm trying not to be harsh here, I just honestly want you to see that this ability is not working as intended.

    Vitriol@Splitpaw wrote:
    I appreciate it... I've always wished I could talk with you guys. Hard to get the word out about this when I'm isolated on this server =/
  16. ARCHIVED-Tili Guest

    Given that SoE has been operating in panic mode for the past six months to release "new" content in hopes of competing with SWTOR and Chuck Norris, perhaps they can now address the issues that have been left lying on the table. Although, I have little faith in a company that basically had us all pay for an open BETA period for their new content. I would love to be proven wrong
  17. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    Keep pushing, it's not like if we were asking the moon.
  18. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    I tried it today for the first time in raid and it never worked. It was on several time when a dot landed.
    Currently the effect is even worst than what it was originally ( i guess since i never specced for it).
    One day you shall also explain us why with 5AAs furies get a much higher heal on cure effect than warden/mystic filling all the cure tree (which is something probable none do due to that rather minimal effect).
  19. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Maybe you should betray?
  20. ARCHIVED-Ayaka Guest

    This ability is still broken. We haven't received any response through petitioning or from this topic about fixing or reverting this ability back to its past state.

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