Ward of Chaos Elements

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Leisher, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Leisher New Member

    Trash inside have a tremendous amount of HP
  2. Leisher New Member

    Also every name.
  3. Bardonio Active Member

    Agreed Leisher. and trash has to be killed to progress. chaos guard buff on them doesnt appear to be broke, just heroic instead of solo OR too many HP for a solo.
  4. Minimme New Member

    Took me~ 30 min to kill 5 mobs in right wing, than i've gatherd 4 snow embers. Than ~30 min to kill another 4 mobs in left corner and wall that blocked way further did not dissaper i gave up and decided to leave. On the way to exit i clicked npc near entrance and suddenly it turned out to be named). Font of power not working in there. I've tried to cov warlock to help me but he could not enter because he did not meet requiremnts. Really long and painfull place.
  5. Chrol Developer

    This will be fixed tomorrow (10/13).
  6. Minimme New Member

    Thank you, finished zone recently today it was pretty easy.
  7. Anatha Active Member

    Not sure if I messed something up. Last night was working on this last part and the trash was taking too long so I logged out. Today I see that the trash is fixed and I can melt things. I am at the part where I pick up the scroll to put it in the brazier. I don't get a hand pointer so I can't click the brazier. Can't continue on.
  8. Speed Member

    1. Quest reward loot tables from PoP, see attached image.
  9. Grate New Member

    At the defeat lady Najena in Face the Chaos, unable to kill Cursemuck...
  10. Grate New Member

    can't edit my post but dragged him around to all the portals and the damage mitigation shield will not drop
  11. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    Late last night or rather in the wee hours this morning, I was pressing forward on EoD: Face the Chaos. I got to Blazeanger and I er -- fell into the pit and had to revive. When I thought I had revived completely, I started to run back to face my nemesis once again and low and behold I found myself zoning out. When I zoned back in, I found many of the items I had collected that I would need to battle Lady Najena were no zone and were gone. I had to recollect them (ugh)..... Tired and frustrated, I pressed on. I can't remember if it was before or after I killed Blazeanger, but I managed to fall into that blasted pit a second time and when I started to move forward, once again I found myself zoning out and having to recollect the goodies for the skills I would need.........

    First it would be nice if the items stayed in inventory as long as the quest is active. More importantly, revive points that are right in front of a zone in portal are really annoying. I am sure it is worse if one uses the mouse for movement but it would be nice to have the revive point not right at the zone in spot. The humor of getting booted from the zone for moving too rapidly after zoning is lost after it happens a few times.
  12. Grate New Member

    After redoing the zone and collecting the items again it did work
  13. Chrol Developer

    I will move the revive area by the entrance and add another revive destination closer to Blazeanger.
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  14. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    WOW!!! Thanks!!!!
  15. Chrol Developer

    Next update will also save the items you earned that are required to defeat (or at least help) the named encounters.
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  16. Amn3z1a New Member

    I am finding it very difficult to get past the first named in this zone ...glimmergast one shots me on my troub...i have respec'd for more dps..more hp..i have reset zone multiple times and still cant kill him on my troubador...my wife killed him in about 3 seconds on her warden...im not sure if it may be bugged for scouts or what but i know a ranger that has the same issues i do on my troub. we have all the new gear ...and every buff and potion imaginable and still cant progress
  17. Trabu Member

    Did you use the Icecrete Shield I found that very helpful to get past this mob and the Najena at the end. You can use this item to mitigate damage throughout the zone.
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  18. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    in the elevator room, would it be possible to either slightly reduce the size of the statues in the room, or add an invisible wall so that one cannot get kicked behind them? I was able to squish far enough back to not be floating, but I couldn't get out from here. had to evac out. specific loc /-508, -408, 143. but I suspect all statues have the capability to become stuck behind them.
  19. Yado Active Member

    Ward of Chaos Elements
    Glimmerghast, the fog archon has killed me 6 times, and I gave up on my Coercer, my NEC died a lot as well and took over an hour to finish the zone. I just plain gave up on my Coercer. Neither have their epic 2. I was using the ice shield buff, and had Zhugrus Blightstrike as a healer merc. I am in the scaling test gear. The mobs in whole hit way too hard and makes the zone long not fun at all due to all the deaths. I am all for a challenge but this, this is something way more. I won't even have the magical scaling gear on live when I attempt this.
  20. Chrol Developer

    Will look at this tomorrow.
    Never mind! Kaitheel beat me to it.
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