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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Lamprey_02, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Dusting off old necro (51/22). He was abandoned a LONG time ago, hence so litle AA. He was actually 50/10, and I tried to bring him up once before, but at my main is a conjurer and switching to the necro was frustrating in comparison. It just takes him SO long to kill things... *yawn*
    At 50, the conji would cast 4 nukes and mob was dead. Total fight time: 4.5 seconds.
    The necro casts a few dots... and sits there... and recasts the dots... and sits some more... jesus, someone shoot me.
    Anyway, hoping this is because of the low AA so once my main hits 90, I'll switch gears (he's at 89.8 right now) and catch up. I do have a few questions though:
    - Lich - why is it there? It's not like the necro has ever, under any circumstances had power problems. Is there a reason to have this junk spell up, other than for a cool illusion or to make the game more challenging? You know, "mobs don't hit me so let me use a spell that does!"
    - Pet heal - is this worth upgrading once I get tainted heals?
    - I'm pretty sure I know what to get for AA: tainted heals, then beef up pet, then look at TSO AAs. Am I missing anything?
    - Ability mod: is it worth it, really? All the real dmg spells are dots, so will cap this pretty quickly. Should I focus on sta/int more instead (ain't gonna find much potency gear in my 50s)?
    Finally, what's a good zone for a necro that's lacking in AA (and, therefore, has a crappy **** for a pet) to grind AA solo? I was thinking of locking at 52 and doing the everfrost quest line, then the lavastorm quest line. Any better ideas?

    Thanks guys.
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    Lamprey_02 wrote:
  3. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    Lamprey_02 wrote:
    You may want to just betray your conjuror to necro. Since you keep all of your AA and spells/masters from your conjuror, you can just switch back when you get tired of playing the necro without any loss. Plus, as you level up your necro, you would also be leveling up your conjuror... You win both ways.
    - Lich: Amazing spell. You should rarely have power issues, and the proc adds a good chunk to your dps. Not only that, but the heal component should basically cancel out the health cost. At low levels, I can see how the cost can seem a little ridiculous without criticals.
    - I never use the pet heals since tainted heals is so much better. The cure component might be useful occasionally.
    - AA depends on what you want to do. If you want to solo hard mobs, then beef up the tank pet and get tainted heals. With that set-up you can take just about anything. If you just want to kill average stuff, then focus on your dps. Get the AA for criticals, go down the lifeburn line (first 3 selections to help your main damage spells), and get the soulrot AA in the shadows tree.
    - Ability mod doesn't need to be very high, but if you have to decide just switch out equipment to see how it affects your spells.
    Necros aren't the highest dps class out there so don't expect to blow stuff up like most other mages. I rarely see necros do good dps, but they can do a lot if played correctly. They do, however, have a lot of options and can pretty much do anything: tank, heal, dps, revive, etc. If you're bored with a certain playstyle they offer a lot of alternatives.
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    Thanks guys. Rerolling the necro is not an option since he's my 90 sage, but I may just start a new one - AA is so easy to come by at low levels anyway. I also didn't know that you keep the masters you have if you betray, then betray back - it might be fun to try playing a 90 necro for a while just to see what he can do!
    And yeah, lich has a dmg proc - how did I miss that? Doh.
  5. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    Why someone would even recommending rerolling a toon is beyond me. Simply mentor down by a chronomancer to early levels and go crazy. Go find named for aas you have on killed. Do old quests, etc etc. It is quite easy.
  6. ARCHIVED-eidand Guest

    Garlin1 wrote:
    Because ppl are still incapable of thinking of creative ways of lvling and earning aa's.
    Some are just blocked in the "reroll" attitude.
    Don't reroll anything, do all the quests you can, group everywhere , aa will come in naturally. Also , there's an aa bonus week coming up, which is mroe than enough to max AA's on a toon.
  7. ARCHIVED-Lamprey_02 Guest

    Really? When's this bonus coming?
  8. ARCHIVED-eidand Guest

    I don't know when it will happen, probably once Velious is released.

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