Wail of Woe - whoa, a broken dirge song? No way!

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Xeryna, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Xeryna Guest

    Has anyone had any luck with this song? The description reads "Deals medium mental damage and interrupts the dirge's target and the target's group." First off, I still have yet to decipher how they qualify "medium" and "low damage" etc in descriptions, but that's beside the point. Anyway, this appears to be the most disappointing "upgrade" I have seen to a song yet (it's part of the Alin's Keening Lamentation / Dissonant Rhythm line).

    First off, it deals disease damage, not mental (considering we have a mental mitigation debuff built into Afflicted Blade, it matters...if you think the resist system actually works correctly).

    Second, it's still less damage than our measly level 13 or so Alin's (which does 60-75ish for me, Wail of Woe is hitting in the mid 40s... I have yet to discover why Templars, who don't receive any AE damage spell until level 32 or so can AE for well over 200 damage per target at level 39ish... typically classes that get a certain spell type earlier than those who get it later are better at it, but this is also beside the point).

    However, here's the best part. You can't cast it on anything that gives XP. This is no exaggeration, it will resist 100% of the time on anything that isn't at least 10+ levels lower than you. What is the point of this? Is 45 AE damage for over 100 power cost worth a massive resist rate? Actually, I wouldn't even call it a resist rate, since it just absolutely doesn't land. Unless the intention is to amuse yourself AE nuking one of the massive deer herds throughout the game (and even at that, taking many many casts to kill them), I see no point in this spell existing in its current form. It's kinda sad that Alin's was not very effective to begin with, so it was rarely used, but now each subsequent "upgrade" makes it even worse. If they don't want us to have a useful AE, then give us something else besides filler like this. I realize the 100% resist on greens or higher is possibly a bug, but even if that is corrected, the amount of damage doesn't justify the song's existence.
  2. ARCHIVED-VelvetAcid13 Guest

    To be honest all the AE damage spells are useless, i don't think i have any on my toolbar now.

    I normally don't bother, it looks bad when i AE damage a mob for 80 max when i'm 30+ and then another class in the group has a quick smile and AE damage's for 250-300 :)
  3. ARCHIVED-Ishnar Guest

    Thats still 80x the number of mobs which would significantly improve your damage if there are enough mobs in the other group.
    In EQ1 I would go into encounters doing 6 damage but I was doing it against over 40 mobs at once for a total o 240+ damage when I was under level 10. Sure they healed 5 of that between hits, and the bodies tended to despawn before if was safe to loot and my fingers would hurt. But I was still under level 10 and doing 240 damage per round and piling up the bodies. Thats entertaining.
    I cant remember the name of the zone. It was basically a bunch of docks. I took on over 80 mobs in a single encounter. Again with that many to fight many of the bodies despawned before I killed the rest. But over 40 bodies were in a pile at my feet when i finished.
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  4. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

    There are many encounters in the game designed as AE. Even 80 damage per target x8 targets is 640 damage. Plus mobs in those encounters have pathetic hp, so 80 damage really isn't all that bad. Not to mention if you upgraded it, you'll interupt casting. Against a group of evil eyes, that can make the difference between win and evac. Anyway, as far as the original poster is concerned I agree 100%.
  5. ARCHIVED-raptorjb007 Guest

    I use use my AoE's in any situaation that involves 3 or more mobs per encounter.

    Simply put its more effecient. I do more damage overall with the aoe than i would with any of my single target damage spells for less mana.
  6. ARCHIVED-Nobolis Guest

    I think those of you that say our AE's are useful have not killed mobs that take 30k+ damage to kill.... *Linked encounters mostly*

    It's a joke when you throw off to AE's that hit for 80/40 it doesn't add up, it's a waste of your power pool to think so.

    Oh and yeah WoW hah sucks
  7. ARCHIVED-Nobolis Guest

    Disagree, only thing that matters is lvl's when it came to the eyes honestly.

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