W.T.B. from soe elite conj.battle pet.

Discussion in 'Mages' started by eqnextarian, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Please sell for cash or SC new more powerful elite Conj. battle Pet for level 95. Maybe make it a combination and upgrade of some of the almost unusable conj. pets that can be used only solo or in non raid groups if you think it is overpowering.
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    Looking at this thread, my first thought is, "lolwut?"

    So we don't think you are trolling, could you explain your reasoning behind this please?
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    uhg... like conjuror's don't have enough to deal with, you get posts like this.
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  6. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    The only thing I think I will ever buy on SC related to conj/nec pets would be a spell(not a stupid consumable) that allows me to pick a previous pet skin while maintaining the highest lvl/spell qualitiy I possess. If they ever start making SC elite pets or supergrandmaster supreme spells, I am officially throwing in the towel.
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  7. Gaealiege Active Member

    Probably an SOE shill testing the waters to see what absurd things players will agree to be put on the marketplace.