VOV Stuck on Sig quest Evil Dedraka help pls

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  1. floofloobunny Active Member

    Im Tunrida on Halls of Fate, am a casual player and havent had issues running Sig lines on expacs until now.

    I get to the epic Scalefeather boss but in solo instance it is def not solo for me and I sure hope I dont have to abandon this quest series and piddle with alts and decorating instead.

    Please someone look at my char? I have the expac mounts, adorned what would let me, going dizzy down the rabbit holes here. I understand overseer can give unlockers but cant find specifics on "which" ones. Ran panda a bit forever ago but didnt complete it on this toon.

    Dont belong to a big guild who can help with spells. I wouldnt mind joining one if needed and offered.

    Need a lil hand holding with this any help appreciated
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  2. Suidakra Member

    what exactly is your problem with Scarfeather?
    Are you performing the following actions in the fight?
    1. [COLOR=var(--theme-link-color)]Scarfeather[/COLOR] Epic X3 ( -415, 115, -422 ) COPY
      • Has increments. To increase damage to him, pull Scarfeather to the bubbles in front of a grazing ceredon. Note: need to approach the front of the ceredon or they may not knock him down.
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  3. Doobius40504 Active Member

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  4. floofloobunny Active Member

    Hi, I use the wiki or I cant get anywhere in Norrath lol. I just wasnt beefy enough, had a Inquis friend pop in to help and Scalefeather went down easy but we almost didnt make it on final grouped Boss. Hes much better geared and it was close calls for most of the fight. I need to get beefier for this expac for sure just dont know if Im wasting time on some things I could better be spending my time on
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  5. Suidakra Member

    I'd suggest rework your AAs for as much health you can until you get better gear/adorns.
    One main point is the class prestige AA: Enhanced Vigor. That provides a good amount of health.
  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You might take a look at the VoV Gear Guide.
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