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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Beee, Dec 8, 2021.

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  1. Beee Well-Known Member

    Please have a look on the missing performance of mages with the rising combat mitigation of Heroic 1 Endbosses / Heroic 2 Nameds.

    It looks a little bit strange if eg summoners with matching resolve and 20k more potency as a scout do about 5% of the dps of the scout ;)

    In discord we had funny discussions about effects like jesters but this does not solve mages :)
    I would guess the mitigation causes the problem - hopefully you are working on it

    The difference of the classes is so big, that it's almost funny, so this cant be planned.
  2. Enigma Active Member

    Also why did they nerf pet hp so badly? They should revert that change and if there was some kind of exploit going on then they should focus on remedying that before making pets nearly one hit killable.
  3. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Btw guys what kind of pet is good now ? As they tend to change things as they see fit.
    Scout again or mage ?
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Yesterday on Maj'Dul people in General chat were talking about how they flat wouldn't take a mage into a Heroic II group because mages were so useless :(
  5. DENSER Well-Known Member

    I feeling the great update soon who ll make us Worthy of the gods.
    Well, i hope ;)
  6. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    I don't play mage - but please fix their dps.
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  7. Beee Well-Known Member

    The Celstial new pet does almost nothing at Heroic 1 Endbosses (~2% of group dps at Grumblugtin or 1% at Lagrecia Vyl'Tayne or 0% at Elder Gromekus) .. New Commonion is not better
  8. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Sadly, until this is fixed, you literally cannot take the hit to dps and still stand a chance. Fingers crossed a combat mit nerf and the balance adjustments they talk about will fix this.
  9. Mortac New Member

    It always amazes me when game devs can release an entire new expansion, but they can't be a$$ed to attempt a single fight internally where they parse numbers to see if everything is in order. Any random player could notice these issues within 10 minutes. It's like they don't even try. Maybe one day game devs will realize that these are the things that drive people away from their games.
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  10. Thand Well-Known Member

    Our Pet doing less damage would not be as bad if the did nit also keep nerfing al of our DIrect cast damage spells
  11. BearWhoWalks Member

    Sadly people we in the Mage class just are not cool like the up in your face knuckle draggers are. Face it we're wusses for standing out of reach and delivering as much damage if not more than a knuckle dragger.. I been running a caster from the beginning of EQ some where in the very late 90's? don't remember now. I had a student driver roll my rig over an 80 ft embankment which disabled me for life. Any way my son bought the game about 6 months after launch. I honestly believe no Dev has ever ran a Mage nor do they understand what we face in the game. We as a class can and should deal out just as much damage a the fighter class
    Here is a example of what I am talking about VoV swamp quest has you battling nasty gators my Wiz outfitted with the free amour grandmaster combat spell ( I am a Fire Wiz) took about 2 minutes to kill one gator. So I try my Beast Master in same free armor, trusty pet and a maxed out merc killed a gater in 20 sec or less. My Necro travels around not fireing a shot has it's pet killing mobs of 4-6 in second. I stopped carrying a merc be cause the die too fast. DEV'S YOU LISTENING TO US ? We don't need one shot kill spells but we do need spell's that do at or very near those of the non caster classes. I SOLO and am tired of blasting away at a yellow mob for 3 minutes
  12. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Well, I was hoping for more for the mages then I saw in the update notes.
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  13. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    That would require them to actually play classes under the same constraints as the players without their God mode capability. I'm not being disrespectful, I'm just saying that if the devs devoted time to develop and play toons under the same constraints as players, half the stuff that happens in this game wouldn't be happening because it would be obvious something is messed up in the design or execution. You know--like they do in every other company that sells products to the public.
    Overall, outside of the bungled mage damage and the TS/skill book recipe fiasco, this is a nice expansion. Graphically, it looks really good, there's a lot to do (although some of it is tedious with minimal rewards--like the daily/weekly TS reward system). Most of the people I have talked to really like it.
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  14. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Same here,

    Mages and especialy the Conjs are totaly broken and useless atm.
    The Withering addorn is still Missing.
    The Difference in DPS to the Scouts or evan some Tanks like SK or Pally is insane.

    And for me as the Warlock i start thinking devs wanna kidda me, since End of BoL and RoS now in VoV the instand cast abllity on the warlocks highest nuke Replacment for Apocalypse / Deccimation isnt in game again.
    This broken AA line makes the Replacement you gave to us in Sol Ro useless but you are so genious to place a Deccimation II into Warlocks Spell Book ??????.in VoV is this a kind of a bad joke ???

    No Lock with clear mind wil use this S.H.I.T until the AA Ability of 180 Stacks and instand Cast will be back in Action.
    Its a shame that the devs arent able to replace this, all other classes Sol Ro spells are working fine and like they should only the Locks one was destroyed completly for no such reason evan it was very OP in DPS but thier was no reason to cut of the instand cast this effects gameplay massively.

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  15. Coriel Active Member

    Withering is in game. I saw it drop on the day they patched it (and mentioned it in the patch notes). I saw it drop a second time a couple days thereafter.
    Farm heroics :)
  16. Bardonio Active Member

    Visions of Vetrovia Raids
    Karuupa Jungle: The Fading Light [Raid]
    Decreased maximum health and combat mitigation for boss encounters to better match current dps capabilities of players.
    Mahngavi Wastes: The Engulfing Night [Raid]
    Decreased maximum health and combat mitigation for boss encounters to better match current dps capabilities of players.
    There is no downtime associated with this update and the changes have already been applied. The changes might require the boss to be pulled and reset once for changes to be applied, but should apply to new and old instances of the zones.

    When Gninja says “current dps capabilities” this should really say “we know why mages aren’t performing as they should be but we want to restrict the mages to be in line with our current structure and not be able to defeat raids without some kind of added stress”. Here we are halfway into January and yet there are no mage adjustments or any communication regarding current state of mages. Instead, all we get is half an expansion and more disrespect from this development team due to their publishers restrictions. It shouldn’t be Called EverQuest 2 anymore, it should be rebranded How to screw players 3.0 since
    This is the third expansion that has been hard gated upon release. Guess they gotta go down with the ship.
  17. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Uh... I thought he was saying that they were nerfing the raid mobs so they would be in line with the DPS we are actually doing?
  18. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I think the question on the table is whose damage is being used to reconfigure raid mobs reduction in dps/health, etc. Given the propensity to screw around with dps constantly prior to and during an expac-and especially in light of what's happened to mage classes--should any of this be resolved, it's going to completely fubar raids once again. And since we know from past experience that changes are never lightly applied, it has the potential for some ugly results.
  19. Kebos New Member

    Devs please consider that Us Mages have put in a lot of time and Effort into our toons. We are purely unhappy with how the dps is going, Please fix our situation, Soon?
  20. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    If you saw it dropping fine most of us ran Instance after Instance since Gininja said its in we not saw any that a fact and thier no reason the scouts get thier 65 CA Fevor for nearly free from a collection everyone need to do and mages need to farm 1000 Heroics to find 1 by RNG diceing against other mages // Bards and Crusaders which will roll on too.
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