Void Shard T1 or Brellium Chainmail?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Keredh, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Keredh Guest

    So... I keep trying to return and find myself more and more out of my depth. The game mechanics etc have changed ridiculously.
    Anyway. A hopefully basic armour question. I left off wearing t1 void, with a t2 piece on my arms. I'm level 81. What should I focus on next? The rest of t2, a suit of brellium or is there some other quest armour it is worth working towards?
    Advice appreciated.
  2. ARCHIVED-Xaiveir Guest

    If i remember correctly, the 82 mastercrafted was better than all the solo questing armor up to level 90. I believe i went mastercrafted to wearing the Kejek scout armor at 90, to a mixture of the better battleground armor and Mark armor, before raid armor.
    The WoE armor would be good for you as well if you can get on a few raids.
  3. ARCHIVED-Umub Guest

    The 82 mastercafted stuff is much better than the T1 shard armor. The ability stats and the mitigation are similar.
    But the mastercrafted gear has a ton more crit chance and double attack chance. These are the two most important DPS stats by far. Even in mastercrafted armor with a combination of legendary and treasured gear you should be at 100% crit chance and 100% double attack. If you still aren't to 100% look at some adornments to put you over the top.
    Once these two stats are at 100% you can start worrying about potency, crit bonus, attack speed, etc.
    OK. So I thought of an exception to my statement above I would try to get the T1 or even T2 void shard gloves. The Haste on these gloves is VERY nice and hard to replace until you get to Mark armor or better yet Fabled BG armor. There is a legendary belt that has haste plus some fabled lore jewelry but those are level 90 items I believe.

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