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    The Visions of Vetrovia (VoV) expansion goes live on December 1, 2021. Here are a few of the things that you will want to know:

    The tradeskill signature line, "Were Is the Messenger", is available to all level 120 crafters. No, you don't need to do any pre-requisites, and no, that "Were" is NOT a typo. :p The quest is granted via email from Captain Ethan Darani. If you delete the quest for some reason before completing the first quest in the line, the NPC Jerol on the Mara docks should be able to re-deliver the job offer.

    Travel to Vetrovia is via any World Bell to Svarni Expanse (lower left part of the map)

    Tradeskill daily missions and a tradeskill weekly mission will unlock with completion of the Were Is the Messenger line. They will run on the same mission timers as adventuring quests, and will shows up in your (J)ournal mission timers tab under "Renfry's Basement: "

    While in Forlorn Gist trying to get the special harvests for the final quest of the TS signature line or for the daily/weekly missions, if you lose your Illusion: Werewolf bauble the fuel vendor in Renfry's Basement, Ziggy, can sell you another.

    The recipes for handcrafted items will be on vendors (such as the guildhall recipe vendor). Mastercrafted and beyond recipes will be available from the daily and weekly tradeskill missions in addition to being drops.

    Weapon Upgrades

    There is a special weapon upgrading process that will work in the following manner:

    Adventurers will get weapon drops from VoV heroic II and raid content that will be labeled as able to be upgraded (I haven't seen the actual text). Crafters will get charged recipes from the weekly VoV tradeskill mission with a guaranteed drop of one per week from the weekly VoV tradeskill mission in addition to one other reward from a random pool. There will be multiple upgrade recipes due to the numerous weapons there are that will be able to be upgraded, and the game will check so it does not award you a recipe you already have in your books. A tradeable mold will come from the tradeskill missions as well, and it will be a single mold type for all weapons.

    Adventurers will then have to find a crafter that has the appropriate recipe and either provide the mold or negotiate a price for one with the crafter when they are commissioning the weapon upgrade. Since the molds are tradeable, they can also be sold on the broker.

    Tradeskill Blueprints

    Here is word from Caith regarding the new tradeskill blueprint system:

    The tradeskill blueprint system allows players who have completed a recipe at pristine quality to automatically complete the recipe in the future without all the button mashing at a 20% increase to fuel and build components (but not Primary Components) required. Items created with the Blueprint system will not update achievements or quests.

    To qualify for the blueprint system the character must meet the following requirements.

    Have completed the “Which Were, Where?” achievement. (Completion of the "Were Is the Messenger" line)
    Have membership
    Be Tradeskill level 125
    And as previously stated, have previously completed the recipe before at pristine quality.

    To make use of the blueprint system, simply select the Blueprint checkbox on the recipe window, and press begin.

    Additional note from Mum: quest recipes should all have this feature disabled. If you find a quest combine that works with the blueprint system, please let us know.
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