Visions of Vetrovia Guide for Beginners (or Returning Players)

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    The good news this expansions is that it is MUCH easier to get going in solo content, and make the jump to heroic content, because there is no more Reforging or Infusing.

    Initial Gear-Up
    When you reach Svarni Expanse, look over Tishan's Lockbox (696, 6, 530). Compare each piece to your current gear.

    Fixing Adornments
    If you don't already have it, you will need the Adornment Reclamation ability. The class trainer in your hometown has that for 1 copper.

    Purchase one of everything (0 copper), because you won't be able to see the adorns in the gear until it's in your inventory.

    Pop all the adorns off the weapons. Discard the white adorns and turquoise adorns. Even if you have blue weapon adorns from past expansions, you will want to update them with the blue adorns off the weapons in Tishan's Lockbox. Look through the blue adorns: you need one each of Embers, Insight, and Mystery, discard the rest.

    You will notice that you have several red weapon adorns that have things on them like Arcane Rendering and so forth. Save one of each in your bags where you can find them, later you will be getting weapons with two red adorn slots, and you'll start off using these.

    Pop the adorns off the rest of the gear. Discard the white adorns. For now, save the red adorns from the armor and jewelry.

    Better Your Adorns
    Now, travel to Sundered Frontier via Wizard Spire. Near the spires, you will find Yun Zi and his panda cohorts. If you haven't already, do all the panda quests. They're quick little "find a location" quests.

    Now you can go to Pas Yu and purchase some things, again for 0 copper. Put "Hua" in the search box.

    When you are shopping at Pas Yu, put "Hua" in the search box.

    White Adorns
    1. You want the four Tol'Ren white adorns on Chest, Shoulders, Forearms, and Feet.
    2. Your next priority on white adorns are Extra Attacks on your Hands and Neck.
    3. After that, you want Increased Criticals on Primary, Fingers, Ears, and Ranged.
    4. Put Raw Power on Secondary, Head, and Legs.
    5. Put Swishy-Poke on Wrists and Charms.
    6. Put Health on your Waist.

    Red Adorns
    1. Get one each of the following. You will switch these out on your belt depending on what your foes are doing. I usually run with Defiance, because stuns are what I usually run into, but when you have a name that uses other effects, swap out the belt rune as needed.
    2. Here's what I do with the next four runes. There is some flexibility here, you may end up customizing:
    3. I put Chorus of Night or Symphony of the Void (assuming you have a red one) on a Charm.

    4. The rest of the red runes go on Primary, Secondary, and Ranged, and since there are four of them, you have to read what they each do, then decide which three you want:
    Evaluate and Adorn Your Gear
    Now compare the gear from Tishan's Lockbox to whatever you have now. Keep whatever pieces are best, and adorn them.

    But I Need More Potency!
    I hope you are a crafter, because if you do the fairly short VoV Tradeskill Sig Line first, you will be able to fly everywhere, which is a big help doing the VoV Adventure Sig Line.

    Once you have done the crafting sig line, you can start doing daily /weekly TS missions for Renfrey and Igore. You will swiftly find how dang rare the recipe drops are, but this and the broker are your only options at the point I'm writing this.

    I suggest asking in the Crafting channel for someone who has the recipe for Svarni Bardings of the Potent (assuming you don't have it yet). Get 11 of them made. This will require a 275 Greytusk Hide plus 55 each Wild Rhino Meat, Wild Rice, and Amsonia Roots, plus 385 Astral Filament. Most crafters will happily make these for you if you provide materials, fuel, and a tip. Some will provide the ingredients for a larger fee.

    Each of these bardings provides 2255.9 Potency. That gives you a POT boost of almost 25K right there.

    Don't have the locked barding slots open? Do the Overseer Heritage Crate mission every day to get the unlockers. Speak to Arabella F'arquharson in the Black Market area in either Qeynos or Freeport to "purchase" for free the Heritage Hunt [Daily] mission.

    Don't have the regular slots unlocked on your current mount? Do Overseer missions, including all the old Charged Missions possible, every single day to get training potions for not just mounts, but also mercs, familiars, and spell research. "Purchase" them for free from Administrator Agent Stanley Parnem in either Qeynos or Freeport (click link to get exact locs). You may use a maximum of 10 Charged Overseer Quests at a time, and 10 charges per.

    I Need More Blue Stats!
    Get the "new snacks". They aren't actually snacks, but rather Sage-crafted scrolls that give you a temporary buff. You can ask for a Sage to craft them for you in the Crafting channel. There are 10 minute versions, and 30 minute versions. You can't stack a 10 with a 30, and for my money, the 10 minute are better because although they don't last as long, the stats are double that of the 30 minute scrolls.

    The RoS versions are listed in my RoS Guide. these may be available on the broker.

    The new VoV scrolls are Forlorn Scroll of X for the handcrafted and Dreadfell Scroll of X for the mastercrafted versions. The latter require a Baptista Root, a Pteradon Meat, a Redfin Pickerel, 5 Greytusk Hides, and 50 Astral Incense.

    Getting Better Gear
    After you finish the VoV adventure sig line, you go to Mahgavi Wastes and find Sister Ghoulinda on top of the Accursed Chantry. Then you do her quest, Heck of a Ghoul Time, and you can then do the dropped and POI quests, which are listed on the wiki's VoV Timeline page.

    The POI and dropped quests give you a choice between:
    • \aITEM 1725013750 1628070024 0 0 0:[Protective Treasures of the Shrouded Isle]\/a
    • \aITEM -2568372 952976117 0 0 0:[Aggressive Treasures of the Shrouded Isle]\/a
    These contain 295 Resolve gear.

    Mastercrafted gear is 300 Resolve (21 pieces = 6300 Resolve), plus you can experiment it up to Visionary to boost the Potency.

    Solo Instance rewards can include:
    • Henchman's - 285 Resolve (21 pieces = 5985 Resolve)
    • Consort's - 290 Resolve (21 pieces = 6090 Resolve)
    • Unseen, Cohort's, and Regimented - 295 Resolve (21 pieces = 6195 Resolve)
    • Vacrul Stalker's - 305 Resolve (so far, I've just seen forearms and a belt)
    Ghouldinda's Crypt Quests rewards:
    • \aITEM -461269315 -1223241476 0 0 0:[Vetrovian Crypt Spoils]\/a
    • \aITEM -714503136 -1223241476:Vetrovian Crypt Spoils\/a
    • \aITEM 1931380628 -1223241476:Vetrovian Crypt Spoils\/a
    These can give you gear as follows, depending on what flavor of crypt key you get (so far all I have nabbed is the emerald one, which is the low end):
    • Catacomb - 295 Resolve (21 pieces = 6195 Resolve)
    • Undercroft - 300 Resolve (21 pieces = 6300 Resolve)
    • Vault - 305 Resolve (21 pieces = 6405 Resolve, which is the Heroic I Resolve)
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    Thank you for all these tips!
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    You mention old charged missions, can you please give more details on what to buy on a daily basis and where? Is there other charged mission NPC's outside the main city to buy from?

    I ask as the main city mission NPC has 1 yellow and the rest are all blue missions and I very rarely see any barding slots or merc/mount potions. Maybe I am buying from the wrong place?
  5. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You may have to run the blue missions until you unlock more yellow missions? I'm unsure, because I have been grinding the Overseers since they came out. As I did the missions, every so often I'd get a new mission as a prize, as well as new agents.

    The list of charged missions I usually run includes:
    • Convince the Guardians
    • Eliminate Warlord Ix Acon
    • Exact Revenge on the Drakota
    • Find the Goblin Banker's Loot
    • Find the Golden Idol of the Drafling
    • Liberate Lady Laravale
    • Reacquire the Idol of Solusek Ro
    • Recover the Stolen Scrolls
    • Save Orxilia Calogn
    • Save the Valkyrie Princess
    • The Throne of Emperor Fyst
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    It may be worth a mention that before using the items to train a mount, add barding slots, and put barding in all available slots one should think about what one's final mount (for this expansion) will be. If one has the mount from the VoV packages that can be upgraded at the status vendor. Finishing the signature line is required for this - I am not sure if the TS sigline counts for this and am guessing no. Training the package mount and adding barding may be a waste of training and unlocking resources since neither training nor unlocking carries forward to the upgrade. Without a good package mount a good upgrade may be to get the Guide Quest mount.. Again, it may pay to save training and barding until one has this mount.

    The detail isn't for you - of course. It is to explain what I think might be good to add to the beginner guide.
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    Ok apparently I may be too low level to see those mission, I only see one (Eliminate Warlord Ix Acon). I am Overseer level 22 so I guess I need more grinding and higher quality agents. I thought there might be another Mission NPC I was missing somewhere in the world, thanks.
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    Those are all Season One Charged Quests. Charged Quests are acquired from Administrator Agent Stanley Parnem.

    He also exists in Qeynos, in the shipyard up on some scaffolding. I need to add the Q side version to the wiki...
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    I've been in the game since 08, and never knew about this guy! I just went and stocked up, and I appreciate you posting this little hint! Peace!
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    Great guide, Sig.
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    This is so nice of you, Sig! And you do such a terrific job every time.

    Where would we be without you?

    Happy Frostfell.
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    Are the "Swishy-Poke" adornments best for a Mage? Those seem aimed toward a melee-type, as far as I understand things (which may date to sometime around RoK when I was last "in the know" about such things). The game mechanics have changed so drastically in 8 years :) But, is there a better adorn for mages?

    Thanks for all you do! Your guides a priceless! Peace!
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  13. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    For a caster you just pick up the Finger Wigglers (I'm not where I can look at the exact name). I suspect that both adorns do the exact same thing and boost all combat stats, but I haven't tested it.
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    Any tips please for what to put in the mount spots down the left hand side please
  15. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Whatever the best tack is that you can get. I would probably get the Hua Mein Jubilee pieces from Pas Yu in Sundered Frontier while you are up there getting your adorns, then update them when and as you can.
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    My Wife and I recently returned to the game after skipping the last expac, this guide has been very helpful so thank you Sigrdrifa for making it.
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    Thanks for this guide.Im a returning player from back in 2006 to 2007 I played power leveling toons to 100 or more.
  18. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    For newer players, there are some other things you will want to upgrade.

    Profession Spells
    Upgrade all your regular profession spells to Expert level. VoV mobs will resist the newer spell versions less.

    The spells you get to start with are Apprentice, which is like a peashooter. A player crafter will be able to make the experts using VoV rare harvests for you:
    • Fighter Spells are made by Alchemists. You will need two Aligned Ore for each spell.
    • Scout Spells are made by Jewelers. You will need two Tsavorite for each spell.
    • Mage and Priest Spells are made by Sages. You will need two Baptista Roots for each spell.
    Epic 2.0 Spells
    Ascension Spells
    • Travel to The Sundered Frontier and complete The "Travels" of Yun Zi Timeline through at least Days of Summer: 2020. This allows you to obtain the Ascension Mastery Primer from Pas Yu. Close Pas Yu's merchant window, use the Primer, then speak to Pas Yu and get another copy, use it again to update another Ascension, until all four are level 20.
    • Initially, all your Ascensions are Apprentice level. Each level of the spell must be scribed before the next higher level can be scribed: Journeyman, Adept, Expert, Master, Grandmaster, Ancient.
    • You can spend time and/or Real World money to Research the spells to higher levels. Much more affordably, a player crafter Sage can upgrade these for you. Getting your Ascensions to Expert is usually not too difficult. The following materials are needed for crafting the upgrades:
    1. Apprentice: Automatically awarded when you first take an Ascension or gain enough Ascension XP to achieve the next level.
    2. Journeyman: Crafted with common raws
    3. Adept: Crafted with an illegible scroll
    4. Expert: Crafted with 2 Casiun Root
    5. Master: Crafted with a Master scroll
    6. Grandmaster: Crafted with a Celestial Foundation or Celestial Spellshard
    7. Ancient: Crafted with an Ancient scroll
    8. Celestial: Crafted with a Celestial scroll
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    Just curious why these quests for charged? why no fabled or celestial and why none from season 2?
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    Thanks so much, as always, for such a clear and helpful guide.

    Question: I noticed not much mentioned of cloaks, so was curious on your thoughts there for the first steps in gearing up.

    Thank you again!