[Video] Journey to lvl 50 and beyond.

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    EverQuest II - Deathtoll PvP to 50

    EverQuest II - Deathtoll T5 End game PvP

    14:05 Thanks Xylonus for the 2plat
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    Please God stop making 90s Era pvp videos. No one wants to see random fights that arent interesting. They especially don't want to see you clicking your buttons like a 9 year old as you keyboard turn. They also don't want to hear your buddies talking through the whole thing. If you want to make a cool video put some effort into it and show all types of fights not just ones you win by getting the jump on them, or outnumber them or out level them. Just my 2 cents
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    Glad its a all negative response. Must be doing something right.
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